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    Gifted By A Guest!

    Is there a Dad in the house?
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    Old Bareback Exchange

    I checked it out, and it had all kinds of stories there.
  3. I have not been to PHouse in years so I can not speak to what the policy is now. However, when I used to go which usually was twice or more every year, guests meaning non-hotel registered men were allowed to go everywhere on the property. Registered guests also were allowed. And, yes, leaving the drapery pulled back about two feet allowed anyone to look into a room. This was usually accompanied by a door left ajar for easy entrance by an accepted suitor. This brings back many fond memories of the place.
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    Welcome to my new and very first blog anywhere. I hope that this can be a place where others share their feelings and beliefs and be respected. No topic is banned other than those that are not acceptable to this web site. It is hoped that what is written here is read with an open mind and responded to with courtesy. We live in a republic where each person's beliefs are of worth even if we totally disagree with those beliefs. That is a basic tenant of a republic. With all that in mind, does anyone have a topic that they would like discussed or even a rant to air?
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    The age of consent truly is an arbitrary number and that number varies from state to state as well as on the federal level. The federal level mandates that alcohol consumption may only be done by someone having reached a twenty-first birthday. I've seen and read too many tales about drunk drivers beginning at age 21 and up. So, I see no relevance between age 21, drinking alcohol, and being a responsible person. The key in my opinion is moderation. I am an alcoholic and always will be. My moderation is zero consumption. That is not to be applauded; it is a statement of fact that works for me. I neither condemn nor condone anyone who drinks. The one issue that bothers me about this arbitrary age of 21 and alcohol is that those males and females who join the military are still forbidden legally from consuming alcohol. I find that inane. Any male or female who has the potential to put his/her life on the line in military combat is entitled to a legal exemption. Military ID's are simple in form and should be accepted as an exemption to this number rule when in civilian surroundings. The fact that military bases are federal properties gives a shield to underage personnel. State laws do not apply on federal property. States determine the age of consent for marriage. There are a few states still where legally a 12-year old may marry. Do I believe that a 12-year old is prepared to face the world of marriage? No. These states are mostly in the south where habitually many marriages were performed with a shotgun being held by the father of the bride. I am not condemning these practices; I am merely pointing them out. In such cases, I'm not sure there was "consent" but rather coercion. But, that's the "code of the hills". Make no mistake: I was reared in this mindset. I heard it and saw it take place. As for an exact age of a person to give informed consent, I do not believe in a stroke of a pen outlining one age over another. I've met men and women of all ages that were dumber than a box of rocks and will always be so. I have also met some very sharp and insightful young folks. To the point, last year, I voided a lease on a property I own and ordered the tenant out in 30 days. She willfully and grievously breached her written lease. When I gained entry, there was a disaster that amounted to several thousands of dollars in damage. This woman was in her fifties. It took her only 6 months to do the damage. I now have two eighteen-year-old men in that same rental unit. On occasion because of a drainage problem, I have entered the rental property. The condo is immaculately kept. I will make every effort to keep these two. I believe them to be wise and should be accorded every "right" of someone who is twenty-one. They have to me proven their mettle. So, as far as a "number" that proves one is wise enough to give informed consent, I do not believe in a blanket number system. I just can't figure out an alternate method to make such determination. I'm willing to listen/read any offerings though.
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    A Dad for All

    This story is THE quintessential tale of stealthing.
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    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    No doubt in my mind at all that such bottoms are employed but never accept a paycheck on pay day. They just do the work for a company for fun. In the same regard, they get fucked for the fun of it. They don't want a pay day--the idiots.
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    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    How can those women stand him? There is an easy answer to that: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Talk about being in the prostitute/porn star business.
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    Anon Sex - How do I do I get past the fear?

    Getting your head wrapped around what it is that you fear as well as what guilt you have will put you in the right direction. No one can do this for you. Only you can overcome your fear and guilt. Guilt was developed and is designed to make one fearful of something. Fear and guilt go hand-in-hand. No doubt it all stems from your childhood where you were taught by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even probably siblings that this, that, and another were all things you aren't supposed to do because you'll go to Hell in a handbasket if you do. When I came to realize that guilt and fear over having sex with another man was crazy, there was no looking back. (I'm not turning into a pillar of salt.) There is no rationale for having guilt or fear of having sex with another man. So, get in that hotel room, fire up your apps, post those ads, respond to those ads, and say yes. Then, open the door to your hotel room and have at it. But, it's all up to you. As tennis shoes advertisements used to say: JUST DO IT!
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    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    I do hate to say this as it potentially could become a nightmare for the staff. To err on the side of prudence, it would seem that anyone who does search out such references might want to report anything of a suspicious nature to the staff. I realize that this will put a huge burden on the staff to review such notices but it would seem better to be absolutely thorough than to have an overlooked item resulting in a closing of the site and/or fines. I find it abhorrent that this law is or is about to be enforced. I have already written to my congressman and railed against the law. I sent copies to my two senators, but I know those will fall on deaf ears (McConnell and Paul of Kentucky). And, yes, I sent my messages via my Bellsouth address. When the internment camps (read gulag or concentration camp) are open, I'll be there no doubt. But, I won't go quietly.
