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  1. Wish I was in NY Italian Irish here
  2. I sat on the edge of the bed stunned at where I was. What had happened? I never passed out from weed and drinking. What had he put in the pipe? I stood up naked grabbed my underwater put them on and stumbled into the living area. He was sitting on the couch drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper. He said good morning looks like you had a niche long sleep. I looked over at the clock. It was 3:30 pm I had slept all night into the next evening. I said what the fuck happened? He said call down I just put a little T in the pipe and a sedative in my drink so I could relax. I said I passed out what happened after? He said he took me to his bed and covered me and went to sleep and that. Nothing else happened. I was sceptical but also relieved but that I was going to have alot of explaining to do to my parents. He said dont worry I called them saying I was the father of your friend from the number in my wallet saying I had a little bit to much to drink and was going to crash here if that was ok. He said they thanked him and said ok. I then said if it was alright I was going to take the boys biking upstate for rest of weekend and they said ok. I was shocked at what I was hearing my parents were very conservative and usually not so agreeable. I sat down on the couch woozy and said I need to go home. He said just relax for a few ti you get your bearing and then take a shower and if I still felt that way he would take me home. I said ok and he brought me a coffee. I started to feel better so went to take a shower. He had all sorts of toys in the shower. Dildos of all sizes butt plugs nipple clamps and at least 4 bottles of poppers. I stood under the hot water for what seemed like eternity. Then turned it off dried off put on a towel and went out to get my clothes. He was still sitting there as I out on my underwear and sat down to out on my socks he held my hand and leaned in to kiss me. He then held my head and opened my mouth and blew this cloud of smoke into my lungs. It surprised the shit out of me and I began coughing. What the fuck I said. He smiled and said sorry just wanted you to be calm. I said what was that. He said it was something called a shotgun I think he called it . I felt weird and hot all of a sudden but felt great at the same time. He laughed and took another hit and again blew it in my lungs. I was so horned. He said it's just so T and asked if I liked it I couldn't speak just inodded and grabbed for his cock. That's all I wanted all of a sudden was dick. Any dick. He pushed me back on to the couch and kissed me for a bit while I wrapped my legs around him and felt his cock against mine. He said not yet. I have more for us to do. I just nodded. He reached under the couch and pulled out a small box and opened it. It had a syringe and some stuff that I didn't recognize. I managed to grunt what are you doing. He said just want you to experience something that would change my life and make me feel better than I ever had. I said I don't want to but he emailed and said don't worry. I was trying to sit up but he put his hand on my chest and held me down. I was so weak from the shotguns. He did something with the contents of the box that I couldn't make out and then tied these rubber things around both our arms. I was confused. He put the needle that had something in it up to his vein and put it in and shot it into his vein. He took off the rubber think and coughed and started rubbing my body. I was horny as hell but scared at what was happening. He again. Filled the needle with that stuff but put it back to his own arm. Which confused me. He pushed it in and pulled in some blood from his arm and pulled it out. He then tapped my arm for some reason then lined up the same needle he used I said stop it has blood in it . He ignored me and my meager resistant was met with his strength. He pushed the needle into my arm and said here it goes and injected it into my vein. Pulled off the rubber thing and I coughed for about 30 seconds straight but was in heaven. I have never felt so alive in my life. He held my hand helpt me up and walked me to the bedroom again. I guess I was going biking after all... To be continued.. ☣️🧬😈
  3. Good morning was the first thing I heard with my dad standing over my bed. You slept later than usual everything ok? I responded yes but was so hung over from the night before and so conflicted. My brain was working overtime trying to process last night. My body betrayed me caving into it's most darkest desires that I didn't even know existed in me. What now? A few days passed and I tried to keep busy and forget about it. Hung out with friends hit few movies just to keep my mind off it. I had not gone on AOL at all since it happened but wanted to check in a few friends and quickly log off. So I went to my dad's PC only had one of in those days. Dialed in to the modem and connected. Went into the chatroom I knew my friends would be but no one was online. As I was about to disconnect he logged in. I stopped myself from logging out to see what he would say to me but he didn't say anything. Then he logged off. I was pissed. I went to bed early but could not sleep. All I kept thinking about was why he didn't reach out and strangly how even though he went against me by orgasming in me he did say he had a vasectomy and couldn't ejaculate plus he was clean. I began to feel a little better and was surprised that I was now very turned on by the thought of it. I was going to jerk off to it but decided to wait. Got up in my shorts snuck down to the den and logged into dad's PC and eventually AOL. He was there again. I messaged him saying I wish he would have respected my wishes but understand how we were high and drunk and could see how it got carried away. He took a while to respond and said meet at the corner? I