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  1. Visiting for the weekend, hosting top buds for raw loads bb
  2. Wow. U really are hot now. Summer is over so i wont go to AP for a while

  3. your mailbox is full...but in answer to ur question i am very good..just got laid....dude i met at a bar....we swapped loads...

  4. Nice when ya head back man?

  5. Hey. I'll be back in SF soon

  6. Hey mr sexy! Thanks for your visit!!

  7. Hey man hot profile..

  8. nice, man! get to bb any dudes out there?;)

  9. nice - i used to live there - became poz in SF! i get back there when I can

  10. pretty good, in sf here..hot pic man!

  11. greetings - good...how are ya?? where are you?

  12. good how r u? cam/ oovoo? skype?

  13. Hi man, in Sacramento now, was in SF. How are you? Love to see more pics. Email is JimWW@me.com

  14. Right back attcha.

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