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    Find the piggy and beautiful things in my brain at http://www.tumblr.com/blog/goninballsdeep. Thanks for the tip, jaybird!
    Ex-NYC bareback escort and flight attendant with disability now. The dick was out of order, but the urologist has me on Caverject and the bone is thick and hard as a rock again! Yay! And the mind, mouth, and hands are still horned up and piggy as fuck!! All dick pics are pre-injury.
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    Amateur stuff from a while ago, eating ass and fucking guys in a sling. And I've fucked around with a few pornstars.
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    Exhibitionists that get off on being watched while they get piggy.

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  1. Wow! Entebbe,Uganda, where you can be jailed for being gay? He might have had a big dick, but you had bigger balls!! LOL Good for you!
  2. The conclusion of Extra Credit from Coach is now posted in General Bareback Sex Stories. I hope you enjoy...might want to have the lube and a towel nearby, studs. Or better yet, a hot guy to help you get off once you're hot and hungry...have fun!

  3. CONTINUED... He walked slowly toward me. His domination was complete. I was his. He took my hand and pressed it against my chest. I opened my hand and felt the hard muscle under his shirt. Justin smiled at me. I started to tug at his shirt and he stopped me. "You gotta ask first," he said. "Can I take your shirt off, please?" "Not good enough. Call me 'Sir'" The little punk was into control. "Can I take your shirt off, Sir?" He nodded and I pulled his shirt over his head. I ran my hands over his chest, feeling the warm, firm muscle. I was overwhelmed with desire. Justin grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into his chest. I stuck my tongue out and licked at his beautiful body. He moaned as I lathered his pecs with my tongue, paying special attention to his erect nipples. I worshiped his entire torso with my lips and tongue, and eventually found myself on my knees before him. Looking up at him with intense desire I swallowed hard and asked, "Can I, Sir, please?" "What do you want?" The little fuck. He was going to make me say it. "I want to suck your cock, Sir...please!" Justin just looked down at me with a smirk on his face for a few moments. He was enjoying the control. He knew I'd do anything for him. "You'd better be good or I'll make you stop." "Yes, Sir!" I unfastened his belt while groping his bulge. I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his narrow hips. Justin's cock tented his stark, white briefs. I drooled over his meat. Not once had I seen his manhood. I'd always avoided looking when Justin was completely naked. I knew now that I'd been saving that sight for this very moment. I slid his briefs down and his hard cock sprang up. I wasted no time. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, tasting his sweet precum. Justin moaned. Hungry for his dick, I pulled more and more of the long shaft between my lips. Justin had one nice cock, about seven and a half inches long and perfectly straight. It was slightly this and throbbed with intensity. I drew inch after inch of dick between my lips, savoring the taste and texture of the hot meat. Justin moaned again. I knew the feelings I was creating for him. I knew I was serving him well. I sucked and slurped my way down his tool. My tongue was busy exploring his shaft. I slid my lips right down to the base and buried my nose in his dark, trimmed pubes. His scent engulfed me, so virile, sexy, still strong after his recent shower. I loved it as I held his cock in my mouth and fondled his nuts. I worked my way back up the shaft until his cock popped from my lips. I drew it in once more, concentrating on the sensitive head. Again I swallowed the shaft, savoring every moment of contact, every throb of his manmeat. I was in heaven. I could have sucked his cock forever. I was lost in the moment and accidentally scraped Justin with my teeth. He pulled his cock from my mouth. "I told you you'd better be damned good or I'd make you stop!" "Please, please let me suck it, Sir!" "No!" I wanted to grab the little fucker and suck him anyway, but he was in control and ordered "Take off your shirt." I did as I was told. "Now strip off everything else." Soon I was naked before him. He looked me up and down and remarked "Nice body, Coach...and it's