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  1. Great body and awesome cock....

  2. So he was a good man because he killed 200,000 innocent civilians instead of killing millions. Got it. Did you know that killing a single innocent civilian is a war crime under the Geneva conventions?
  3. I'm afraid that that whole episode where he vaporized 200,000 innocent civilians lowers my opinion of Truman.
  4. In my opinion the only decent human being who has become president since WW2 is Carter. And he got booted after one term.
  5. I've recently developed a new appreciation for Chris Evans. (The American one, not the British one!)
  6. It could be argued that choosing a political leader because he's entertaining is rather like making a career politician the star attraction at a comedy club. I don't think that in either case it's going to turn out well.
  7. This forum is all about sexual freedom. If he likes getting pissed on by hookers it's his own business. It's the least objectionable thing about him.
  8. I'd have to see his dick before I could make a final decision.
  9. I think they're obviously under-represented in porn for cultural reasons. But possibly the hottest porn star I've ever seen is Arad Winwin who is essentially a refugee from Iran (or so he claims!).
  10. Fucking hot. I'd love to bend you over and do the same, put my hands around your neck and use the shit out of you
  11. It depends. Like fucking tight young holes, but also there's something hot about putting your finger in and feeling cum slopping around a loose hole.
  12. When I was at university, there were no separate shower cubicles - everybody just went into a big shower room naked. Caught people touching themselves and looking few times. But never fucked anyone there.
  13. What's the most holes you've fucked in one night? Not necessarily bred but just fucked. My highest is about 40 on naked night at the Laboratory in Berlin during gay pride weekend. You literally had to queue up for an hour to get in there it was so full. Whenever I'm at the Lab, I have a few drinks and get super horny, and the place is full of guys of all ages with their asses up the air or in slings taking all comers. I find myself almost manically going from one to another trying to fuck as many holes as possible. I delay cumming as much as possible so I don't peter out too fast. I dump
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