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    Taking bare dick
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm just a guy looking for raw cock to take, love taking anonymous cock thru glory holes, in bath houses, and in public
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    Would love to be in porn :-)
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    Someone with a hot cock who will breed me hard and deep, if you can do that I'll prob hook up and fuck

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  1. Hey, not sure if your mail box is full or what. I tried to send story update, but message was rejected. Hope all is well.

    1. pozbrad


      Hey, it should be working fine. I sent you email just now too, maybe if you try replying to that email it’ll work? Thanks and hope you’ve been well too!

  2. I’d love to take your toxic load sometime. You ever in the DC area?

  3. Just finished breeding this hot barely legal HS boy, made sure his boy hole was fucked hard and deep before leaving three loads of my toxic cum inside him, he made the hottest sounds too as I slammed my raw dick deep inside him, can’t wait to use his hot body again soon...

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    2. tboyer


      That twink was one lucky guy 

    3. ronnie4u


      So Fucking Pozzing HOT ! Instant erection - wishing I could of been there doing it too or being the 4th or 5th male fucking raw - allowing my dick absorb the poz juices !    :)  If it was stealth /broken condom but kept fucking / breeding - freaking HOT ! Let know what happens !     :)

    4. jon220


      Keep it going

  4. Lol it’s almost 7am and I’m only just now getting back home after getting to the bath house at almost 5pm last night... fuck my boy hole hurts so good right now

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    2. jon220


      You should posr some pics of your hole after 

    3. occumhungry


      Fuck yes! I love young pussy boy sluts like you.

    4. studl1


      Dam hot 

  5. Where are you located? I'd love to get charged by you?

  6. Anyone ever fuck one of the Helixstudios twinks? I'd do anything to fuck and poz Andy Taylor, but a lot of their boys are hot sluts just asking to take lots of anon bare cock...
  7. pozbrad

    Jockpussy FTM

    I recently bred a college trans guy for the first time. It was fucking hot, all he cared about was taking my raw dick and having me cum inside him. Definitely planning on breeding him again (and hopefully pozzing him). Never considered fucking a ftm guy before him but now I wanna do it over and over, definitely a hot experience everyone should try at least once.
  8. Just got home from working a glory hole, only got my boy hole loaded by three men but I swallowed cum from 8 others. Love when my breath reeks of cum... :P 

  9. Lets see some photos of you boy. I think one of my leather collars would look good on you as you serve as my boy. Not to mention serve all of my boy's.

    Maybe even film it

    1. btmwsfun


      Opps replied to wrong thread. 

    2. pozbrad


      That'd be hot, and I've had men take pics and videos of me taking dick but I've always wanted to be filmed and have it posted online so all sorts of people could watch me take anon poz cum and get used...

  10. Just fucked and bred a trans guy, first time for me, it was pretty hot. Anyone else here into breeding trans boys?

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    2. suckerboi


      Haven't done it yet, but want to.

    3. rawemobttm


      I've been interested in having a trans fuck and breed me. I went through a period yngr having fem tops yse me.

    4. NYCpozFFbbWS
  11. One of the local, barely legal twinks I’ve been breeding for a while now just found out that he’s now poz... lol

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    2. evilalex


      you're a good boy. xoxo

    3. Barecumlover


      Can you poz me? I’m near DC

    4. backpackguy


      Lucky twink...hope he's into breeding other bois. Oink. ;)

  12. You are adorable 

  13. Any chance you are near portland, oregon?  Would love too have you for my Breeder!

    1. pozbrad


      No, I'm in Miami

  14. Curious.  Your profile says you are not on meds.  How long have you been POZ?  You have KS yet?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. pozbrad


      No idea who pozzed me, I've taken so much anon raw dick over the years and I honestly don't even know for sure when I was pozzed

    3. poznative


      So, is you cock toxic?

    4. pozbrad


      Don’t know for sure, but I’m willing to bet my loads are pretty toxic now, and I know one of the barely legal twinks I’ve been breeding lately tested poz fairly recently... 

  15. Damn son you are fucking beautiful head to fucking to toe!  I'd love to find that beautiful ass on the other side of a glory hole! Pump you full of my daddy seed! Make sure I was a permanent part of you breeding you deep! Then flip so you can drive that big boy cock balls deep inside of this hungry dad hole  and pump me full of your boy seed making sure that you will forever be a part of me. Damn son I sure would love we're love to have my way with you...

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    2. marktulley2000


      Where are the active glory holes in Miami? So many places have them covered up now. I did find a glory hole in Miami years ago at the beach. Got to suck a hot young latin stud through the hole. Afterwards, he came up to me outside and asked if I wanted to go over to his mom's house since she was at work. He wanted to fuck me. I always regretted chickening out. 

    3. Chargedupslut


      Hey @pozbrad, Id like to get in on some of that action too.  :)

    4. boybottom4use


      me too Brad, would so love to take your charged load!

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