all mine." "Can I suck your dick now, Sir?" "No! We're gonna do something else." Justin looked at me wickedly and stroked his cock. He was rock hard. I wanted to wrap my lips around his meat so bad. He bent over and reached into his gym bag. His tight little butt made me drool. I wanted to reach out and touch it. Justin stood up with a bottle of lube in his hand. He poured out a generous amount on his long, straight cock. "You're gonna get fucked, Coach...raw." "I'm not really into...." "Shut up, Coach! You said you'd do as I told you. I said I'd tell you when the time came. IT'S TIME. Now bend over!" "Justin, I...." "DO IT!" Justin grabbed me roughly and pushed me over the desk. He walked behind me and positioned his dickhead against my hole. I wanted to suck his cock, over and over, but didn't really want to be fucked. "Justin..." "Shut up! You're gonna get fucked and that's all there is to it! I know you want it, bitch. Tell me you don't want my cock and we'll end it." I remained silent. "Yeah, that's what I thought!" Justin pushed and his thick dick slipped in past me ring. I grunted in pain. Justin pushed his cock deeper into my ass. I groaned. It hurt, but at the same time it aroused me like I'd never been aroused before. I wasn't used to being fucked, but there was something so sexy and hot about this beautiful man's thick, raw cock sliding into my ass. Justin grabbed my hips and sank his dick deeper and deeper into my ass. He moaned as he buried his entire shaft up inside me. He leaned over and pressed hard. His bare dick felt like it was a foot long...and thick! He worked it around, pushing buttons I didn't even know I had, then drew it back out and plunged it back in again. I relaxed and the pain subsided. My entire consciousness was focused on Justin's raw cock sliding in and out of my ass. I was aware of each movement, each centimeter of the skin-to-skin contact. My own cock grew rock hard as Justin used me and my hole to fulfill his sexual needs. "You have one tight hole, Coach. Ugh!" It should have been tight. Guys had wanted my ass, but none had violated it, until Justin That little punk took my cherry. But the pain was gone. It was all pleasure. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked hard and bred deep. As if he could read my mind, Justin picked up the pace. He forced his cock up my ass harder and faster. He fucked me full force. With each thrust, he drove his dick into me with greater power. Soon, he had to grip my hips harder to steady himself as he pounded away at my ass. He fucked me harder and harder, drilling me and moaning like an animal. My cock was rock hard and my nuts were churning. Without ever having touched it once, I blew. Thick, sticky jets of my jizz spewed all over the desk. Spurt after spurt of my DNA spewed everywhere. I moaned loudly as I emptied my nuts. I threw my head back and actually howled with the pleasure. Every time Justin's thick, raw cock slammed deep into my asshole, another hot jet of jizz spewed from my throbbing tool. I'd never had an orgasm like that before. Justin went nuts fucking my ass. He was totally out of control. He used me. He abused me and I loved it! Then I felt his dick swell within me. I felt it throb and jerk. This beautiful god moaned as spurt after spurt of his punk spunk shot deep into my ass. His cock pumped with each and every jet of his baby batter. Justin kept cumming and cumming, moaning as he unloaded his nuts deep within me. Just when I thought he had nothing left, Justin rammed his bone even deeper and shot off one more rope of his DNA in my open and hungry hole. That punk sure could cum! He'd fucked me like a maniac as he blew his load. At last, he shot his final blast and fell on me. We stood, panting and sweating, our hearts pounding in our chests. "You're one good fuck, Coach!" Justin said, smiling broadly and beautifully with all his charm. "And you're getting extra credit," I said. We dressed, and Justin left soon after, but not before ordering me to report to his apartment that weekend to service his needs. My cock grew in anticipation. I couldn't wait to serve the wild young stud again.
  4. Thanks, MackyJay! I think the Coach is gonna get put through a workout and taught some things from the sexy fucker.
  5. Just post part one of my new 2 part story Extra Credit from Coach in General Bareback Sex Stories. Hope you enjoy the build up! Part 2 coming in a few days...I want you throbbing hard and hungry for it.

