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    I'm just a guy looking for raw cock to take, love taking anonymous cock thru glory holes, in bath houses, and in public
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    Would love to be in porn :-)
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    Someone with a hot cock who will breed me hard and deep, if you can do that I'll prob hook up and fuck

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  1. There’s a hot guy I work with. We’re both friends and he’s know I’m gay. I really wanna hook up with him, but I’m not sure if I should, or if it’s even a good idea. Anyone ever fucked/gotten fucked by a coworker before?
  2. Would love meeting up with you and flip fucking ;)

  3. Found another twink at the porn shop I frequent, he looked like he was barely legal and he had some older man with him leading him along during what looked like his first time in a cruisy porn shop working a glory hole. The man had him naked with the booth door wide open so anyone could look in and watch the twink suck dick after dick through the glory hole. it was definitely hot to watch but it made it hard for me to get my ass fucked since everyone wanted a chance with the new hot twink, but at least i managed to get him to suck my dick too and take a nice load of toxic poz cum down his throat lol

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. pozboy


      You know anyone can find out your count, so it's a challenge to get it higher? Then keep toothbrushing it with a hard brush and bloodslamming poz blood?

    3. pozboy


      Why you put your load in his throat? Do your bit for the1801956992_theHun3.jpg.9db2d540678c298e9d2b4b63b1027021.jpg cause and put it in his ass, preferably toothbrushing it first

    4. ronnie4u


      So Fucking HOT !  My Dream to be used and raped - multi Poz loads !   :)

  4. Coming to Ft Lauderdale.  Any chance I could get some of that toxic cum of load up your ass in early January?  I spend a lot of time at Slammer when there. 

    1. pozbrad


      Yea, I go to Slammer fairly often and spend a few hours in the sling there taking dick. love to meet there next time you're in town so you can use my ass, we can also swap loads if you want too, but usually when i'm there i'm just there to get my ass fucked, my dick usually just flops about until i'm lucky enough for someone who can get me to cum handsfree, otherwise i'll jerk off until i cum when i'm getting ready to call it a night

    2. nethingtwice


      First week of January.  Let me know where to hit you up

  5. For the past couple weeks I’ve been going out to back my ass up to a glory hole every single day, making sure I at least take 3-4 loads before I leave. The only days I didn’t do that were the days I went to a bath house and spent a couple hours in a sling lol Now I don’t think I can /not/ take anon day every day, my hole is too greedy lol

    1. Gregory


      I am sure all the men enjoy your beautiful poz ass

    2. Read1


      Keep up the great tradition! Your hole has and will be thanking you!! OINK!

    3. suckerboi


      I am sure you can't.  That much seed is addictive.  Even better if it's poz cum though. 

  6. where are you these day, i wanna cum in that ass

    1. pozbrad


      I’m in Miami and my body to available to anyone that wants to use it

    2. negbtm


      Even for you to top me?

    3. pozbrad


      Yea, we can swap loads if you're ever in the area

  7. After taking a couple weeks off, I finally hit up a glory hole tonight, forgot how fucking good it feels to let a whole bunch of random men breed my ass...

    1. chargedodger


      omg that used to be regular play for me...gonna have to get back to it.:)

    2. PupLucca


      I want to add DNA to your hole




    3. boybottom4use


      totally hot Brad, how many loads did you take?

  8. Simply HOT and Delicious - Handsome - reminds of me when in my late teens !   :)

  9. I really get a hard on by you. Such a hot and horny bb poz slut, would love to swap strains with you!

    1. ronnie4u


      Yummy HOT and Delicious looking !   :)

  10. Hey, not sure if your mail box is full or what. I tried to send story update, but message was rejected. Hope all is well.

    1. pozbrad


      Hey, it should be working fine. I sent you email just now too, maybe if you try replying to that email it’ll work? Thanks and hope you’ve been well too!

  11. I’d love to take your toxic load sometime. You ever in the DC area?

    1. negbtm


      I want it too!

  12. Just finished breeding this hot barely legal HS boy, made sure his boy hole was fucked hard and deep before leaving three loads of my toxic cum inside him, he made the hottest sounds too as I slammed my raw dick deep inside him, can’t wait to use his hot body again soon...

  13. Lol it’s almost 7am and I’m only just now getting back home after getting to the bath house at almost 5pm last night... fuck my boy hole hurts so good right now

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    2. jon220


      You should posr some pics of your hole after 

    3. occumhungry


      Fuck yes! I love young pussy boy sluts like you.

    4. studl1
  14. Where are you located? I'd love to get charged by you?

  15. Anyone ever fuck one of the Helixstudios twinks? I'd do anything to fuck and poz Andy Taylor, but a lot of their boys are hot sluts just asking to take lots of anon bare cock...

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