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  1. god ill want to enjoy you if i saw you in the hall
  2. Denver Colorado here and have a huge weakness and craving to take black nutt in my pasty white butt!  I am the least racist person I know litterally and it seems 1 of the few in denver that love black dick-but fuck you boys typically are the best at laying pipe and creaming holes and lets be honest dark brown cock disappearing in a white hole is the hottest site in sex!


    1. A regular fuck a few years ago used to flood my hole regular with his 9x6 black cock and one day he just stops and pulls out and says he is done unless he hears me beg for nigger nutt.  I was petrified-I couldnt say that ever but especially to a black dude that was already bigger than me and naked in his apartment.  It took me 19 minutes of begging for more and him refusing before I just blurted out "give me nigger dick, i love nigger dick and want your nigger cum now.  He was on me, in me and ramping up the fuck fest of my life when he heard that.  I have never been pounded so good, hard and left so juicy before.
    2. Now I want to tell every black man i see give me nigger nutt now!
    3. What are your thoughts man-just curious? also I woould love to get your nigger nutt in my hole anyday man!!!
    1. blackboy20


      Literally fuck yes!

  3. where are you these day, i wanna cum in that ass

    1. pozbrad


      I’m in Miami and my body to available to anyone that wants to use it

    2. negbtm


      Even for you to top me?

    3. pozbrad


      Yea, we can swap loads if you're ever in the area

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