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    Detroit Metro area
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    piss, fisting toys groups,poppers
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Been taking loads and getting fucked raw since I was 12.
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    None that I know of..lol
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    anon,breeders, dump and go guys, regulars. looking to breed some ass and get bred in return

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  1. POZVersBttm

    Most stupid...

    Definitely the neg for neg only guys on BBRT.
  2. POZVersBttm

    Do You Moan?

    Most definitely
  3. Extremely HOT , Beautiful , Delicious - POZ profile !    :)

  4. POZVersBttm

    Clean As A Whistle

    eat more fiber and drink more water
  5. POZVersBttm

    Oraquick and false positives

    I had 5 years of false negatives from ora quick. Go get an actual blood test from your Dr.
  6. Being bred by a poz vers bottom is hot. Love taking raw cock from a guy that is a total sperm dump

  7. IMG_3623.JPG.527204241c715d70da0d143cfc523a4a.JPG

    1. Saturn1


      Oink, Oink, Oinkie, Oink!!! YAY!!! 

  8. POZVersBttm

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    Yes, kissing is a must
  9. Going to see the bf today. He's getting my poz loads and then on the 16th he's going down to Cleveland to get knocked up really well by a HIGHLY TOXIC GUY there

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. POZVersBttm


      I'm now undetectable as of last blood draw. So it won't be me knocking up my bf or anyone else. But he is looking forward to his adventure in Cleveland

    3. bbpoznow


      not a problem  I will have to go to Cleveland . I hear FLEX is a good spot to be 

    4. POZVersBttm
  10. Neg bf is gonna pump me full of his loads tomorrow. And he's going to take my poz loads too 

    1. pozboy


      make sure he gets your bugs in him by toothbrushing his ass till it bleeds - imagine what fun it will be when you're both poz!

  11. POZVersBttm

    Cut Or Uncut?

    I love uncut cock. But I'll take whatever is offered

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