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Hey guys I've been reading hot stories for longer than I should say so I finally decided to try writing one myself. Let me know what you think!

I woke up on the morning of my birthday to find a bunch of texts from friends and family. I read Mike's first. "happy birthday boy maybe now we can meet :)" I was already hard when I woke up but that got me stroking. I met Mike on Grindr a few months before when I downloaded the app on my phone and said I was 18. I was curious and I couldn't wait. I had to see it for myself. I put up a pic of my smooth chest. I also cropped one of my swim team pics so you could only see me and just from my neck down. I was wearing my speedo. Mike messaged me and we started to chat about what I was interested in doing. I think he could tell that I wasn't 18 pretty quick so during that first conversation he said "so when do you really turn 18 🙂?" I came clean and let him know that I was 17 and a total virgin. I had made out with a guy on the team at a party once and I loved that but we were both drunk and never talked about it after. Mike didn't ask to meet that first time the way some of the other guys who messaged me did. He took things really slow and I really liked him. When he did mention meeting he said that we had to wait until I was 18 but if I still wanted to meet when my birthday came around he would be willing to show me everything I wanted to experience and some things I probably didn't know about yet. He let me ask him about anything I wanted even stuff that I was scared of. He said he wouldn't judge because he wished he had someone to ask when he was younger. Over the months that we chatted he basically knew all of my fantasies. Most people would say they were pretty vanilla but I didn't really know what was out there. But the one thing that I found so hot that I was scared to share was how much the idea of incest got me off. I don't know what it was because I actually was not attracted to anyone in my family but thinking about a father and son messing around always put me over the edge. Mike said it was normal and there were ways to explore that without messing around with actual members of my family.

Mike was 42 the same age as my dad. He lived alone and was never married or had kids. He had two pics on his profile. One was a body pic. He looked fit like he took care of himself but not like a big muscled guy who goes to the gym all the time. The second pic was of his entire body but fully clothed in what looked like an outfit my dad would wear when he went to work. Button down shirt and pants. But in the pic he was also wearing a baseball cap and was looking down so you still couldn't see his face. All these months he never asked me for a pic of my face. I think he knew I was scared to do that. I wasn't out yet to anyone and I didn't want anyone to find out. So I didn't ask to see his face either.

After I thanked him for the birthday text he asked me what I thought about meeting IRL. Was I ready? I said I think I was as long as we go really slow and maybe not do everything the first time. Could we just meet and hang out and maybe just watch some porn and leave it at that? I developed a lot of trust in Mike those months and knew that he would be the kind of guy that I would want to be my first. He said of course we could take it slow. That's the best way because there's no rush. We made plans to hang out at his place that weekend.

The anticipation over the next few days made me the horniest I had ever been. We actually didn't even message each other until that Saturday. "You still up for coming over and hanging out a bit?" I told him I was as the anticipation turned to nervousness. He sent me his address. He was really close. I knew from Grindr that he was not too far but I didn't calculate what that might mean. I could bike there and be there fast. We decided to meet at 3 so I could finish this one lab that I had to turn in that was already late. He told me to text him when I was about to leave my house so when I did I told him that I was really nervous. He texted me back immediately like he knew I would say that. "I understand. Everyone's first time doing anything can make people nervous. We are just going to hang out. No pressure. You told me you smoked pot before and like it right? We can just kick back and smoke a little to relax us." He was right. Nothing was going to happen this time. We were just going to meet and put a face to the last few months. What if one of us thought the other was ugly? Maybe he wouldn't be attracted to me and I had to be ready for that. I texted back that I was heading over.