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    Biker initiation

    XTF2020, as Jean-Luc Picard would say, "Make it so."
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    Park Cruise

    MackyJay, you've got one nice perverted mind. Thumb's up! Or cock's up!
  13. CHAPTER 1 My brother-in-law (Devon) is a dick plain and simple. I despise him for how he treats my sister; well, for that matter, how he treats everyone. His haughtiness is unbelievable. His sneering remarks are abundant to excess. But, he is whom my sister chose to marry. So bet it. Had he been my choice no doubt he would need dentures to eat; but, he isn’t and wasn’t my choice. One topic I will say in his favour: He was a stud of a man—a man’s man. Devon was packed in his clothes and wore them well. He stood 6 feet tall; weighed 160 pounds; worked out at a health club; had dark brown hair all over his arms, hands, legs, feet, and chest; had dark brown eyes; had a manly mound of a butt; and had an impressive bulge down his left thigh. His feet were big as were his hands. He had a super nice overall package, but a personality that ruined it all. When they announced my sister was pregnant, everyone was happy for her. It was obvious that he was only a sperm donor as far as my family was concerned. And, it was obvious. The pregnancy had its issues. My sister was ill all the time. That illness was what sent her to her physician immediately, thus, finding out very early about the pregnancy. My brother-in-law was going to have to go without sex for about eight months. Well, a good fuck buddy of mine called me up a couple of weeks later, and we made plans to go to our favourite adult book store. My buddy (Brad) had finally pozzed me about a year ago. He talked me into not going on meds. We spent all the time that we could at bath houses, sex parties, adult book stores, and cruising parks. Brad loved to watch me get fucked. He always added his load to my ass whenever we called it a night. We had arrived at ABS and had been there about 20 minutes when I looked up and saw my brother-in-law coming in the peeps section. I grabbed Brad and pulled him into a booth that had a glory hole. I quickly told him why I had dragged him in the booth and that I would have to stay there until Devon left. Just as I finished telling Brad, the door to the booth next to us opened and closed. We heard the lock engaged, tokens dropped, and the movies begin rolling through. Carefully, I peered through only to discover Devon. I thought I would have fun with Devon and began to finger the glory hole. I was quietly chuckling as I knew Devon didn’t know what my finger meant. Brad kept playfully slapping on me as he snickered. I was looking up at Brad when he stopped. His eyes widened and mouth gaped. He pointed toward the wall. I turned to see a hard cock hesitantly being pushed through the hole. I was stunned. I stared a few seconds before my senses returned. My mouth wrapped around Devon’s cut 9 thick inches as I swallowed down to the pubes. I went to work on my brother-in-law to see just what he had. Devon kept a steady in and out going. I could hear his balls hit the wall with a good “thud” on each in stroke. My jaws began to ache a bit but I held steady. As if Devon knew about my jaws, he began to pick up his pace. Very soon, he was fucking my mouth like a pro. Brad and I heard a deep rumble of a growl that grew until at last I felt Devon’s cock hit the back of my throat where it began to spew huge globs of his ball juice. The barrage lasted several minutes after which Devon slid his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it in his pants. Instead of leaving as I expected, a short time passed when a piece of paper appeared at the hole. I took it and stood up. Brad and I read the note. I was dumbstruck. Devon was offering me the opportunity to suck him again at his home. The bastard! He was going to have a man over to his house to suck him while my sister—his wife—was pregnant! No doubt he would have to get her out of the house long enough. The bastard! Brad grabbed the note and wrote a reply. Brad agreed for me but the meeting would take place at “my” apartment—I learned later meaning Brad’s apartment. Devon was to come alone on Friday night at 9:00 sharp. Devon agreed, and Brad provided his address and phone number to cancel if he needed to. After Devon left, Brad told me that Devon knew my apartment but did not know Brad’s. Devon would have me in Brad’s bed room in the dark and a hood on. Devon would never recognize me. Brad said we should see how long we could lure Devon astray. I looked at Brad in awe at his quick wittedness and began laughing. Friday arrived and everything went just as Brad had outlined. Brad explained that I had a fetish and liked to wear a hood. Brad also explained that he was a good friend of mine who was there for support. Devon was a bit leery but finally okay with that. I did a repeat of my role at the book store. Brad gave Devon an okay that he could stop by if he wanted my services again but to call first to be sure. After he left, Brad was sure Devon would become a regular. Indeed, he did, and at each meeting I never spoke a word. For almost two months, Devon stopped by 2 to 3 times a week to get his cock serviced by me. It was then that Brad wanted to up the ante. Then, when Devon arrived one night, Brad offered to rim Devon. Brad became somewhat arbitrary and told Devon that he could have his ass eaten or his visits would be over. Devon was very agitated demanding to know why the change. Brad explained he was a world class ass eater and liked practicing what he was so good at doing. Devon finally agreed but was pissed. Brad rimmed and ate Devon’s ass like a pro each visit for the next month and a half. It was obvious that Devon was enjoying his ass worked on with each visit. Moans were now being made as well as him stopping in mid-stroke to reach behind to pull his cheeks wider apart. Brad upped the game once more and began fingering Devon. More moans as well as his body shivering in erotic vibrations. Brad was pacing Devon’s downfall. By the fourth month of our little deception, Devon had grown to enjoy having his cock sucked at the same time as his ass being worked over. It was patently obvious that Devon was enjoying himself. Then, as Devon was dressing to leave, he stopped