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  1. Kinda wanna have you guys do a "Create your own adventure" series where you help me find a guy on grindr for me & have you tell me what to ask of him (can be dirty requests as well) then see what comes of it! Does it sound fun?

    1. hornybrownbottom


      Where are you at? Message me your exact address and we can make this happen! 

  2. Do you think I'm a pig for letting guys have fun with me behind my bfs back? 😳

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bihairy


      yes and it is such a turn on! Wish I was local to give you some dad cum.

    3. skinster


      Pig is activities and state of mind to me, slut is pattern of behavior.

      You're more of a slut (by volume), unless that fun is also piggy (by activity). Then you'd be a pig slut, or aspiring to be so.

    4. hornybrownbottom


      You’re a fucking cheating whore! Nothing wrong with being one! 🙂

  3. Everything came back negative! Guess I'll just have to invite more guys into my life 2019.  

  4. Got tested, waiting for the results 😰

    1. Chargedup


      Penis crossed.  Hope for a spring baby shower !

  5. I can take requests or dares from you guys. Such as poses to take pictures or dares such as going outside naked..? Give me suggestions maybe? Feeling adventurous.

    1. chipygmalion80


      A combo adventure: take pics & vid of take cock outside.  Back alleys and parks are your friend. ;)

  6. Thnaks for following me

    1. Gant777


      Thanks for the encouragement! ;)

  7. My last load given & taken was when my boyfriend was out, can't help it if my bestie sometimes get's frisky when the house is empty! loved it when he brought his boyfriend with him, but that was last year. <3
  8. You are a hot looking guy. thanks for the pics

  9. hey that ass is so AMAZINGxx


    1. cardoc49


      thanks for thumb up

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