That was the longest bike ride I ever took. Now that I was on my way, I just wanted to get there. But I got to his house and started shaking. I couldn't control it. He told me to bring my bike into the back so that it would be safe left alone. I parked my bike right by his back door and then knocked. He didn't answer right away and while I waited I thought there was still time to get back on my bike and go home. But I couldn't move. And then I heard the chain on the door and then it opened. Mr. Kelly, my 10th grade math teacher stood in front of me. "Hi Jake." I couldn't speak. My only thought was that I was in trouble. Now everyone would know. But Mr. Kelly is gay? He was one of the chill teachers at school that everyone loved. I never thought he could be gay but I guess I never really thought about my teachers actually having lives. He was smiling as though he was not surprised that the person who was at his door was a student he had just a couple years ago, who was still a few months away from graduating. "uhhh Mr. Kelly? I'm so sorry...I...this is a mistake...I won't tell..." He reached out and held my arm. "It's ok. Come inside and let's talk." He pulled me gently and I followed him into his house.


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Part 2

Mr. Kelly walked me into his living room and sat down on his couch. "Sit down. Make yourself comfortable" he said. I was still in shock not knowing whether I should leave now or if I should just go with it as he seemed to be. "Mr. Kelly, I..."

"Jake, relax. It's ok. You won't get in trouble for this. We're just two adults hanging out at my house. It's ok."

"But how are you so chill about this? What if we see each other around school?"

"Jake you know that picture on your profile? In your speedo? Did you forget our school name and logo is on your team speedo?" Fuck. I forgot about that. I remembered thinking about it when I posted the pic but I thought it would be too small to notice. Someone would have to know that it was there. Like someone who worked at the school. "Didn't you notice me at a couple of your home meets this year? I was trying to figure out who I was talking to. That and a couple questions about the things you do at school and I put it all together. I've known for about a month now." I couldn't believe it. The guy I had been talking to this whole time was watching me. We were at school together. That actually somehow got me hornier. I sat down on the other end of the couch.

"I guess I feel kinda dumb Mr. Kelly. If you want me to go or if you don't wanna do anything it's fine really. I can just go home now."

"It's ok it's ok. I promise. Let's just sit together and if you still want to leave after we talk a bit then you can go but I would like you to stay so we can get to know each other better." This was a teacher I had trusted when I had him in 10th grade and he was also the man I trusted with some of my secret desires. I nodded. "How would you feel if we just turned on a movie and if we feel like it we can do a little smoking. What do you think?" I was starting to feel more comfortable knowing that he was into this and was initiating doing some of what we planned for our first time hanging out. I nodded and began taking off my hoodie.

He turned on his huge TV mounted on the wall and a movie was already playing. Two guys were together in bed wearing only shorts and making out. One looked around my age and the other was older like Mr. Kelly. They were really passionate like you couldn't tear them apart if you tried. Sometimes one of them moaned but mostly it was the sound of two men kissing and breathing heavy. "Is this ok?" Mr. Kelly asked. I said yes and he stood up from the couch and said, "Let me go get some stuff for us to smoke." He walked down a hall into another room and came out with a couple things in his hands but while he was in there he also took off his shirt. I couldn't believe I was looking at my teacher half naked. He looked better than his picture. He looked more fit then I remembered and I could see the hair across his chest and down the center of his stomach. I was starting to get hard. He sat down next to me.

"You said you smoked pot before right? You ever smoke anything else?" I shook my head. I told him I didn't even know what else there was besides pot and cigarettes. "I have some weed but I thought this might be fun especially since you're so nervous. Do you want to give it a try?" "Sure" I said "What is it?"

"It's called T. You might like it." He showed me a small water pipe with a bulb at the end of a glass tube that came out of the base with water in it. "I'm going to light this and you'll see some smoke come out of the hole here. That's when I know to take my hit. I'll do it first so you can see." Mr. Kelly lit the bulb and like he said soon wisps of white smoke started coming from the top. He took a long hit and when he pulled away he blew out a massive cloud. I didn't know what it was but seeing him do that was hot. He turned to me. "You want to give it a try?" I said ok and he moved closer and then put his arm around me. I could feel the heat coming off of his body. I had never been close to someone like this before.

