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    raw loads, gang bangs, sex clubs, PNP
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    Lived in WeHo for a number of years where I hooked up and explored my BB slutty side. Now in San Diego and don't know anyone yet or explored the scene. Ready to get back into the game.
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    A dependable and reliable friendly neighborhood pharmacist who can supply me with whatever the Dr. orders.
    And some filthy, slutty, PIG friends to whore around with.

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  1. "What are you doing," Travis said as he comes back from the bathroom. "Just getting comfortable and high," I admit. I've striped down to my jockstrap. "You," I ask suggestively. Travis walks over to me and stands there with his crotch in my face. I undo his jeans and slide them down revealing his thick uncut dick. "You shaved," I said quite relieved that I wouldn't be dealing with a forrest of pubes. Straight guys are the worse at personal grooming. "It does make it look bigger," he admitted. Not that his dick needed to look any bigger. It wasn't as long as mine, but it was fat
  2. It's 7PM when I get to my older brother's condo in L.A. Steve has made dinner, which is cool. I'll say this for my big brother, he's got his shit together! He's got this great job in entertainment and a really sweet place. I'm out here trying to see if I can use his connections to find a gig. We spend the evening catching up. Steve has always been there for me and it's nice to chat with him again in-person. After dinner we hang out and share a joint. He's all fancy with his weed. Me, I hit the bong at home. I've known Steve was gay ever since we were kids. It never bothered me. He's
  3. I dump my second load of the night into Sam. I honestly didn't think I had two full loads in me, especially after that first round I loaded him with with not even an hour before. But he just sat on my dick, with my last load still in his guts, and went to town. I've been fucking this guy pretty regularly for a few months now. He's a little bit older by a couple of years, but really submissive and into being worked over by my dick pretty well. I think I'm starting to like this guy. But I can't believe I just told him about my brother! We never speak of that to anyone - ever. But it l
  4. I guess you could say that Steve and I are dating - though we've not formalized anything at all. We meet a few months ago on BBRT. He came over and we spent the weekend getting high on tina and fucking. I hadn't partied in nearly 4 years and welcomed the chance to let my inner slut out and be a nasty little cum dump for the weekend. Drugs really let me come alive. Steve is 27, tall and skinny with a fat uncut dick and shaved pubes. Except for his broad shoulders, you might mistake him for a bottom twink, which he is not. He's well worked-out and has tight defined muscles. And he's quite
  5. Any LA boys going to CumUnion this Friday 7/3? Hit me up.

  6. (OH -- It Continues........) The boy was now pounding my incredibly wet hole hard and good. The piss was being driven deep inside me. I could not believe how sinfully delightful this new experience felt. Finally this massive young NEG fuck stud’s rod was inside me. I was a brand new piss pig and feeling fulfilled - a very happy pig-slut in heaven. Truthfully, we were probably only outside and fucking for a half hour or so. Steve had suggested we return inside pointing out that we didn’t want any of the neighbors to call in a noise complaint and have Palm Springs Police find 4 tweeked-o
  7. Needing a chem-fueled weekend in LA. Hit me up if you can help or can POINT me in the right direction.

  8. Who in LA wants to have a chem-filled fucking good weekend? Anyone

  9. Who's in LA and wants to fuck around this weekend? BeachsideBare on BBRT

  10. I love going to Palm Springs. You see, once a year some friends - anywhere between 5 and 7 of us - rent a house with a pool for a long weekend. It’s never the same group of people and usually there's at least one person I don’t know at the start of the 4 days. This time I did know everyone, just not very well…. yet. The reason these Palm Springs weekends are so great is because there’s inevitably going to be sex involved. In years past there was lots of drugs as well. But it seems that, as we ‘mature’ that party aspect has gradually knocked down to alcohol and coke. Man, I miss Tina!
  11. Looking for new and slutty pig friends in the LA area.

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