and asked if I would be willing to let him fuck me. Brad looked at me and told him that would be okay. I was very prepared the next time Devon showed up. I sucked his cock for several minutes edging him as Brad worked feverishly on Devon’s ass. It was clear that Devon was in a high state of arousal. Brad stood up and moved to our sides. He pulled me off Devon’s cock and had me to climb on the bed with my ass hanging over. All the while, Brad was slowly jacking Devon’s cock keeping him aroused. Brad also was telling Devon that fucking my ass was going to be like sliding into warm silk. Brad told Devon that he needed to concentrate on looking at my hole as it puckered and winked. He kept saying that was me showing how ready I was to be fucked. Brad had his mouth up to Devon’s ear and was whispering everything. Devon was hypnotized as Brad slowly and methodically moved Devon into position with his piss slit at my opening. Devon never mentioned needing a condom. I held my breath as Brad coaxed and urged Devon to move his cock closer to my hole. Brad gently pushed Devon closer until at last his piss slit touched my hole. Devon sighed deeply at the contact. Brad spoke faster about how warm the inside would feel once Devon slid his cock in my ass. Devon looked to be in a haze Brad told me later but finally grasped my legs and pushed gently then more firmly until the head of his cock popped inside my sphincter. I moaned in such erotic agony at watching the scene play out as well as feeling my brother-in-law entering my ass. Devon then shoved his bloated cock all the way inside my screaming ass and began to pound me. Brad stood by Devon and fed him words of encouragement telling him he was doing great and to fuck my ass harder. He talked about how hot my ass felt on his cock and how tight my ring was encircling his cock. More and more Brad kept up his salacious words of encouragement to Devon. I knew they were having an effect on Devon because by this time he was pounding my ass knocking me away from him. Brad told him to grab my legs and to pull me closer so that he, Devon, could fuck my ass harder and deeper. Devon did so, and by this time, he was drenched in sweat. His cock had swollen to an unbelievable size. Later I thought about that and realized that Devon was absolutely turned on to fucking another man. I would dwell on that thought many times. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Devon screamed thrusting inside me as he unleashed a torrent of cum. I saw through my eye slits in the mask that his eyes were wildly open, and he began having trouble breathing. He pumped a huge amount of cum in me. After many minutes, his grip on me lessened. Slowly, his spent cock slid out of my ass. Devon was shaking. He backed away from me and sank down onto the floor where he heaved trying to get his breathing under control. Brad gently helped Devon back onto his feet. He did up his clothing and left with a promise to return. He wanted to fuck again.
  14. PART 1 My parents just left me—their little Jason—in my fully furnished studio apartment. I was now positively on my own. They drove me up to Chicago to attend university—class of 1990. I have three weeks before classes start, and I’m going to explore the city. I already know where I’m going tonight. It’s been on my mind for months ever since I heard about the place. But, now, I have some shopping to do to get ready. A whirlwind shopping spree found me back at my place by 5:00 and my modifications finished by 5:30. (I had to get used to a new time zone.) I looked at my new shower addition and couldn’t wait to try it since I had never used one before. I got the hang of it quick enough. I took my time so that I could be sure that I would be absolutely thoroughly cleaned out in anticipation of tonight’s fun or what I hoped would be fun. I had already decided I was a good prospect to find another guy tonight to have sex with, and I didn’t want anything to go wrong. Eight o’clock found me champing at the bit. I was running crystal clear water out of my ass. I took a quick shower making sure not to put on any deodorant. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on my bathroom door and liked what I saw. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs all going at full speed. I almost decided not to go but chastised myself for being a chicken. This is what I had dreamed about for so long. I looked once more at myself and took inventory: 19 years old; manly baritone voice; 6 feet tall; naturally tan body; 175 pounds of running and swimming muscles; brown eyes; brown hair covering my arms, legs, head, and crotch triangle; size 11 ½ feet; long slender fingers attached to big hands; and cut thick 8 inch cock hanging in front of naturally hairless sac containing 2 large hen egg-sized balls. I was nervous that I might be not up to par for the men where I was going. But, then, if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t know if I were or were not. I hurried from the bathroom, slipped on an old Bike white jockstrap, a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. I stuffed my money, ID, and CTA pass in my front pocket, picked up my gym bag with the lock and goods, and grabbing my keys went out the door. The clerk at the counter smiled a lot; his name was Cy he told me. I told him I was Jason. He gave me a wink and told me to come to him if I needed anything at all because he would be there all night. He was hot. He talked me into getting a room, actually what he called a double, telling me it was his treat since I had not brought enough money. I found my room after making a quick stop at a commode, stripped putting all my clothes and sandals in my gym bag locking it, made sure my lube was on the bed after applying some to my ass, tossed my towel over my shoulder, strapped on my door key, and left my room wearing only my trusty white Bike jockstrap and a smile. I wandered around the huge bath house going upstairs and in the basement. I went in the steam room finding several men engaged in sucking. I watched for a long time. My mind was racing at what I saw as an almost open invitation to having sex in public areas . . . and no one cared. This is what I had heard about the place and what had kept me in a subdued yet excited state for the last several months. I knew once I had decided where I was