He lit the bulb again and put the end of the pipe up to my mouth with the arm that was around me. "Ok, now. Go ahead and take your hit." I started to suck on the pipe very lightly. Mr. Kelly chuckled. I pulled away. "No it's ok. You're just gonna have to suck harder. Make sure you can hear the water when you take your hit. Don't be afraid. I got you." He put the pipe back up to my mouth. I tried again and this time sucked much harder. Suddenly I felt my lungs fill quicker than I thought and I pulled away coughing. A big cloud burst from my mouth. "You ok?"

"Yeah sorry." I looked up and for the first time looked Mr. Kelly in the eyes. Something in his look made me feel protected like I could do or say anything with him and feel safe. He put the pipe up to my mouth and told me to try again. I did this time knowing what to expect. I felt the smoke fill my lungs. He told me to keep sucking until he pulled the pipe away. It felt like a longer hit than my first and longer than his too. Finally he pulled the pipe away and said, "Now hold your breath. Don't let it out yet. I'll countdown from 5 and when I say let it out." He counted down slowly. Being a swimmer I had no trouble holding my breath but somewhere around 3 I started feeling a tingling. First in my chest and then somewhere in my head there was buzzing. Then he told me to let it go and I blew out a huge cloud of smoke. "Good boy" he said and patted me on my chest with his hand that held the torch. Do one more. We did the same thing and the tingling got more intense in my chest in my head and down to my cock. "Feeling ok Jake" Mr. Kelly asked.

"Yeah. I'm tingling. Is that normal?"

"Yes. That means it's working." He took another hit himself and then turned to me. "Feels good doesn't it?" It did. I could feel the arm around me pull me in closer.

"So...this whole time we were chatting I was calling you Mike but you're Mr. Kelly. What do you want me to call you?" Mr. Kelly chucked again. I was looking down at my sweatpants to see if my boner was showing. The hits made me feel like I had to touch my cock. I was doing everything I could to restrain myself. Mr. Kelly put the pipe and the torch down on the coffee table. The couple in the movie were naked now the older man on top of the boy still making out. Mr. Kelly put his arm back around me and pulled me tight.

"I actually was thinking about that. You told me that you thought incest was hot." Just hearing Mr. Kelly say the word make my cock throb. "So how would you feel about calling me dad? Only when we're in private of course not at school." This was amazing. Imagining Mr. Kelly was my dad was enough that hand acted on its own and started rubbing my crotch. "I'll take that as a yes, son." Fuck. Hearing him call me son like that made me gasp and moan. He got closer and put his mouth to my ear. "Can I kiss you son?" "Yes dad" I whispered. He pulled me in for our first kiss. The first kiss between dad and son.

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Part 3

I had only kissed one other person like this before and I was drunk at the time so it was mostly a blur. But the T made me more aware of the feeling of Mr. Kelly....dad....kissing me and wrapping both of his arms around me his hairy chest pressed against me. Our making out was so heated like we were trying to devour each other. I just took his lead and tried to do what he was doing and it was so hot.

He broke the kiss but didn't pull away more than a couple inches. He looked into my eyes. "I want to show you everything you want and more. But we will take this at your pace. I promise. Just tell me if I am pushing you too far and we will stop. Is that ok son?" He said the magic word. When he called me son I felt myself melt into him. It made me want him, dad, even more. "Yes dad" was all I could say. I was so horny and my cock was aching to be touched. I reached down to my crotch and noticed that I wasn't hard at all. I didn't understand it but I figured by the time my pants came off it would be hard again.

"Why don't we go into the bedroom? I have a TV in there too." He got up off the couch and took my hand and lifted me off it. He grabbed the pipe and the torch and led me into his bedroom. Against one wall was a king size bed. I had never seen one so big before. It was bigger than my parents bed. On the opposite wall was another TV mounted to the wall. "Go ahead and sit up on the bed. I think there's a movie I have that youre gonna like." He was at a small desk with his laptop on it. I sat up in the bed on one side against the headboard to get a good TV watching position. In a minute the TV was on and a video started. Two guys sitting on a couch fully clothed and staring into the camera. It was obvious right off the bat that these two were related. The older guy looked around my dad and Mr. Kelly's age and the younger guy looked around my age and he looked like he would be what the older guy looked like 20 years before.