got an instant hard-on and became very nervous. It was very late at this point and not like me to go out at that time but I said ok. Changed into my jeans and black tee and went snuck into the stoop for a few cigs till I saw his car drive past and then slowly walked to the car and got in. He said hey sorry again but I said forgot about it let's just go back and talk. We got to his place in New gardens queens and sat down on the couch and talked for a bit. He offered me a joint which was tempted to but declined. He smoked it. He got up and fixed us drinks without asking this time and handed it to me. I said thank you and must have been very thirsty and quicky finished it. He smiled. He downed his and got up to refill. He came back a few min later. He had changed to just his jeans and barefoot. That made me nervous. He took out his pipe and packed it with some weed and took a puff and passed it to me. I didn't decline this time probably because I had relaxed with the soco. He put on the same flick as last time as my head started to spin. It was getting warm so I took off my shoes and socks. He reached over and pulled my shirt over my head. We both just sat there in jeans nothing else as we watched and drank and smoked. He kissed me and pinched my nipples hard. He whispers in my mouth that he was truly sorry about the other night and we began to heavy kiss. He slowly pushed me back in the couch and got in top and we were grinding on each other thru our jeans. We were so horned up. He asked me if I wanted to try coke. I said I never had but maybe try a little to see what it did. He smiled said sure and put a mirror in front of me with a few lines of it. I was nervous. He made me do drag from the weed pipe and then he did a line of coke. He made me finish my drink and then he did another line. He opened a fresh bottle of poppers and held them for a while under each nostril and then quicky made me do my first ever line of coke. I didn't feel anything. He made me do another. Still nothing. We started making out again I found myself sucking on his tongue and he let a thick line of spit slide off his tongue and into my mouth. Then I felt something like I had just come alive for the first time Eveything was clear to me and I was just savoring this physical moment. He knew it had kicked in. He took down my pants and he undid his and we were soon in the same position as last time. Me on my back against the back of the couch him between my legs rubbing cocks. I feelt so uninhibited.for the first time. He started to rub his precum between my crack and hole and I was so turned on I reached down and guided his hard leaking cock to my hole. He stopped my hand and said wait and reached for a basket on the side of the couch and put it in the coffee table. Reached in and pulled out a rubber. I was surprised but kinda relieved but also disappointed all at the same time if that's possible. He put it on lubed it up and slowly entered me as he kissed me again spitting in my mouth. I felt so good I was pulling him in deep with.my legs and he pinched my nipples hard. I felt like iwas mounted like a woman. It felt primal and intense although something in the back of my mind was bothering me but I couldn't think what it was. After a few min he pulled out and went to get a water for us because it was hot and we were dripping sweat. We finished out water and began to resume our fucking when I did something that shocked is both. I reached down pulled him out and slid off the rubber. He asked what was wrong. I said it doesn't feel the same and that I wanted to be natural with him. I said since you can't ejaculate what's the point. He smiled. He slowly inched in bare and I could see the look in his eyes and his in mine he now began to slowly deep dick me bareback. I was in heaven as he poked my second hole. We were making animal sounds that I had never done before in my life my hole was griping his cock and he does up pace I locked my.legs around his back and sucked on his tongue. I came all over my belly.amd felt like I had cum throu my ass as well. He then looked me In The eyes and I felt the spasms again. It was so sensual and caring as he came from.my grip. We spent the next half hour making out till I came down a bit from my high. He said he wanted to take a shower before he drove me home so I just sat back on the couch flipping thru channels. Since the TV shows were much brighter than the porn I could make things out in the room. The lid.to the basket where he kept the lube and rubbers had come off and it looked like a bunch of bottles. I leaned over to put the kid back on and noticed they were medicine. I picked one up but didn't recognize the name and then the rest not recognizing any of the names. I got concerned. I called a friend while he was in the shower and then had a panic attack as my friend said those were meds for HIV. I got sick and angry again how did he not tell me this? He said he was clean. He barebacked me! He came out of the shower and noticed I was visibly upset and said did I regret it again. I said I wouldn't have had it not been for these. I held up the bottles. He seems scared and sat down. He said listen I k we you would want to be with me if I knew. And assured me he was safe and meds had it under control and he couldn't ejaculate. I was crying and still in shock. He said listen your safe I promise and put his arm around me. He said let me make you a drink then I will drive you home. I agreed for some reason. He came back with a soco and coke and I sipped at it. He lit the pipe and passed it to me. He said that weed had a little something else that would relaxed and calm me. I stared at the floor sipping my drink the last thing I would remember until the next morning when I would up in his bed. I panicked and wondered what had happened overnight and what the hell were my parents thinking... Fuck what has he done to me. What had I done to me?