going to university I would have to visit this place. I had at last arrived. When I left the steam room, I again wandered over the three levels noting what must be protocol. I stood back and watched other men who also were wandering the narrow halls. What I suspected was true or at least I hoped so. I put my theory to the test returning to a room on the second floor where a hot looking man had been. He was still in his room with the door opened wide. I stood across the hall from his door and watched the man as he slowly rubbed his towel-covered cock. After a couple of minutes, he lifted the towel up allowing his cock freedom to rise upwards. I looked to my left and right and entered his room shutting the door behind me. He stood up as I crossed the room to him. I knelt quickly on the floor using my towel for comfort. I was breathing heavily and my hands shook. My mouth was dry but I opened it. I took his cock in my hand guiding it into my mouth where I tasted my very first cock. I began slowly moving up and down on the shaft as my mouth awakened providing saliva to make the move easier. I carefully began sucking my first cock. There would be many more I hoped. This stranger put his hands on either side of my head and held me still as he began to piston in and out of my mouth. I began quietly to moan at his taste as my head began to swim in blissfulness. My eyes fluttered briefly until I recomposed myself. He fucked my mouth easily for many minutes as I drooled in anticipation. I heard him begin to moan and looked up at him seeing his head tilted backward. His hands tightened on my head; I braced myself for what I knew was going to happen. Several more minutes passed as he continued to moan and increase the tempo of his fucking my mouth. Then, with a growl, I felt his cock fill and hit the back of my mouth. Seconds passed; I felt a flexing of his cock as the first load of his cum shot into my mouth. I gagged like the beginner I was but kept my mouth closed mostly learning to swallow each salvo of his nectar. Rank amateur and I’m sure he knew it, but he said nothing. My cock was straining in my jock. PART 2 I was ecstatic when I left his room and felt as if I were flying! My heart was racing at what I had done. I was giddy but tried to contain my wild enthusiasm as I began walking back to my room. I decided to hit up the basement before the first floor where my room was. My pace was unhurried and garnered several long looks and smiles, a couple of pats on my bare ass, and one distinctive grope of my bulging jock. As I rounded the last corner in the basement, I noticed a door open that I thought had been previously closed. Inside was a young guy who couldn’t have been much older than me. He was naked standing by his bed and stroking a cock that looked to be very similar to the one I had just sucked. I stopped directly in front of his door. Without hesitating, he beckoned me in; I went closing the door. I went to the floor and began working on his cock which was indeed very similar to the first one I had just sucked. The difference was this young guy was a lot more hurried and soon I could tell he was looking for a fast cum shot. Well less than 5 minutes, I heard him groaning as he pummelled my mouth blasting out his load which I swallowed. He hurried me out of his room. Oh. My feet took me up the stairs where I wandered the round-about hall on the first floor. The room next to mine had an older man—read probably in his fifties—in it. He had grey hair, very thin but with muscles, no body hair to speak of, and was propped up against the wall as his uncut cock lay across his thigh. I unlocked my door and stepped over to look at him once more. He motioned me to come into his room. I closed my door and joined him. As I stepped away from his door, I began to kneel once more, but he pulled me back up on my feet. We stood looking eye to eye. He put his arms around my waist, and I put mine around his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed me which took me off guard. I backed my head away for a brief moment and then relented. We kissed several minutes before separating. I knelt down taking his uncut cock into my mouth. He had a very different taste and texture than my first two cocks I had sucked. I soon found that I could slip my tongue beneath his foreskin and had a lot of fun swirling my tongue first one way and then the other. My host sighed quietly and emitted gentle moans. I looked up and saw his face with his eyes closed swaying as if there were a gentle breeze. I sucked on the entire shaft learning my trade and trying different tricks to taste more of this new cock and to be sure that the man to whom it was attached was enjoying himself. We continued for some time. My knees began to hurt, my legs began to cramp, and my mouth began to ache. Somehow, I persevered until without warning a guttural moan crept out of his closed mouth just as a huge glob of cum hit the back of my throat. I was startled and choked at the same time. His cum landed in my mouth as if it were a military barrage. Each salvo landed in a different spot. I felt a backlog of the sticky fluid building in my mouth until I thought it would burst out and spew everywhere. Fortunately, just as I was running out of room the bombardment began to abate; I began swallowing faster. I felt his body shiver and let his spent cock slowly slip from my mouth. My host helped me to my feet and once more hugged me. We kissed some more. He told me I tasted good. I had a momentary dull brain before I realized about what he was talking. I laughed and told him he was the one that tasted good. He had a very pleasant smile. I had an epiphany as I stood there with him. I realized that I had now sucked three men and swallowed their cum loads. I was not nervous or anxious any more about my being accepted. I knew I was attractive enough and had what it would take to find plenty of men at this bath house to sate my repressed sexual appetite. My mind began to race as I thought about starting a journal and keeping track of my sexual trysts. Abruptly, I returned to my reality of being held by this nice older man. Indeed, all three of my conquests were superb in their own right. Any hint of ageism fell away. I resolved that it was about sex and me getting a lot of it to make up for “lost” time. I had no time for age numbers.