Mr. Kelly...dad...it was hard to get out of the habit of thinking of him as my teacher...before he came to the bed he went into his closet and pulled out a small cloth bag. He got onto the bed and told me to get closer to him. "We'll make use of every inch of this bed eventually, but let's sit close now." I pulled myself over more to the center of the bed so that our arms were touching. "What do you say you take off the shirt son?" I did as he asked and soon dad and son were both topless. He rubbed my chest and brought his hand down to my stomach and crotch. That first feeling of another man's hands on my body was like electricity. I was shivering. The dad and son on the screen were starting to rub each other's legs. Dad pulled out of his cloth bag another small bag of what looked like chunks of crystals. "I'm going to reload the pipe so we can smoke a little more. You liked it right? Do you want to do more son?" That word again.

"Yeah dad. I like it a lot. It's weird I got so horny after those hits but I'm not hard at all."

"That happens to some people son. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you're feeling good that's all that matters."

He dropped some of the crystal pieces into the bulb and I heard the now familiar sound of the click of the torch. He took the first hit and then began to pass the pipe back and forth between the two of us. Each time he would hold the pipe to my mouth telling me to suck in as long as it was there and then he would tell me to hold it in until he did his next hit. The tingling continued and spread throughout my body but I also felt something else happening. It's hard to explain. It felt like something in my mind was being opened. Like the hits were the key that would release what was inside. And I was feeling that what was inside was all the dirty thoughts I had that I didn't want to tell anyone and that I didn't want to tell myself. "How are you feeling son?" dad asked. "Oh dad" was all I could say in response. My head was being flooded with thoughts I always thought were so dirty about gay sex and gay incest.

I think he could tell that I was changing. He smiled and chuckled again. "Feeling good huh? How would you feel if I suggested we get naked?" I didn't wait to respond. I just stripped of my clothes. I wanted to be naked with this man. With my dad. And I wanted to feel our bodies pressed together. I swept the rest of my clothes off the bed and onto the floor and turned back to him. He was naked too and I think I gasped at the sight of him. I was with a hot man who looked better naked then clothed. And what I could not miss was the biggest cock I had ever seen. From stealing glances in the locker room, most of us were pretty much the same size. But dad was long and thicker than anything I could compare it to. Nothing came to mind. He noticed me staring. "Are you ok son?"

"You're so huge dad." He smiled again. "Yes. I am pretty big compared to most guys. Do you like that it's big?" I didn't know how to respond. "I think so...but I just never thought they got that thick before." He grabbed his hard cock. "It is very thick. Probably not too much bigger than average lengthwise." I could see that his fingers did not touch when he wrapped his hand around his cock. "Come back over here and sit with me. We can watch more of the movie." I climbed back into the center of the bed and he put his arm back around me and pulled me close. He had the pipe in the hand that was around me and he lit it again so that I could take another big hit. We both took two or three more. By that point I had lost count. I was just flying and thinking the thoughts that I had kept inside for so long. Dad told me to keep my eye on the screen and to keep stroking. I didn't even realize I was stroking my soft cock. Even though I couldn't get hard, it felt good to touch it. The dad and son on screen were fully naked and the dad was on top of the son as they made out. "I love making out with you son." The dad confirmed that he was with his son. The only difference was they were definitely the real thing. It was making me hornier every time they started talking dirty like that. Dad put his mouth up to my ear. "You like when they talk like that to each other son?" I shivered again and just nodded. "We're going to have so much fun together son." My mind was swimming. Somehow all the things I was raised thinking were wrong were the things I wanted to do most in the moment. "Why don't you grab my cock son." Without taking my eyes off the screen, I reached over and put my hand around dad's cock. It was hot and throbbing and felt even thicker in my hand. His mouth was still at my ear. "Yes son. That feels good. I want you so bad. And so does this cock. Stroke it for me son."