  4. When he dropped my off I was still pretty high and had to go into my house and try not to wake the parents. I snuck up to my room undressed and passed out almost immediately with my pleasantly aching stretched hole. Tomorrow came quickly as I awoke to my dad sitting on the edge of my bed. He asked how my night was and I played it down.saying it was fun. He got up to leave and turned to me and said easy on the weed and take a shower before you come down because I reaked of weed and booze...if he only knew The day could not.go fast enough. All I could think of was going back to Conrad's yeah that was his name and exploring more with him as smoking weed. As the time approached where I would get picked up I showered put on my jeans black tee and boots and headed to the corner. I smoked a Marlboro and once finished he pulled up. He was wearing jeans and a tight wife beater showing off his very thin veiny arms but muscular. We didn't talk much just small talk and chain smoking cigs. When we go to his coop we walked from the garage to his front door where his neighbor was just leaving. The neighbor looked at me and said hello with a smirk which I am not sure why. We went in closed the door and I sat.on the couch. He told me to turn on the TV and pick a flick while he made us soco and cokes. He had many VHS tapes of practily any kink. I choses the dad son one to match our age difference. He liked my selection. I noticed that there was his pipe and a big bag of weed on the coffee table and he told me to get started and she came over with the drinks. I lit the pipe and took a drag Ang coughed was much stronger than I was used to. We cheersed clinked glasses and drank our drink finishing off ateast 3 bowls of weed watching the flick. We kissed a bit and he took my shirt shoes and socks off and he did the same. We were just in our jeans. He said I looked so hot and asked if he could take some pics. I was flying so said sure and he had pose for a few and then we went back to our porn and drinks. He kissed me hard and tongue my mouth deep sucking in my tongue and kicking my gums. Was so wet and hot. I was on fire. We proceed to copy last week's forplay and the movie ended. He picked the next one and i didn't remember the name but it was a bunch of guys that were thin and tight like him and some younger ones like me. We proceeded to play with each other and once again he had me in the legs over the shoulder position teasing my crack with his oozing veiny beast. It felt so good and I was much more relaxed around him and trusting. He said he felt that and appreciated it. He continues to feed me poppers and weed and pour the drinks into my mouth all the while telling me to watch the movie closely which I did. After a few min of that and his rubbing he asked do you notice anything about the vid? I said no what? I looked again and he was one of the guys in the vid 8nhad.not even noticed. He looked a bit heavier but not much I was shocked but excited. Said it was so cool. He said it was just a private tape of him and some friends which I thought was hot. We started getting more into it as his oozing head poked at my young hole he went slowly in with the head. I reminded him to do the rubber again and he said ok but look at the screen..I did and he was balls deep in some guy no rubber. I was so turned on and he knew it. He asked if he could try it with me for a bit. I was nervous but also fucked up from all the booze and weed and porn he didn't let me answer and slowly inched in. It was like an out of body experience. I felt like I was looking down at it from above watching it happen. This man older than my dad was inching his raw dick into me. I was so turned on it felt amazing. There was no lube except for some spit and his oozing tip. It felt great as he bottomed out with his thick bush against my hole. He asked if I was ok and I just nodded looking at the video. He told me to relax and out the poppers on my chest. As he stayed still in me. I still couldn't believe I was letting this happen. He told me to take a hit that he was going to pull out and in to get me used to it . I did and this went in for a few min until the pain subsided. He was gently fucking me back and forth. I was in heaven. Anytime I started to have second thoughts and he felt my resistance he would make me take poppers. That and his strength kept me in my place. He began to pick up pace and said my ass was like silk around him and it was so better to be natural with me. I said don't cum in me cause I didn't know you very well which sounded absolutely ridiculous given the position I let him get me into but he said Don't worry. He then went on to tell me that he had a vasectomy a few years back and never shot out a load anymore. He really started hammering me now balls slapping against my picking up speed and moaning. I felt like he was about to cum and said pull out. He held my arms down by my sides tight and he orgasmed. I felt his cock twitching spazam inside me and I panicked and pushed him off . I was pissed he said I told you not to worry and that he had the vasectomy and he had no stds. I was still angry and asked to go home which he did and we didn't speak the whole ride there. I got went to get out of the car and he grabbed my.arm and apologize again. I said goodnight and went up to bed. What had I done. I felt so violated but also had a raging hard on. What was wrong with me?? So conflicted. Need to rest and think.
