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  1. Steamworks Seattle is open, according to their Facebook page.
  2. beautiful ginger cock - would love for you to poz me up with that 

    1. Gingerloadchaser


      Thanks man. Love to

  3. A6A23DCB-9153-4B42-9E26-9A643A4F96FA.jpeg.72236e0220bfb0f7884bbf8b6fadbaf6.jpeg

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    2. togingerpig


      Fuck beautiful ginger cock bro. Poz me!

    3. Willing


      Nice , love the big veins 😋

    4. hrbigbelly


      Nice cock would love a load from you

  4. Yup, always easier with fuck buds. Have a good group, people with different kinks/likes. Then you have different parties that can be certain kinks, or one big free for all. Expand the group by the fuck buds bringing in their fuck pigs. We have a steady group, and others come to some parties but not other parties, depending on the kink makeup of the group. one rule: always bareback.
  5. Seattle Steamworks used to have a weekly dark night. It hasn’t reopened yet.
  6. damn. I spent many a day & night there in the mid-90s
  7. hot fucker

    1. hung87uk


      Thanks! You too!

    2. Gingerloadchaser


      fuck I want that cock 

  8. Love that cock, man 

  9. Hot hairy 27yo top bud just loaded my hole with cum and piss. ready for more

  10. Visiting Paris in early April 2020. Looking for hot sex clubs, back rooms, dark bars with hot raw fucking and more. Want to take lots of cum and piss.

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