I began stroking his cock up and down. It was harder than I think I ever felt with my cock. Like a weapon. The son was sucking on his dad's cock. In the same way that they looked alike everywhere else on their bodies they had similar cocks. The dad was moaning and at one point said "Look at me while you suck that cock that made you son." That's when I felt dad touch my cock for the first time. I started shaking immediately. It was so unexpected and felt amazing. Another person's hand on my cock. It was still soft but I could feel it getting a little thicker in dad's hand. "You like that son?" I was gasping and nodding. "Yeah dad. That's amazing."

"Should we try to do a little more? You decide. It's up to you son." I nodded. "Son. Look me in the eye and tell me." He pulled away from my ear and I turned to look at him. He was no longer smiling. He looked dead serious.

"Yes dad. I wanna do more dad. Please."

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Thanks for all the kind comments!

Part 4

"I'm so glad you want that son. I do too. Do you like what you see on the screen?" I turned back to the movie and the dad and son were still making out with the dad on top of the son. But the dad was fucking the son! When the dad pulled away from their kiss I heard him say, "You like the feel of your dad's raw cock inside you?" The son was moaning and getting louder with each thrust. Dad was cupping my balls and stroked by cock his mouth back to my ear. "We don't have to do that right now or even tonight but I know you want to feel your dad's thick raw cock inside you don't you?" I moaned softly excited and scared all at once. I had never even thought about getting fucked raw. Bareback was always fantasy to me. It was too risky to do for real. But the door to the secret room in my mind was wide open now and in that moment condoms seemed like the worst possible idea. I turned to look at him again and this time I was dead serious. "No dad. I want that tonight. I want that now. Please dad. Fuck your son." As soon as I heard myself say it I pulled back away from the center of the bed and dad's arm around me.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry I don't know what I'm saying. I...I ....I'm not like that." Dad reached for my arm and held it pulling me back to him. "Hey hey it's ok its ok. You're fine. I want to know your deepest desires. I'm here to make them all come true. You're not scaring me. I like that you can trust me with those thoughts." I was leaning against him again and heard the click of the torch. "Here let's do another couple hits. I think we could probably use something to help us relax." He put the pipe up to my mouth and I took another big hit. Back and forth we went until that urge returned. I grabbed my semi hard cock and I stared at dad's thick cock. Without saying anything I leaned down and licked the tip my tongue moving along his slit. I tasted the sweetness of his pre cum. "Oh fuck son." I felt dad's hand against the back of my head as he put the slightest bit of pressure so that I would take more of his cock. I wrapped my lips around the head and got the loudest moan of the night as dad's reaction. It was just the head but my mouth already felt so full. I tried to go deeper on his cock but my mouth just couldn't handle it. "God you're so huge dad. I can't fit you in my mouth."

I was looking up into his eyes with his cock on my tongue. "That is such a gorgeous site. Why don't you just lick up and down the shaft. I don't want to cum this way anyway." He gave me what looked like a conniving smirk. I knew what he meant and I felt my cock pulse. I started licking up and down his cock trying to taste every part of it. It was hairy but it looked like he probably trimmed so it wouldnt get out of control and so nothing hid how big it was. "Come back up here." I felt like I wasn't doing a good job. I didn't really know what I was doing so this was probably not the best blow job he had ever gotten before. He pulled me into another kiss and laid me on my back his hands moving up and down my chest and abs. Then he kissed his way down my neck down my chest and down my abs and then he put my cock into his mouth. "Fuck oh my god" I screamed. His mouth felt amazing. He was able to get all of it in his mouth which was probably easier because I was still only half hard. After a couple minutes he pulled up from it and used his hand to stroke me while he licked my balls. He looked up at me as the tip of his tongue teased each ball and made me jump from the sensation. "I love how smooth you are son. Does everyone on the swim team shave their cock and balls too?" I was feeling a little embarrassed. I never talked to anyone about this. I just liked the way it looked in porn so I figured I would try it too. "Nah not really. I just wanted to see how it looked and felt." He kept teasing my balls but with each touch he moved further down. "Well they look amazing. How do they feel?" I could see that he was smiling as he gave me a small spasm each time his tongue hit my balls. "It feels amaaaaaazing."

