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    Joined BBRT and someone recommended this site.
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    Young, dumb, and full of cum! (Yours I hope;) HMU BROS!

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  1. How is your chase going?

  2. after bein on the fence for a while im now actively chasing - anything and everything! PLEASE tear up my hole and give me what u got!!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Guest


      Let us know when you get some poz cock. Of course, let us know when you convert!!! Enjoy the journey, man!!!

    3. Guest


      Let us know when you get some poz cock. Of course, let us know when you convert!!! Enjoy the journey, man!!!

    4. neg4pozconversion


      Fuck yeah! You got it swimming in your blood yet?

  3. hmu to chat?

    1. shadowgames


      Go all out and add some photos to your gallery... show it off baby!

  4. Would love to get Naked with ya & get Wild!

  5. So for guys that cheat or have cheated, would love to hear how it happened, and how you get/got away with it, or if you got caught.
  6. Need peeps to chat with!

    1. flashcard


      I sent you a request on skype

    2. Fistulike666
    3. evilalex


      fucking hot kid

  7. jd112


    So since theres no chat on here, anyone know of sites that have good chat? Also, if anyone wants to chat hit me up on here or skype jond112
  8. I always see vids on xtube and other sites where guys are filming getting their dick sucked or fucking dudes, but dont think ive met anyone that does it. How do you even ask if someone wants to film it?
  9. Wow I actually feel the same way. I'd both love and hate for people to find see me being slutty. Def turns me on though, so keep at it haha
  10. I was in the same position about a month ago. I say do it bro. Ive had no regrets so far and some dudes really get off on cheating boyfriends lol. fuck the haters, do what you WANT.
  11. Welcome to bz! Hope you enjoy! ;)

  12. got 5 at pride this weekend - never done anything like that before but it was amazing
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