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    100% versatile guy that equally enjoys giving and taking cock and loads.
    Dated a poz guy for several years and became addicted to bb sex with him and others we played with.
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    Pervy taboo chat is always welcome. I get off hearing what turns others on.

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  4. madeupnameforporn


    There is an older guy I have fucking for several years. He likes to be naked ass up on the bed when I get there. I strip down and alternate eating his ass and pulling his cock back and sucking it. Then I stand up and slide my cock into him. This guy doesn’t get fucked a lot and his hole is tight. I have to really work to get the head in and he always sucks in a breath that is such a turn on as I push deeper into him. Usually he needs a break and will get up and suck me for a bit before lying on his back and letting me fuck him again. We kiss and fuck with his legs wrapped around my waist and I can really get in deep this way. When he tells me he is getting close I pull out and lay on my back so he can ride my cock. He stares me in the eyes as he slides up and down my cock throwing his head back as I pump into him over and over getting faster and faster. He jacks his cock and shoots what has got to be the biggest load I have ever seen. It just goes on and on and on. Says he has always shot that much but fuck if it is not impressive every single time. He pulls off and licks his cum off my chest and kisses me with it. Then he works his way down my body to lick and suck my cock and balls some more. He patiently works my cock getting it hard again and I fuck another load into him. We have fucked a few times a year for 12 years and it is always hot.
  5. madeupnameforporn

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Had a friend of a friend come over to hang out at the pool a few days ago. We sat in the sun and drank for a few hours and flirted a bit back and forth. Nice cubby guy early 20s with an impressive bulge in his trunks. We were buzzed when we finally headed inside and before I knew it he was grabbing and kissing me. He is younger than I usually go for but it isn’t often someone almost 30 years younger throws themselves at you so decided to go for it. I backed him against the island in the kitchen and placed my hands on his face taking control of the kiss. Soon he was moaning and begging for cock. He dropped to his knees and had my cock in his mouth. He let me push deeper and deeper into his throat until I was forcing my cock all the way in over and over. He pulled off and said he wanted me to fuck him so we headed to the bedroom. Remembering he had told me he had only ever bottomed before I wanted that cock in me first. I pushed him on his back and got between his legs sucking his cock making sure to get it good and wet. I crawled up him chest and kissed him some more as I felt his cock rub my ass. Reached over got some lube and put some in his hand and told him to slick me up and I reached behind me and applied some to my ass and then grabbed his cock—impressive 6-7 incher—and then slowly sat down on his cock working him into me. His eyes got wide and he quickly figured out a good rhythm and soon he was bucking his hips up and forcing his cock into me. He didn’t last long and soon was shooting his thick load into me. I rode his cock until he softened and then rolled him over and pulled him onto his knees and fucked my cock into him. He kept calling me daddy—again not something I was all that into but he really seemed to get into it so went with it. I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard ramming my cock into him over and over and over. Asked where he wanted daddy’s load and he said in me, breed me so that is exactly what I did.
  6. madeupnameforporn

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I am sitting here with a nice big load leaking out of my ass deposited by my ex who was in town to visit his mom for mother’s day. The sex with Scott was always good and we have fooled around several times since we broke up over a decade ago. We have done 3-ways and groups with his latest boyfriend but this time he said he wanted it to be just the 2 of us. His whole family was inside, including his boyfriend, as I snuck into the workshop in his parents backyard. I stripped down and bent over the workbench and didn’t have to wait long until I heard him come in. He got down and ate my hole getting it nice and wet. He pulled my cock back between my legs and sucked it as he fingered his spit into my hole. Soon he stood up behind me and rubbed the head of his cock against my hole and then with hands on my hips he pushed balls deep into me in one hard thrust. He pistoned his cock over and over into me and I was holding onto the workbench moaning when I felt one hand slap over my mouth to keep me quiet. He slowed his fuck and rolled his hips in just the right way to hit my prostate over and over with each pump into me. When he started talking about breeding my ass again after so long I knew he was close. His breathing got labored and his thrusting got quicker as he blasted yet another load into me. Scott can stay hard after he cums and kept fucking me as he jacked my cock and soon I was shooting into his hand. He pulled out and as I turned around he leaned in and wiped my load across my lips and kissed me before saying he had to get back inside. We straightened up and he headed back to his family and boyfriend and I snuck out and was on my way.
  7. madeupnameforporn

    Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    Why stay with one flavor of ice cream when you have all the flavors available to you? There is something about seeing dark and light skin come together. I have fucked around with guys of all races and darker skinned guys seem to put their whole body into fucking. They have a mastery of this hip motion that puts that dick deep deep inside you. The dick may or may not always be the biggest or the thickest but they seem to get that sex is not love and that it is meant to be just a bit rough. They can fuck the hell out of you and then see you around later and give you that up-nod and you know they are ready when you are to go again.
  8. madeupnameforporn

    Ass-up, Anonymous in a Motel Last Tuesday

    I agree with you 100% on that. There is something very basic and primal about sex for the sake of sex. Everyone is there to get off. Leave your feelings at the door and your loads in the hole.
  9. madeupnameforporn

    decades protected

    Like many on here I have thought about becoming poz in the past. When i dated a poz guy I was almost sure it would happen given the amount of poz loads he plowed into me over the years we were together plus all the other guys/couples/groups we did I was sure I would turn up poz but never did. Right now I can say I enjoy the rush that poz loads bring and if it happens it happens. I am not actively seeking it out but I would never turn someone down for being poz either. In the end you have to feel comfortable with who you are now so you can be OK with whatever happens in the future.
  10. madeupnameforporn

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    New guy at work had a few of us over last night. There are 7 of us milling around on the deck. New guy was manning the grill and his boyfriend was in and out of the kitchen bringing drinks and keeping things lively. Everyone has had a few drinks and seems to be having a good time. New guy is funny and people are laughing at his stories. I head inside for a new drink and flirt with his boyfriend for a bit. He is flirting back just as much and asks if I want a tour of the house and I say sure. He shows me quickly through the first floor and then heads upstairs. I am enjoying watching his ass stretch the fabric of his shorts with each step. I take a chance and reach out to rub his ass and he stops and pushes back on my hand. He gropes my crotch and finds my cock well on its way to being hard. He grabs my hand and pulls me into their bedroom and says we don’t have much time. I undo my shorts and push them down as he falls to his knees and sucks me deep. He looks up at me as he takes my cock then says he needs me to fuck him. He stands up and pulls me over to the window and we can see the others outside on the deck as he pushes his pants down he bends over. He tells me he has new guys load in him already so I line up and he pushes back on my cock. We both know we don’t have much time so we get to fucking. I am pushing deep into him as we watch his boyfriend out on the deck. I know I am not going to last much longer and ask where he wants my load. He says breed my hole, give me your load, mix it with his and that sends me right over the edge. We get ourselves back together and then head back outside.
  11. madeupnameforporn

    First Time With A Family Member

    The first time I ever had sex was with my uncle and his boyfriend. They lived a few blocks away and I would mow their yard and then jump in their pool. I would occasionally “catch” them fooling around but looking back on it I am sure they knew I was watching. One hot day, a cold beer, and skinny dipping in the pool turned into so much more. I can still close my eyes and clearly see both those hard cocks just as I did that day. I remember them sitting on the side of the pool kissing and swimming over to them and watching as my uncle pushed his boyfriends’ mouth down on his cock. I had never had sex and seeing it live and so close was amazing. My uncles’ boyfriend slipped back in the water, got behind me and inched me closer to my uncles’ cock. He rubbed his cock over my lips and I reached out and wrapped my hands around that thick shaft with his boyfriend behind me encouraging me to suck it. I licked and sucked my uncles’ cock like it was going to be my last meal. He got back in the water and we all three kissed and groped each other. Eventually we climbed out and my uncle told me he wanted to watch me fuck his boyfriend. He showed me how to eat his ass and get his hole ready. He got my cock slicked up with spit and lined it up with his boyfriend hole and guided me in. I could not believe how hot it was. We took turns fucking his boyfriend and then my uncle said he wanted my ass. I was scared but more turned on. He ate my hole and his boyfriend sucked my cock and then I was on my back with my legs on my uncles’ shoulders. He pushed into me that first time and it brought tears to my eyes I didn’t think I could take it but he leaned down and kissed me and slowly he worked more of his cock into me. He eased in but then just rammed into me balls deep and would give my virgin hole a few hard, rough pumps then ease off. Soon the pain turned into something amazing and I was begging for him to fuck me harder. We sucked and fucked each other all afternoon long. That was the first of many times we fooled around. That day started my obsession with fucking and cocks and cum.
  12. madeupnameforporn