"If you think that feels amazing you're gonna love this." He surprised me and pushed my legs up and pulled my cheeks apart. He kissed each ass cheek and then all of a sudden i felt that tip of his tongue again brush against my hole. I lifted my head up with a gasp. This time he used more of his tongue to lick around and on my hole. "Wha- what are you doing? Oh my god." He pulled his head up. "You haven't seen this in porn? Rimming?" I shook my head. "Oh are you one of those guys who turns on a video and fast forwards to the fucking?" He got me. I started laughing and as my head fell back against the pillow his tongue pushed into my hole for the first time. My laugh became a long moan. "Dad oh fuck that feels amazing." For the next few minutes it felt like he was trying to use his tongue to get deeper and deeper into me. I was in ecstasy. I never even knew this was something that existed and it was the best thing I had ever felt before. I reached for my cock and felt that it was getting more than semi-hard. He raised himself up and lowered my legs back to the bed. He came back up to a sitting position and grabbed the pipe and torch again. "How about a couple more hits?" I didn't say anything. I just pulled myself up to sit up again with him. He put the pipe up to my mouth first again. I took a long hit and as I let it out he put the pipe back to my mouth. "Don't you wanna take your turn before I take my second?" He smiled and just said "You are so sweet Jake. It's ok. There's plenty for both of us. Go ahead take another hit." He made me take a few more hits in a row. All big clouds. It felt amazing and for the first time I felt the tingling at my hole. I needed him to take my virginity. Now. As if he could sense what I was thinking he put his mouth back up to my ear and whispered, "I think it's time dad takes his son's cherry." I shuddered and nodded. On the screen the dad was screaming "Take your dad's load son! I'm breeding you with the cum that made you son!" All my brain was saying to me now was I want to feel that too. I was ready.

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Guest Ausbttmnboiraw

This boi needs to find a daddy to do this to him  and much much more... only thing that would be better is if daddy helped administer a slam before he fucked me also

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great story - well written, extremely hot, the path the teacher is leading his student on - down into depravity.... can't wait for the next chapter.

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Posted (edited)

Part 5

"Lay back down on your back son." He got between my legs and lifted my ass up and spread my cheeks apart. I felt his tongue again and my head fell to the pillow as my back arched my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I never knew that this kind of pleasure was possible. Seemingly out of my control my hands moved down to his head and pushed him as deep as I could into my hole. Both of us moaned at the same time. He pulled his head up and reached for the pipe and torch again. He got back up on his knees and fed me another hit. Then he took one but before he let it out he put the pipe down and reached back for his cloth bag and went back to my hole. I felt him blow into my hole with some of the cloud escaping around my crotch.

"How does that feel son?" I didn't have the words to describe it. I gasped and tried. "So good da--oh my god!" He was rubbing something wet onto my hole and began to push his finger into me. "Just breathe. Take a deep breath in son. Now let it out." When I let it out I could feel him pushing in deeper. I had rubbed my hole before when I jerked off but I never pushed anything in. This was the first time anything was being pushed into me. I saw him fumbling a little with his cloth bag. "This is going to burn just a little bit but its going to feel good in a couple minutes." I nodded having no idea what new sensation was going to come next. I felt his finger again push into my hole and then I felt that burning. Not painful but noticeable. He worked his finger deeper into me and i felt his palm against my hole. His entire finger was in. Suddenly the tingling I had felt in my hole became something else. Hunger. And he could see it in my face. "It's working now isnt it?" I looked down at him smiling with that smile that said mischief. "Yeah dad. I think so. What is it?"

