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  1. Thanks for the follow. Like your profile.

  2. thanks for the follow

    Hot ass, you got there.

    1. thkpc


      I just saw your message.  Thanks.

  3. Fuck! Wish you were closer!

    1. musclefk


      Thanks man.

      Hot ass

  4. Thanks for liking my post.

  5. Hey man, thanks for following me

  6. Thanks for all the reps MUSCLEFK!   ;-)


  7. Something about mates from Australia that drives me crazy. Can't get enough of you. Two were passing thru last week and our scene's were epic all weekend long. You'll definitely leave your load's everywhere. 

  8. I wanna see more of you!!

  9. Hey buddy - thanks for all the reps .. appreciate it .. ;-)


    1. musclefk


      no worries.

      luv your blogs, fucking hot stuff

  10. Hey ... thanks for the rep fella xx:2thumbs::*:)xx

  11. Hiya ... thank you for the rep. Have a horny w/end xx:*:drool:xx

  12. A couple of years ago, I did the transatlantic crossing. Met up with an English policeman in the gym. Ended up fucking each other raw on a daily basis. Also, did an Asian cruise last year. I was entertaining one of the singers from the show and the DJ from the disco. Had to do it discreetly, because if they were caught, they would be thrown off at the next port. Both of them were raw as well.
  13. Hiya ... thanks for the follow m8  xx:*:cool:

  14. Thanks for the follow man and keep in touch

  15. Caught up with my 2 fuckbuds from the gym today. Hadn't seen them in quite a while. Ended up with 3 loads in my ass and gave a load to each of them. God afternoon of great fucking.
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