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    Southern Claifornia
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    Breeding chubby men or women. The key word is chubby. Love a well proprtioned chubby body with lots of curves.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Top, high sex drive, love bbws, ssbbws, bhms, bears and chubs.
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    Love popping cherries. Well experienced and love breeding. Key word is chubby.
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    Next door neighbor type, bubble butt, bears, chubs, love man tits, deep belly button, facial hair, circumcized.

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  1. what a pity that you haen't bee online since may, 4th

  2. bellylvr


    I totally enjoy breeding a woman in front of his husband. The last time I did that was around Christmas last year. The husband held on to my shaft as i was pumping my juice in her. I fucked her 3 times that night. I have never seen a husband getting so pumped and excited seeing her wifr getting bred by other men. One of my best fucks ever. I also bred him before i left when the wife was in the shower. I wonder if she ever found that out.
  3. bellylvr

    Bath House In Palm Springs

    Cathedral City Boys Club or CCBC is always good for bb fun. I never had a dull day there in tje weekends. Usually a lot of older crowd during weekdays.They also have a lot of rooms and options to play. All World or any of the warm sands resorts are also popular.
  4. bellylvr

    Too Fat To Get Pozzed

    Chaser here and i agree with most of the comments here. I would breed that ass of yours in a heartbeat. Looks delicious. Ignore ignorant comments from dickheads.
  5. great weekend of breeding. I wish i had weekends like this all the time.

    1. guilfordcigarman


      Great news! Wish I had been one of your chubby bottoms... I'm far away, but I'm an admirer. Carl

  6. Chubfest in few days. Can't wait to breed all the chubs. Nothing like breeding several fat asses one after anther for 3-4 days. Bring it over big boys ;)

    1. guilfordcigarman


      Wish I was one of the big bellied chubs you'd be breeding...

    2. Bear4Breeding


      Wish I was as well. Never heard of this Chubfest. Where is it?