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    New Owner

    I heard something recently and can not get the information confirmed. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Once upon a time to verify that a female was pregnant, a test was run using a rabbit. The rabbit died in order that the ovaries of the rabbit could be harvested to verify a woman was or was not pregnant. But, to test a man to see if he was "pregnant", the chosen rabbit lived . . . but turned gay. Is there any truth to this or is someone kidding me?
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    Cell Block

    There was a time when the back room at Cell Block was a place to be, to be seen, to see, and most importantly to be had . . . if you enjoyed public sadomasochistic sex. Since I do enjoy any kind of sex in public, semi-public, private, anonymously, and any other form, I enjoyed visiting the back room at Cell Block. (For those being unfamiliar, Cell Block is a leather bar in Chicago.) That said, let your imagination go with the flow. I visited Cell Block many times through the years. I met many men from there. Some I went home with and was used gloriously for their perversions. Others became just bar friends with whom I enjoyed chatting and visiting when I hit the Windy City. Still others had other relationship statuses with me. There is one visit to Chicago and trip to Cell Block which stands out in my mind. It was a very memorable trip as well as productive. I met up with my bar friends around ten and spent time learning what all they had been up to since my last visit. They were such interesting men. The back room opened and though not a great rush to occupy it occurred there was a diminished number of patrons in the front bar. I always waited for the initial occupancy to settle in before going. Once my waiting period had passed which was a half hour to forty-five minutes usually, I would excuse myself from my group and make my way to the back room where I hoped to at least make a hook-up with at least one man. I liked to enter on the right side as that was where the door leading to the rest room was located. Calculation is that with even that small area not occupied by men against the wall or near the door, that space which normally would be filled would have its occupants scattered about the room’s other walls. Thus, by entering and staying on that side of the room initially, I would see more men. Yes, calculating and playing the odds always put me a very small step ahead of others. And, if needed, I was always closer to the rest room in case I needed to piss. I generally would take up a position about two to three feet from the rest room door. I could see then who went in and when they came out. I also had a very good view of the entire room especially the raised walkway with fencing that was at the end of the room. Many interesting scenes of entertainment happened there. Some of which I participated in. This night I was fortunate to find a spot in my preferred area and settled in with my club soda to begin my watch. I saw the usual floggings, spankings, parade of property, pissing, sucking, and making out by men of all descriptions. The traffic in and out of the rest room was nothing to note. I turned my attention once more to the shows that were being performed on the raised walkway. This walkway was against the back wall. It had a chain link fence on the front side of it making it a narrow passageway from one side of the room to the other. This was also a “stage” where many scenes played out in public. Men stood on the floor and sucked cocks that were stuck through the chain link. Some even got a few piss drinks served there. On the walkway, there were all different scenes that took place meaning nipple torture, sucking, cbt, kissing, ass slapping, and even on rare occasion a burning done with a cigarette, a cigar, or a lighter. Oh, the delightful eroticism of sadomasochism that we engage in to satisfy that wonderful lust that we crave. As I stood watching the scenes as they developed and were completed, I became so affixed to watching that I lost myself and objective for the night. What I remember is that I heard in my ear, “Looks like the floor shows are pretty dull and the usual fare.” I turned to see who had made such a statement. I turned to my left facing a white man an inch or two taller than me, about my weight, piercing blue eyes, short brown hair, full beard and moustache, muscled but not bulky (obviously not gym but real muscles from work), wearing a leather vest, black t-shirt, jeans, and biker boots. He had my attention. “It beats a video though,” I replied. He laughed but nodded agreement. We turned our attention back to the walkway. I drank the last of my club soda and set down the empty glass. I again stood watching the different shows on the walkway but aware that there was now someone who had noticed me. It was only a matter of time to see if there would be any more communication between us. I shifted on my feet and settled on my right foot. As I completed this shifting, I felt a slight pressure on the seam of my jeans. I stood perfectly still. The pointed pressure began moving up and down my seam. I let about four passes go before deciding to act. I slowly pushed on my toes making my body move slightly backwards. With my continued pushing backwards, I was rewarded with two more passes of what I presumed was a finger. Following this pointed pressure, came a rubbing of my right ass cheek. I stayed where I was and let things develop. Rubbing my ass in its entirety soon was the deal. I