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    One of the last loads I took was from a friend of my partners. My boyfriend asked me to meet his friend at his place because he had to work and the friend needed to borrow his lawn mower. I met the friend and as we were talking both got text messages from my boyfriend saying "I want his ass loaded by the time I get there". We showed them to each other, laughed a bit and the friend leaned in and kissed me then dropped to his knees and sucked me hard. His cock was average length but thick and it had a nice flared head. He licked and rimmed my hole and then lined up and sank into me. It was that good stretch that lets you know you are in for a good fucking. Once he got half way in he pulled back and then sank all the way in me and just pounded away. We switched places a few times and I gave him two loads back to back. Then he had me on my hands and knees and piston fucked that thick cock as deep into my hole as he could get. I could tell he was getting close and soon felt his cock pulse as he unloaded in me. He then turned me over and wrapped my legs around his hips and fucked me with his still hard cock. That is how my boyfriend found us when he got home. His friend kissing and slow fucking his thick cock into me. My guy stripped down and I could feel the exact moment he slid into his friends loaded hole. As he fucked his friends thick cock deeper into me we were all moaning. My guy built up a good rhythm and I could tell he wasn't going to last long and as his friend loaded my hole the second time he blasted his load into him. The whole thing was unexpected and very hot!!
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  14. You are an excellent writer. I enjoy all your stories. Thanks for sharing them. 

    1. madeupnameforporn


      Thank you!! I enjoy writing them down and I really get off on others reading them.

  15. madeupnameforporn

    Have you or would you like to be bred by a BBC?

    Fresh out of high school, cruising around late at night in my small southern hometown I saw something that turned me on in a way nothing had before. This was all before the internet but I had heard that guys hung around the clock tower at night. Who and what they did was left up in the air but in my mind I had to find out. I would drive up the hill and circle around but never saw anything or anyone. It didn’t stop me from going back though and one night as I rounded the tower I saw a man standing there. I quickly drove the loop again but this time I didn’t see anyone. Another loop and then another and then I saw him again. A black man standing just in the shadows and he was completely naked. Another quick drive around the loop and as I approached I saw him again. He was truly naked standing at the base of the clock tower mostly in the shadows but I could tell he was stroking his cock. I quickly parked and walked around the base of the clock tower. I was scared and excited and it was like electricity was jumping off me. There was a door at the far side of the tower and it was pushed open and I saw him in there stroking his cock. I stopped and watched and then he motioned me in. At the time it felt like the bravest thing I ever did walking in there. He was college aged and solid like a football player. My eyes were on that cock. It was cut and big, bigger than I had ever seen in person before. I reached out and stroked it as he leaned in to kiss me. Then his hands were on my shoulders and he was pushing me to my knees and that cock in my mouth. He moaned as I licked and sucked that big black cock of his. He had some poppers and had me sniff them and then he bent me over and licked my ass. He grabbed my cheeks and spread them wide as he buried his tongue in my ass. The poppers, this hot naked black man, and the whole situation had me so excited I could hardly stand it. He handed me the poppers and said take more and I felt the head of the biggest cock I had ever seen in person rubbing against my hole. He teased a bit but then he forced that big black cock into me and kept going until I had every blessed inch. He fucked like only the young do—hard and rough. I knew I was just a hole for him and that turned me on even more. He grabbed my hips and plowed into me over and over. He was hitting spots inside me that were making my legs weak and shake. As his strokes increased I knew he was getting close and with a final hard shove he buried that big black cock—biggest cock I had ever seen in person—into me and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum. He pulled out fingered my ass a bit and brought some of his load to my lips and kissed me. Then he was gone. I was standing there half naked, late at night, ass dripping cum and the biggest fucking smile. I never saw him—or anyone—at the clock tower after that but I always make the loop when I am back in town and remember the black man that gave one of the best experiences ever.

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