"It's called a booty bump son. I want you to feel as good as you can so youll be ready to take your dad's cock." I was feeling great. This was so much better than I ever imagined it would be. He moved up to kiss me and rested the weight of his body on top of me. Our making out was even more passionate than before. I wanted to be as close and connected to this man as possible. Our hands exploring each others body and our cocks rubbing against each other. His huge thick cock pressed against my smaller softer cock. I could feel our pre cum getting slick between us. I didn't want this to end. I could make out with this man forever. But he broke the kiss. "I'm going to give you a little bit of the control." He rolled off of me and onto his back. He pulled me onto him and held my face with his hands. "Son it's time. I want you to sit on my cock. Take as much time as you want. We are in no rush ok?" I nodded and he pushed me up into a sitting position. He sat up also and told me to press my hands into his shoulders for balance as I hovered my hole over his cock. He poured some lube into his hand and I could hear him coating his cock with it.

Then I pulled away and sat on his knees. In my drug fueled state I was the horniest I had ever been but something in my head was terrified. "What's wrong?" I didnt know what to say. I didn't want to make him mad. "Shouldn't we be using a condom? Just to be safe?" He tilted his head and smiled. "Dads and sons don't need condoms. That's why its the best kind of sex." Something was sobering me up. Like years of conditioning about the shame I should feel about what we were doing combined with always wanting to be safe about everything were bubbling back up at the worst possible time. "Mr. Kelly I mean we're just playing around but we're not actu--"

"Stop son." I saw in his face that he was serious. The smile was gone and he was looking deep into me now. "Do you trust me? Do you trust your dad? Look at me. Do you trust me?" I just nodded too scared to speak. Something in his face was completely different. "I told you that I was going to show you everything you always wanted to experience but also some things you never knew. Isnt that right? Isnt that one of the reasons you wanted to come over here in the first place? You wanted to be brought into a new world?" I nodded. "One thing I want you to experience is raw sex son. I want you to feel the sensation of slick skin entering you and touching you deep inside and the feeling of rope after rope of cum shooting so hard into you. And I want you to experience that with your dad the first time so you never forget who introduced you to the greatest pleasure." I noticed then that he had never taken his hand off his cock. He was stroking his cock slowly. The image was mesmerizing. "Climb back up here son. Dads ready." That was all I needed to shut that voice down. I got back up into position and lowered myself slightly. I felt the slick head of his cock spread its wetness into my taint and up my crack grazing my hole back and forth. I could feel how big it was. There was no way it would be able to fit.

"I'm just going to rest my cock against your hole but I'm not going to push. Look at me son. Press yourself down real slow. Its going to hurt a little at first but Im right here. Youre safe with me." I felt the pressure on my hole. This was it. I lowered myself and pressed down. My hole was resisting. It was too big. I tried a lttle harder but my hole had become a wall. I started to get frustrated feeling like I was never going to get this to happen and I would let him down. I sighed in annoyance but with that exaggerated exhale it happened. My hole opened and suddenly I felt that wet thick head pop inside me.

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    • By FuckhardSF
      2 fun, pervy, sleazy pigs (1 bottom & 1 vers) looking for top fuckers to cum seed the bottom's hole this Sunday evening 11/29 at the Bay Bridge Inn. All breeders are welcome. Anon is great. The bottom can be blindfolded and ass up ready for you to use his hole. Sleazy, piggy, pervy a + but will take your load regardless of your scene. Message for room info.

    • By Texasbislut82
      Bi vers bttm but more sub bttm looking to take anon loads from hung tops @ Inn  Leather 12/30]-1/4.
      Looking for a dom hung top to get me ready bt making me piggy and restrain in sling in room for anon tops to fill me up with anon loads. Will be blindfolded and restrained. Booked room 8 but if changes will send out new room when arrive. 
      Would love to do nothing but poz tops on NYE's to ring in new year. If intrested let me know and check out BBRT profile for full intrest.
    • By Jacobbb
      34 y/o thick fuzzy bottom in Kzoo.  Got my ass up looking for loads.  Grindr, BBRT and A4A ain't cuttin' it.
      Lookin to get some dick behind my boyfriends back.
    • By MattDillan
      Although PW 2020 is canceled, I’m still going.  Anyone else from here going?
    • By Lillypoo95
      Is there any tops that ever go down to sutherlin oregon who wants a hole to pound into submission?

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