let this happen for several minutes before finally turning slightly to the right. Now, instead of my back to the wall, my stance was at an angle to it. I also made this turn so that I stepped a half step away from the wall. Let whoever is behind me have full view and access to my ass. I heard and felt movement behind me feeling a body move closer to me. A pair of hands began rubbing over my arms, upper hips, ass cheeks, upper thighs in the front and sides, ending on my stomach and reaching upward to my nipples. Finding my nipples, hands grasped them fully squeezing hard but eventually specializing by using two fingers on each hand to grasp the tips and squeeze hard as he twisted them. I sighed deeply surrendering to the rush. It did hurt so good. This man took over as I willingly succumbed to his wishes. Nothing had been verbalized between us other than those few words which were commentary on what we were viewing. I had no idea what his full or real intention was but was prepared to be a part of it. He continued to feel his way around my body as I settled back onto the front side of his body. We melded into one while still being the user and the used. He continued to explore me for a few minutes before leaning into my ear and asking, “You up for some public use in a corner?” I shook my head in assent. He stepped from behind me and moved to the corner of the room just a few feet away with me following. There, he backed me into the corner wrapping his arms around my waist putting his mouth close to my ear. I heard him say, “You do not speak. You nod yes or no for response. Faggots I use have no business talking to me. Do you understand and agree?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for some heavy nipple torture and ass spanking?" I nodded yes. “Are you willing for cock and ball torture?” I shook my head no. He paused for a very long time. “Are you cleaned out for finger fucking?” I nodded yes. “Can you take as many as three fingers without complaint?” I nodded yes. “Can you take three fingers roughly?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for me to fuck you here?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for me to choose other men to fuck you?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing to strip naked except for your boots?” I nodded yes. “Tell the wall why no cbt.” I turned slightly to the wall and said, “I have a mass on my right ball from a major injury in childhood.” I felt both my nipples being squeezed now and twisted sharply. I stood there yearning for more as my body awakened to this intense pleasurable pain as my cock grew. As my nipples were released, more pain as the blood rushed back into the mashed areas. In my ear I heard, “When I tell you to do so, you will strip totally except for your boots. You will roll up the contents of your clothes putting your wallet in the middle of your clothes. You will then stack them on end in the corner here where you can watch them. You will kneel before me when you are finished for your final acceptance by me. Do you understand and accept?” I nodded yes. “Strip.” He stepped slightly away from me, and I proceeded to remove my biker boots then my vest and black t-shirt which I folded in half quickly laying them on top of my boots. I then unhooked my belt, unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them, and slid my jeans down stepping out of them. As I rose up to fold them, this Sir stepped forward saying, “Leave that jock on.” I nodded continuing to fold my jeans in half making sure that my wallet was in the middle and placed my t-shirt on my jeans rolling them both into a bundle which I placed in the corner with my vest on top as instructed. I put my biker boots on and knelt. I could tell that men around me had begun to position themselves watching my actions. I dutifully kept my head down watching the boots of this Sir as I held my hands behind me as I knelt. He stepped forward reaching around my throat securing a rope at the back of my neck. He announced publicly, “This is a faggot I’ve claimed for public use tonight. He has not earned my collar but is mine by virtue of my rope. I present him now for your witness of my using him as a pain pig. This is only to see if he meets minimum standards. He is a breeding bitch though and will be available for all to use when I am finished with him. Faggots that I use are not allowed to speak. If you have a question, direct it to me.” Nothing was said from anyone. “Faggot, get up and face the corner. Put one hand on each wall and spread your legs. Make sure you are at a slight angle and ready for my use.” I followed my orders and was soon enough prepared for public use. I felt a presence behind me followed by a sharp stinging almost instantaneously with a crisp slapping sound as my ass began feeling blows from a gloved right hand and then a gloved left hand that continued to alternate as my ass surely reddened with each blow. As quickly as it had begun, this beautiful torture stopped only to be replaced by my nipples being grasped and tortured once more but more savagely than had been done before. I contained my sounds in my throat as I accepted all these assaults. My cock had begun to grow more and stretched the pouch on my jockstrap. I was leaking pre-cum almost as if I were pissing. The joy of such can only be understood by a Sadist or another masochist. Once more pain rushed into my nipples as they were released from the mighty crush of this Sir’s pincer fingers. He stepped backwards and again assaulted my ass with his gloved hands heating my ass cheeks to