  6. I was surrounded daily by hot, young jocks with smooth, firm muscles. All those well-built college football players were enough to drive any guy insane with lust. I never acted on my desires, however. I wasn't about to endanger the coach-athlete relationship. Some things were more important than sex - like my job. I also knew I'd be in another kind of danger if I started something with one of my players. I had a submissive side and I knew I could be controlled. I couldn't risk one of my players gaining that kind of power over me. It wasn't easy. Sometimes I barely kept control. Well, I resisted my players, but I couldn't resist the hot little punk that entered my life one afternoon. I'd been coaching for eight years and had just turned 36 when a beautiful, dark-haired young hunk walked into my office just after practice. I didn't even know he was there for a few minutes. I was too busy looking through the window, enjoying the view of jock flesh as some guys lingered on the field. "Uh, Coach Henderson?" "Yes." "Hi. I'm Justin. I'm working on a Physical Education degree. Could I talk to you for a minute?" I agreed quickly, if for no other reason than to be able to give Justin the once over. He was about 21...and gorgeous. The first thing I noticed was his face. It was handsome, cute...even beautiful. His eyes were grey and sexy. His eyebrows gave him an intense, sensual look that hinted at powerful passion. One look at Justin made me forget all about my players. Justin wanted to be my coaching assistant for football. He needed the experience to fulfill the requirements of his degree. Sort of like student teaching, only organized around athletics. I had to sign off on the hours he put in. I agreed to take him on. I could think of worse things than looking at Justin every afternoon. We sat and talked about what he'd be doing. My eyes wandered over his firm body. He was dressed in a nice button-down shirt with long sleeves, but I could tell he had an impressive build. When he left later, I noted his tight little ass for jerk-off material later that night. Justin showed up the next day in jeans and a white t-shirt. He changed at the free locker right in front of my office while I was scribbling a few notes. My eyes were drawn to him as he pulled his shirt over his head. His torso was lean, firm, and beautiful. The sight of his pecs made my cock twitch in my shorts. I yearned to reach out and touch him. Then he pulled off his jeans. The world's most beautiful young man was standing right in front of my office wearing nothing but tight briefs. He was gorgeous. The sight of the thin material of his underwear stretched over his tight ass was about more than I could take. When Justin reached into his gym bag and pulled out a jock, I beat a hasty retreat to the field. I had to get out of there. I was consumed by lust and couldn't stand it anymore. Every day, before and after practice, I was treated to a view of Justin's hard, smooth, nearly naked body. He never failed to get my nuts churning. I was cautious checking him out, but I wondered if I'd been careful enough. Something about the way Justin looked at into my eyes told me he knew I was filled with desire for his young flesh. Sometimes I could swear he was intentionally showing off for me. It was all very subtle. slow, sexy movements as he pulled off his shirt, the way his fingers stayed near his bulge a little longer than normal as he unbuttoned his jeans, the way he carefully moistened his lips. his hot display of his bubble butt as he bent over to take off his shoes. There was nothing apparent, nothing too obvious, but it was like each and every one of his moves had been calculated to drive me crazy with lust. By the end of the first week I was ready to pounce on him and worship his body. Was he putting on a show for me? And if so, did that mean he was interested? I knew much younger guys sometimes found me attractive. I don't mean to sound conceited, but I have a well-muscled body and a handsome face. Even a few of my players had come on to me, making it all the harder not to get involved with them. Did Justin want me? I sure as hell wanted him. Justin had a mischievous side that only heightened my desire for him. When he walked into my office that first day he was polite, almost quiet. The real Justin had come to the surface, however. He was wild, dominant, and quite the little punk. I found the combination captivating. Just how much of a wise ass punk he was became painfully obvious one afternoon after practice. He was more wicked and dominating than ever and I fell under his power. My nuts were aching from watching him pull on his jeans. I was drooling over his smooth, muscled chest as he pulled his shirt down over his head. As he tucked his shirt in, he looked at me and smiled playfully. Behind him, the locker room was quiet and empty. "You know, you really shouldn't torture yourself like this, Coach," he said, rubbing his hand slowly on his chest. "What do you mean?" "You know what I mean." A wave of fear passed through my body, a wave of fear and intense arousal. "You think I don't notice you looking at me and the players?" he asked. "I, un...." "I bet you're all worked up right now. Aren't you, Coach?" Justin ran his hand down his torso and let it glide across his bulge. I was so turned on, I was practically shaking. I remained silent, my breath coming fast and hard. "I could give you what you want, Coach, if you give me what I want." The little fucker was driving me out of my mind. He was taking control, trying to make me his slave. I could put a stop to that real quick...but part of me wanted it more than I'd ever wanted anything. "What do you want?" I asked in a low voice, ready to do anything. Justin smiled again. He knew he had me by the balls. "I'll tell you when I'm ready for it. Until then, you do as I say and I'll give you somethin' good."
  7. Awesome new chapter! Great twist...I'm looking forward to seeing where this is heading. Great work, sexy fucker!!
  8. Next step is to cruise a toilet and get fucked and bred through a gloryhole. Hot, sexy fucker...I want to breed your hungry hole, too.
  9. love your profile! hot pics, man!

    1. goninballsdeep


      I appreciate it, stud.

  10. Horned up with some Caverject here, ready to get a steel rod. I want to find a bottom, slam each other, and fuckin' wreck his hole for the next 48 hours and leave it dripping with my spit, jizz, and piss. And if his dick is big, I want to get loaded up, too. Fuckin' BRING IT!!

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      Packing my bags, checking my map.... :)

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      You really got me horny, my hole became wet reading your post. If I can make it your way anytime soon, and if you want me to I can take you up on it.

  11. Rainy day here makes me horned up more than normal...feeling like dropping a load in some hole and getting drowned in DNA...jizz, spit, piss.

  12. Hot story, buddy!! Jake and Chris fucking in the locker room got me leaking jizz...
  13. Thanks, men! Got a thick hard bone now reading your comments. Anyone need a plow and seed?
  14. Hell, yeah!! Let me clean your thick bone off for you as you fuck Jeremy's hole. What a hot RN you are!!
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