  5. Thanks for the follow.

  6. I am not much of a writer but I will do my best to tell this tale. I don't remember exactly how old I was 18, 19 but that doesn't really matter. As a late bloomer I always knew I was different. I dated a girl once but we never had sex. I stumbled across a porn tape in my dad's draw and used to watch it and always got hard at the guys never the girls. At this time AOL was the big thing with chat rooms. I eventually discovered the gay ones and made a few friends and met in person for socializing. There was another side to these chatrooms that I was naive too... One day this older guy in his late fifties started talking to me. He lived kinda close like 15 min. He said we shod meet for a drink one time and chat. I agreed and he said he could pick me up if I like and I said ok. I have. Him my cross streets and met him at 9pm on my corner. He had a big old Cadillac that reaked of cigarettes and cologne. He looked older than he said and was thin probably 120lbs with bushy black hair and about 5' 5" . I was 5'10 175. We got back to his apartment and I sat on the couch and we talked for quite a while. He was nice and we had some things in common. He asked if I wanted something to drink. I agreed and he made us a southern comfort and coke which I never had beforeand I liked it. A little too much. Before I knew it I had finished my third. We were just sitting around smoking Marlboroughs and getting drunk. He asked me if I wanted to put on some tv or a movie. I said sure and he turned on his big screen the and fired up the vhs and it started playing gay porn which I had never seen before. I was enthralled. He smiled and asked if I smoked weed. I had a few times with some friends but not for a while. So he asked if I wanted to and I said sure. I was pretty buzzed at this time and once we started smoking and watching the porn I got super horny. He took off his shoes and socks and asked me to get comfortable so I did the same. More drinks and weed were offered and accepted. I was flying. He put his hand on mine and moved it to his crotch which was hard and big. I was nervous.and shaking but the weed helped. He took off my shirt and pants and did the same. He was very thin but tight and strong. Not usually my type but the weed and drinks made that change. We started kissing slow and sensual and caressing each other's bodies. His wet tongue licking down my throat to my chest and stomach drove me mad he tongues my navel and slowly slipped off my briefs. He then sat back down on the couch and asked me to do the same to him. He was very excited by the buldge in his underwear. Once I slipped them off I saw his big veiny oozing cock for the first time and it looked amazing. The sight and musk off him was driving me mad. He slapped it across my face and the precum went in my mouth and eye and he smiled. He rubbed the slick ozing hard on my lips and pulled my head down and slowly enters my mouth. I slowly.sucked as much as I could and he guided me as to what he liked. He then did something that I had not know about up until this very moment. He pulled out a little brown bottle and unscrewed it as I sucked him. He offer me some while I was still sucking so I stopped and said what is that? He looked supposed and then realized how little experience i had. He said just inhale it thru your nostril while I hole the other one closed. I obeyed and he quickly switched nostrils and told me to breathdeeper and I did. Wow what a sensation my whole body flushed with heat and I got super horny for his cock and sucked like I was possessed. He laughed and moaned at the same time. He got me. From that moment on I would do anything for him. I continued to suck for a bit longer feeding more on poppers. He then had us switch positions and did the same to me. I was in heaven. He was kneeling on the floor in front of my as I was laying back on the couch stroking and sucking my cock. He started poking my balls with his leaking cock and slowly manuvered my legs up onto his shoulders. He was just caressing me and rubbing his cock against my ass crack and feeding me poppers and booze. I was flying. He lowered his head down and for the first time ever had a tongue licking my hole. I gasped as he lapped at it and clenched my ass in response. He told me to relax and hit the poppers. Once I took a big hit his tongue went in deep and I squirmed and felt like I had cum but I didn't. He spent quite a while in there and I loved it. He eventually stopped and then reached up and kissed me deep. I could taste my ass and weed smoke on his tongue and it was primal. At that point he began rubbing his cock against my spit lubed crack. Every few strokes I felt the head cross my hole and it was amazing. It was almost as if it was scratching an itch i had l. He held the poppers my nose and popped the leaking head in and I winced. He kept it there still. Said just relax. I said you need a rubber he said fine and left it there for a few min for.me to relax but then relented. He put the rubber on and we began again. Made me finish off my fresh drink another hit of popper and he entered me slowly. It hurt alot but the poppers made it easier. He did it slow to make me get used to it. He was soon balls deep up to his thick hairy bush and kept it there for a few min. Then he slowly began rocking back and fourth and it felt better. Me on my back 18 to with an old man's cock buried in me it was sureal. He came inside the rubber in me and sucked me to completion. He asked if I wanted to stay the night but I lived at home parents still so he drove me home. As I thanked him head still spinning he said I want to have me over the next night. I agreed....
  7. So hot neg bottom here in Connecticut want someone to do that to me. Please!
  8. Damn I wish I was your type. Neg bottom here get to NYC for meetings often. Jim

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