  7. I was bored out of my mind so decided to visit one of the local gay resort (our version of bathhouse). i checcked in and made myself comfortable by the poolside. It was Tuesday. I did not expecct any major activities but decided to enjoy the day regardless. I poured myself a margarita and started reading a book. Around half hour later i happen to see a chubby guy walking by the pool and heading towards the play rooms. I always have a thing for fucking a big ass. I can never say no to that. I decided to follow him. Few minutes later i opened the first playroom door and walked inside. The rroom is empty exccept a creepy looking guy jacking off on the sling watching porn. As soon as he saw me he asked me if i wanted his ass. I did not reply and went to the second playroom. Empty! So was the 3rd one. When i went to the 4th room i saw the chubby guy leaning over the padded bench and another guy sliding in and out of him. The guy fucking him saw me, he pulled out and took his rubber off his dick. He started to dress up. I guess he does not like people watching him and seemed very nervous. i figured it is his loss so i just went behind the guy and started playing with his hole. I was naked already since it was a clothingg optional resort. As i pushed my finger in i could feel the warmth. He was already lubed from the other guy. I was able to slide 3 fingers in. i told him to blow me and get me ready for his hole. He got on his knees and took my dick all the way in his throat. I actually could feel my head hitting the back of his throat. I started hammering down and could hear him choke every now and then. It was to a point of cumming so i had to stop him. I was not sure if he would fuck without rubber or not but i wanted to fuck him raw. I wanted to plant my seed in him. I helped him get back on his feet. Turned him around and pushed him against the padded bench. I told him to climb up and get on his knees. It was the perfect height for me to get in his hole. He placed a bottle of lube and a rubber on the side from a little ouch he was carrying. I took the lube and the rubber but only poured some lube on my dick and lined it up against his hole. I started teasing him by barely pushing the head in his hole and rubbing the head all over his hole and the crack of his ass. He started to whimper and asking me to push it all the way. I told him to ask me properly otherrwwise i will do this until i cum and then i will leave. He tried saying i need it, do it, i want your dick but i kept teasing until he started to push back against me and said, "I am begging you, please fuck me until you explode". As soon i heard that i slammed all the way in and started to pound as hardand as deep as i could. He was whimpering like crazy. As i was fucking him i got a hold of his nuts with my left hand and started to play with them. I was pulling on his cock which was leaking precum alreaddy and had a small puddle under him. He went crazy when i started doing that. He started to squeeze me with his ass muscle and i knew he was about to cum. That pushed me over the edge. As he held on to my cock with his ass i started to shoot deep in him. No sooner than i started to fill him up he madde a loud growl and started cumming. We both were drained and i had one of the best orgasms ever. As i pulled out of him, he saaid thankk you for the awesome fuck. He said he is staying there until Thursday morning and would love to play more. I told him i was there all day and would love to fill him up feww more times. He turned around and gave me a weird look. I threw the unopened rubber in front him. I told him that it was aswesome fuck indeed and i can't wait to breed him again. He put his hand in his hold and scooped up a small amount of cum from his hole. He told me that this was his first bare fuck and never hadd anyone cum in him. he said he did not realize i was fucking himbare but he knew it felt really good. We neded up spending the whole day fucking anywhere and everywhere we could. By the time i left was about midnight. I dumped 4 more load in him byt then. Fucked him multiple times throughout the day. it was almost like i was always in him whenever we were in the pool or hot tub or just fucking. We exchanged number and email. Now he is planning to make more frequent trips from the east coast to get fucked raw and be seedded. I think i converted another bottom.
  8. What a weekend! Love International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs. as good, if not more fun than TBRU. In 2 days i bred 10 hungry bottoms. Fucked a triad couple lined up on their knees and dipped on hole to another. Filled all three holes. They invited me back again tonight to team up with another triad couple. Fucked one hot bear on the dance floor as we were slow dancing while no one was paying attention. Fucked a guy in the pool. Used one of the partneres cum that to use as lube to fuck his hubby while their roomie watched and jacked off. Heading out tonight again for 2 triad orgy and hoping to breed all 6 guys by the end of the night. I am making out for all the dry spell i had for a month. More story of fucking in details will be posted soon.
  9. Love palm springs during winter. So many snow birds and so many holes to breed. Bred 4 guys in the in 5 days so far. Meeting up with a guy for dinner who is out of town. I am sure i will be filling him up after dinner. Not sure it will be a over night yet. Sorry for not posting the details. I have been very busy with work lately. Hired a hottie as my assistant at work. He is on my list to breed as well but i need to take it slow. Gotta be smart aboout it.
  10. Just got home from breeding a guy i met through Craigs List. He is from out of town. He asked me to get there with lube and condoms. I never carry either of them. I just went to see him. ended up breeding his hole without any complaints. I also peed in his hole right afterr. He felt it and asked me what i was doing and i said filling his hole was not enough, i need to wash it out. I emptied my whole bladder in that hole. I could feel that hot liquid pouring out. After making a big mess on the bed and in his hole i just got up, got dressed and left. Sad part is i never knew his name. Love a fuck like that.
  11. Got a message from growlr. A guy was looking for a top but he was rooming with his brother. I told him to meet me in the lobby. It took me about 15 minutes to get to his hotel. Once i saw him i texted him to follow me. i looked for the signs and headed towards the restroom. once we were in we got into a stall. No words exchhanged. I just turned him around, pulled his pants off and just all the way in with the help of a little spit. Didn't take too long to breed his hole. He was hot with a tight hole. i have two out of towners lined up on new years eve. Both of them wantts me to breed them. One married with kids. More in the new year.
  12. bellylvr

    Swinger party

    Never been to a swingers party. Would love to find out how to in my area, LA - Palm Springs - SD.
  13. bellylvr

    Palm Springs And Coachella Area Hook Up:

    Thanks man. I have a lot of fun in CCBC. I never had any luck in any other resorts other than Canyon Club. A4A and other places never worked for me either.
  14. why is it so hard to find a local bear who is a total bottom? Why do i always have to travel no another town when my own town is packed with gay men?

    1. guilfordcigarman


      The great internet enigma. Everyone who is my perfect top (and you look like a candidate) lives an airplane ride away

    2. piggyhog

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