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    Love to get fucked raw and get bred, but also love to breed some tasty asshole :P
    I'm also into BDSM - especially hard CBT. But I'm open for almost anything... I'm a little perverted pig!
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    - Tops to fuck my hole till it stays open. Want my hole to be filled with as many loads as possible... to become a decent cumslut!
    - Bottoms to fuck them with my pierced cock.

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  1. I need to get some loads up my ass

  2. Searching for a hole tonight to fuck it rough and breed it!

  3. I want to get bred!

    1. gayav8or


      I would luv to breed your sweet looking ass!

    2. Greedy Hole

      Greedy Hole

      Thanks! My ass is always open for a good breeding.

  4. Hot story so far! I blew a load reading it
  5. Who want's to swap some loads?

  6. Years ago I had that experience, too... I had to jerk off while I was sucking him and then he told me to cum on his cock. With my own cum as lube he shoved it in my ass and fucked me hard. Because I wasn't horny anymore at the beginning of the fuck it was hurting a lot more than normally... but after that experience I knew that I was a true bottom. I was able to take a cock at any time and enjoy it Nowadays I'm totally versatile and sometimes like to treat a bottom just like that
  7. Who want's to poz me?

    1. MackyJay


      if you find several send mesome

  8. Two days ago I got visited by a married bisexual guy. Sometimes he needs a little adventure with another guy He's a total bottom... so I told him that I want to fuck him bare and he agreed... I fucked him raw and just before I was cumming I asked him, polite as I am, if I should pull out. He said no... and so I shot my load in his married ass!
  9. I've never been fucked by a guy with PA so far... Who wants to change that? It must be a great feeling.
  10. I'd love to be double fucked. It must be a great feeling to be streched really wide by two big cocks.
  11. Welcome to Breedinzone. You're fucking hot bears!

  12. I would love to be fucked like that while he's wearing heavy ball weights. Must be a great feeling!
  13. Most often I like it when a top opens my hole up slow and gently. And after I got used to his cock he can fuck me just the way he likes to... But sometimes I'm just in the mood for really rough fucking. Then I love it when the top just shove his cock deep in my hole and pounds me hard... and then I don't care if it hurts like hell at the first entry...
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