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  1. Wish I was in NY Italian Irish here
  2. I sat on the edge of the bed stunned at where I was. What had happened? I never passed out from weed and drinking. What had he put in the pipe? I stood up naked grabbed my underwater put them on and stumbled into the living area. He was sitting on the couch drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper. He said good morning looks like you had a niche long sleep. I looked over at the clock. It was 3:30 pm I had slept all night into the next evening. I said what the fuck happened? He said call down I just put a little T in the pipe and a sedative in my drink so I could r
  3. Good morning was the first thing I heard with my dad standing over my bed. You slept later than usual everything ok? I responded yes but was so hung over from the night before and so conflicted. My brain was working overtime trying to process last night. My body betrayed me caving into it's most darkest desires that I didn't even know existed in me. What now? A few days passed and I tried to keep busy and forget about it. Hung out with friends hit few movies just to keep my mind off it. I had not gone on AOL at all since it happened but wanted to check in a few friend
  4. When he dropped my off I was still pretty high and had to go into my house and try not to wake the parents. I snuck up to my room undressed and passed out almost immediately with my pleasantly aching stretched hole. Tomorrow came quickly as I awoke to my dad sitting on the edge of my bed. He asked how my night was and I played it down.saying it was fun. He got up to leave and turned to me and said easy on the weed and take a shower before you come down because I reaked of weed and booze...if he only knew The day could not.go fast enough. All I could think of was going back to C
  5. Thanks for the follow.

  6. I am not much of a writer but I will do my best to tell this tale. I don't remember exactly how old I was 18, 19 but that doesn't really matter. As a late bloomer I always knew I was different. I dated a girl once but we never had sex. I stumbled across a porn tape in my dad's draw and used to watch it and always got hard at the guys never the girls. At this time AOL was the big thing with chat rooms. I eventually discovered the gay ones and made a few friends and met in person for socializing. There was another side to these chatrooms that I was naive too... One day thi
  7. So hot neg bottom here in Connecticut want someone to do that to me. Please!
  8. Damn I wish I was your type. Neg bottom here get to NYC for meetings often. Jim
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