a very hot red without my ever having the need to see them. Experience had told me what I looked like at this point. This new Sir stepped forward leaning in close to my ear and said, “Are you prepared for me to use my belt on your back, ass, and legs?” I thought as quickly as possible at his precise words knowing that the boundaries had changed and shook my head yes. He stepped backwards several steps. I heard him unsnap his buckle and withdraw his belt. I made a slight shuffle in my position and prepared myself by hunching my back slightly and moving slightly lower with my hands and backwards with my feet. My back, ass, and legs were going to be fully available for him. As I prepared myself once more, I also heard several feet moving to my right and left as men moved away from the area. I felt the first sting on my back and jerked my head upwards immediately moving it back down. Two, three, four, five, six more blows to my back. He moved on to my ass with criss cross action marking me with such temporary belt marks. I sensed him stepping to the side as the assault on my ass eased to be followed quickly by my legs being hit. He moved quickly like a cat from one side of me to the other making one leg and then the other the primary target for his belt. And, when satisfied there, he moved up to my back once more where he gave me about a half dozen more slaps of his belt moving on to my ass for another half dozen slaps, and ending back on my legs for a finale. He rushed into me as I stood there bathed in sweat and knowing that I had red marks all over my back side. He wrapped his arms around my chest pulling me into him causing a secondary round of pain to shoot through me. He hissed into my ear, “You’re a fucking pig for pain, and you’ve got me turned on real good.” I knew what he meant as my ass though on fire from his beating could feel his hard cock being pressed into my skin. “Pig, you bend way over when I let go of you. You might survive this.” He released me, and I bent over. Almost instantly I felt a very dry sharp pain in my hole as he plunged his middle finger full length into my ass with no benefit of spit or lube. Sweat is no real lube. He fingered me hard for a few minutes before inserting his index finger along with his middle finger. Still no lube was used. He continued to now assault my inside as he gently rubbed my back and ass cheeks admiring his work no doubt. Finally satisfied with his double digit assault, he now shoved his ring finger in me and began a slower but steadier assault with his twists and turns and full length jabs as I made every effort to accept him. This Man was talented outside and inside at inflicting wonderfully erotic pain. Once satisfied that his three-digit assault had done their job, I felt all three fingers withdrawn quickly collapsing my hole and giving me a needed break. I began once more breathing easily and taking in full lungs of air not only to give me a respite but to bring me back to some level of thinking. This did not last long though. This Sir had other ideas and was keen on knowing when one of his faggots had recouped enough for further use. With no fanfare, once more I felt my hole being splayed open with a middle finger. This time the assault was different. This time there was a decidedly different purpose. This was not to determine if my gut was clean and could take a hard finger fucking. Scraping was being done. I felt long deliberate strokes of his fingertip that moved downward attempting to abrade my insides. This somewhat surprised me and didn’t. He continued a careful but methodical movement all around my inside and completely the length that his middle finger could make. He had no doubt made some inroads at some point on my insides. Satisfied that his last invasion was to his satisfaction this Sir removed his middle finger stood once more behind me pushing upright bringing his three fingers to my mouth where I willingly accepted them using my tongue to wash them clean. As I bathed his fingers, I heard once more the familiar voice saying, “You fucking faggot. Your ass is going to get bred tonight and you ARE going to accept it, aren’t you?” I shook my head yes. “You need being bred in public, don’t you?” I shook my head yes. “You make any sound of protest at all, bitch, and I will beat you senseless. You understand and agree?” I shook my head yes. “Your ass was bleeding when I pulled my fingers out. You know what that means, don’t you, bitch?” I shook my head yes as I had already tasted the slightness of blood on this Sir’s fingers. Fingers were pulled from my mouth as I felt this Sir unsnap his jeans and heard the zipper slide quickly downward stopping only once it had reached the bottom. I felt a scalding hot rod of meat jump out and strike my cheeks. Mentally I prepared myself for what I knew would be a much more erotic painful entry in my ass. I willed myself to switch off all my senses of pain that would result in an openly public display of physical hurt while at the same time channeling those thoughts of delightful acceptance of what was to come and to embrace this pain as a needed supply of energy to me. I stood facing the corner as my blood red cheeks were pulled apart allowing the head of this Sir’s cock to align itself with the opening of my ass. I felt his left hand firmly grasp atop my torso as his right hand moved to my waist. My ass cheeks closed in around his cock sealing my fate. No pretense of making niceties by offering up any spit or other lube. My own body moisture was all that I was going to be granted to allow this formidable cock