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  1. Let me know who you think has the greatest talents for cock sucking and deepthroating in porn
  2. I love how daddy as fuck Dayton O’Connor has became. He is my dream top to breed me forsure
  3. The other day I hooked up with this hot otter from Grindr for the first time. Walked up to his place knocked on the door. He let me in showed me where the bedroom was. He had the hottest Scottish accent, we made out, I sucked his thick dick. Turned around sat on his face and we 69ed. I blew him while he rimmed me. Then he fucked me missionary a little bit, then doggy. He fucked sooo good and bred the fuck out of me
  4. I would love to see you with cock snot all over that face
  5. Who is familiar with Cincinnati and public sex? I really would like to know the best places in this area to fuck in public and not get caught, whether it be public restrooms, parks or dressing rooms. Let me know
  6. Fuck man, when you post shit like this it makes me want to fly to Dallas just to put my ass in your face and get bred.
  7. Reading your profile just gave me the most raging hard on!!! #bottomgoals

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    2. TommyDean4


      Seriously though, I’m new at this but I just have the urge to be a cock slave, it’s so great to see someone like you without shame being a cum dump.  I want to be a slut and swap cum with other sluts. Without guys like you I would be more shy about it 

    3. RandyCubby


      I started cruising the park as a teenager, giving blowjobs in park restrooms. Graduated to adult bookstores at 18. Old queers loved me!

    4. TommyDean4


      I don’t think I have any parks like that near me unfortunately. I know I don’t have any adult bookstores near me. Eventually I want to move somewhere more gay like Fort Lauderdale or something. 

  8. Hooked up with this hot cub from bbrt last night. Went to his place, started making out and grabbing each other all over, got on my knees and sucked him a bit, and he returned the favor. Then he had me get on my hands and knees on the couch. He ate my ass real good and started fingering me. He was so good at playing with my ass at one point I thought he was already fucking me but he wasn’t . After that I got on top of his ottoman on all fours and he started fucking me doggy, I started pushing my ass back up against him. Pretty sure we were both pretty loud. It felt so fucking good and before y
  9. Yes I have, and I will, lol wanted that dick for awhile?
  10. I really want to try my luck out at a bath house. I’ve never been before, so I don’t really know what to expect. Thinking of going to one in Indianapolis some time soon. Any tips, I mean like are there rules on like where you can play/ where you can’t. Should I bring something with me? What’s the best one to go to in Indianapolis? Am I going to feel out of place since I don’t have a six pack surfer bod? I’d really like to get at least 8 loads lol. Please give advice lol.
  11. Sorry I didn’t respond, just thought I’d share that it looks like I’ll be having my first raw fun tomorrow, wish me luck
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