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  1. Staying at City Club hotel tonight, . Hooded, ass-up, lubed (with the last dude's cum, most likely). Taking loads ALL NIGHT- door unlocked, come in, nut, leave. Be cool with other guys waiting. This hole needs to be flooded. Also find me on Sniffies/Grindr/Scruf&/orDirect message here for room number
  2. Marriot Marquis Time Squire is a no no. There is a security guard by the elevator past midnight or earlier, and you have to show room key to pass through him.
  3. Staying tonight by LAX, flying back home tomorrow night. Can host horny tops to come over for hotel fun. This is for now and one day only. I check out at noon tomorrow. And white or Latino Tops wanna come?
  4. Visiting PS area Staying at CCBC. Not an event week, not sure where to find horned up bb Tops. Please advise
  5. Visiting SF at the moment. Can host in my hotel for all day breeding.
  6. Will be attending MAL but staying at The Washington Court Hotel. Any hot Tops or Vers Tops wanna come to my room to have some great time? Asian Vers Bttm here.
  7. Hosting hotel is fully booked. I booked at Washington Court Hotel. It says Hyatt requires hotel specific bands to use elevators. But hotel guests each can bring 2 guests. Any one willing to bring me in as their guest to cruise the hotel with you?
  8. Which bathhouse/ gay resort around the world, I am not talking about USA only, do you guys think is the best to have high chance of having a wild chem up gangbang like this one? In my humble limited experiences, even though the Boiler Room of Berlin in every way is the best, 5-star, luxurious, stylish, lively gay sauna, with tons of gorgeous yet horny and willing to play men of all ages and background, Steamworks in Chicago actually is most raunchy and easily get partied up and bred in public on weekends. I heard about many wild stories in clothing optional resorts, but when I was in a few of those in Key West and Palm Springs, nothing exciting actually happened. Any information to enhance our sexual adventures in future vacations? Please share your experiences .
  9. Enough of these chem sex novels with only one predictable plot. Every story is about a young innocent freshly out of the closet or in the closet hot as hell jock boy, so unluckily fell fall a party old guy, either daddy or master, who is always unmediated poz with high viral loads, who always have a gang of evil toxic friends, who pnp not for the pleasure but for the purpose of infecting the perfectly sexy attractive young jock with not just HIV but also other STDs, all in one or two weekends..... come on, community, are we party guys all such evils? are these Many different novels but in fact one novel, really reflect the world of gay pnp? Is it really that no one can come up with a happier, sexier story about gay pnp sex? is it really true that all the parTy daddies are evils? No, at least my first party Daddy is not a evil. He actually cared about me and taught me a lot of things to parTy responsibly. I do acknowledge that indeed some of the parTy daddies are exactly like what these novels depicted. I have a young buddy unfortunately fell for the manipulation of such evil daddy, and got infected not just HIV but also Syphilis and chlamydia after excitedly being the novice bTTm at age 23 in his first gangbang organized by organized by the evil man he called Daddy with affection, without knowing it was actually designed to be a conversion parTy without him fully aware until it was over and he sobered up. But, I prefer to believe, such evils are only a small part of the community, If, we consider all of us who like to parTy as in one community. I know my opinion will trigger many many angry voices telling me just not to read this forum, or get the fuck out of here. But, please do think about how these fictions really affect us... There will be copy cats... and gays who don’t parTy have more evidence to discriminate against us. These are exactly the stories they need to justify their degrading treatment towards us once they hear that we parTy...
  10. One day you’ll be too old for any daddies to be interested in breeding you. And one day, you will become a daddy yourself, like it or not. The answer is clear about what you should do.
  11. will be staying at Congress Plaza from the 24 to 29. Looking to be invited to hoT Group parties. Open to any ways of parties.
  12. First time attending IML, will stay at Congress Plaza from May 24- 29 hoping to get bred thoroughly during the festival. Cum Dump initiation party on 5/25 at 4 pm. Daddies and masters that are experienced in initiation rituals please help!
  13. Will be my first time to IML, any Tops interested in initiating this asian pussyboy to be a fully uninhibited cock craving cum hungry cum dump/BoyToy for leather daddies, biker tops or secret covens?
  14. Finally got a room at Congress Plaza, vacation approved, heading to my first IML. Read so many hot IML cum dump stories, fantasizing being one. However, I am attending the festivities all by myself. Not sure how and where to start to attract hot beefy daddies and masters to notice this smooth twinkish asian bTTm waiting to be bred. Any experienced Brothers mind providing some guidance? Or any alpha males wanna own me for the festival and initiate me to the brotherhood? Please?
  15. First time to IML, and also want to officially becoming a cum dump. But I don't know how to make it happen now that craiglist is not available. Any hot daddy tops willing to help me recruit tops to breed me in my hotel room?

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