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    5'6' 150 blonde, blue/in shape/no drama
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  1. I've had luck at the Dune, Dixie, and Travelodge.
  2. I've seen Tim Skyler recently, while I was in a RingCentral room. He was definitely partying.
  3. I still visit it on occasion. I'm LBsubpig there. I find myself using mewe a lot more now.
  4. I find arrogance a complete turn off.
  5. As long as your provide them with your Credit card info. No thanks.
  6. It's a great place to take loads. I've played there and was loaded up good.
  7. June in PS. Hot in more ways than one.
  8. I use this....https://barebackvideo.com/dispatcher/frontDoor?theaterId=69681&genreId=102&locale=en
  9. In that flick he went by the name Dylan. I remember seeing him on bareback.com a long time ago. I only ever saw him in that TIM movie. He appears to be very spun too.
  10. I only watch, and participate in, bareback sex.
  11. bdsmlr is a bit slow at times, but I find it fucking hot.

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