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  1. Just a couple hours ago. Leaving work to head to gym. Check Grindr. Young top staying at the hotel on the block between work and gym hits me up. Sends a dick pic and says stop by. Head over. Door unlocked. Blow him hard. Says Daddy bend over. Fucks and breeds me. At the gym latter I message him on Grindr telling him that my hole is so wet and I feel him leaking out out me as I work out. Must have been a nice load. Told me he is in town 2 days and he would love to breed daddies ass again.
  2. This is also a huge fantasy for me that yet to experience
  3. Was in London for holidays. Last afternoon there a sexy Otter/Cub who with my partner tag teamed me doggie until both shot deep. First my partner then the sexy otter. Went out afterwards with our buds for a few pints. Hot standing there chatting with a nice wet hole leaking nut.
  4. I'd give up for that thick tool in a hearbeat
  5. These experiences are so hot. Still at 2 and definitely need to change that.
  6. Just a few minutes ago. First anon load. Get why it is hot now. Hearing someone let themselves in while face down in a pillow. Heard the pants hit the floor as he started eating my ass. Few minutes later replace by a nice hard dick. A good long fuck as well. Feels like he flooded my ass. Hole is so wet right now. Should be satisfied however just made me want more dick and loads.
  7. Half hour ago form a top who busted a 6 day load into me. Check BBRT saw he was 350 ft away from my work. Went to his hotel. Sucked him hard, spit for lube. Took his dick and load doggie. Back to work with a nice loaded wet hole.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Hot experience.
  9. A few minutes ago. Top on Scruff visiting in a hotel right next to work. Spent lunch riding his dick and taking his load. Second bare experience and load taken from a random hookup since PrEP. Less guilt more fun. Think I am getting hooked.
  10. Been reading and thinking about getting fucked raw and loaded when horsing around for so long. Finally happened. Started PrEP a few months ago just in case got the nerve. Partner and I were down in DC for MAL and got hit on by this young sexy otter. Took him back to the room and soon as we start undressing he is like I am on PrEP and good with condoms or without. So we Hirse around a bit and then I see my partner line up dick to the guys ass and slides in bare. I was so turned on watching how much fun they were having. I start making out with guy while he is getting fucked. Also start to wo
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