to gain entry into my ass. The pain was exotic as I knew it would be when with no warning my sphincter and ass lips were spread open wide and forced to accept this now fully hardened cock from this Sir whom I had seen only briefly. The channel of my gut fully inflated as this hardened upward turned tube on a man made its way inside me at the speed of light stretching so that with each passing of the smallest fraction of his cock created the friction that a glacier does as it descends a valley scraping and abrading as it passes. Such exotic pain delivered was what I needed now. More he pushed himself into my ass as he drove his hardened upward bent spike into me no doubt stretching those small cuts he had made with his fingernail. I made every effort to push outward not to expel but to allow further entry and to ease my angst of not satisfying him. He heard no sound from me other than a sharp inhale of air which I held until he had fully inserted his curved manliness—his scepter of authority over me. Once done, I did make an effort to relax to allow the full enjoyment of this man and how he had invaded me. I whimpered very, very quietly and enjoyed the exaltation that was mine. The shooting pain continued throughout my body and coursed round and round from one nerve ending to another bouncing as if it were a pin ball in a game. Not indicating he had heard me this Sir now grabbed my waist and began fucking me without any hesitation or time to adjust to his occupancy. He pounded my semi-dry hole without mercy but with a determined measure that would surely cease only when he chose to do so and with any luck for me to feel his releasing his cum load deep inside me. The more he fucked my hole the more he sent those shooting pains throughout my body. The more he fucked my hole the more he created those inevitable fuck juices including his own pre-cum liquid that so prominently come to pass even without lube. I felt my ass cheeks being pried open by unknown hands allowing him to make entry further into me as I stood braced against the walls with my own two hands and my feet firmly planted on the floor. “You fucking breeding pig stock. You’re going to feel the first of many breeding loads in your ass soon enough. You’re going to take every fucking breeding I tell you to take and like it. You fucking belong to me, and you are marked as mine. You fucking whore.” I heard all this as he fucked harder and harder into and out of my ass. I shook my head yes for him and all others to see. His cock continued to be buried and to resurface as this Sir fucked me steadily as he held my hips now. He had created a tempo which I judged and now began milking his cock on the outward stroke. At the furthest point of his inward stroke, I would quickly use my ass muscles to clamp down on his cock just as it began its outward stroke. He allowed this without commentary until at last he increased his tempo. He said, “You breeder pig. You dig being fucked and bred, don’t you? I know you do you fucking pig. I feel those ass muscles of yours. You need to be bred here by every fucking man. You can’t get enough, can you? You cock-loving cum crazed faggot! You need to have your ass bred HARD, don’t you? DON’T YOU, YOU FUCKIN’ BREED STOCK PIG?” I shook my head vigorously yes. The hands that once pried open my cheeks pulled away leaving my Sir alone at my hole. He reached up with both hands grabbing the top of my torso as he slammed into my ass harder and harder and faster and faster. I was losing my balance as he began to spiral up the last level of passion for him. “YOU GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING BREED PIG WHORE YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE MY BALL JUICES IN YOUR ASS, YOU FUCK PIG! YOU FUCKING BREED PIG WHORE!” And, with that I felt him shove his upturned cock fully into my ass as his balls began pumping and pumping and pumping their contents out of themselves and through the cords and into his cock through his cock tunnel and finally splattering inside me coating my gut with his hot, creamy, white, gooey, paste-like cum load. I clamped down hard and released instantaneously but continued to milk his cock as it filled me at my deepest recesses. He continued to expel his cum load in my ass as he held tightly to my shoulders, and I balanced myself allowing him to return to a normal state after such a public scene. Several minutes passed before he slowly began withdrawing his now semi-rigid cock from my ass. I gently squeezed on his cock so that my ass would taste all of his cum not wanting to miss a drop. Once completely withdrawn, he pushed up to me and said, “You fucking are mine breeder pig. In more ways than one, you are mine. You are marked, and I will always be with you. Know that. Your night has just begun. You will kneel and clean my cock, then, return quickly to this position for more breeding. You got that?” I shook my head yes. He stepped back away from me, and I did as I was told to the letter. When I had returned to my post, my Sir announced in a loud voice heard throughout the back room, “ANY MAN WHO WANTS TO BREED THIS PIG IS WELCOME TO DO SO. NO MAN WILL BE TURNED AWAY. ANY MASTER WHO WISHES TO REWARD HIS BOY, FAGGOT, OR SLAVE FOR SERVICES RENDERED TO HIM MAY USE THIS BREEDING PIG SO THAT HIS BOY, FAGGOT, OR SLAVE CAN RELEASE HIMSELF. THIS IS A BREEDING PIG. HE NEEDS TO BE BRED AND TO TAKE AS MANY CUM LOADS AS POSSIBLE. HE ISN’T HERE JUST TO BE FUCKED; HE NEEDS CUM LOADS IN HIS ASS. SO, PRIME YOUR OWN SELF, STEP UP BEHIND HIM, SHOVE YOUR COCK DEEP IN HIS ASS, AND LET LOOSE INSIDE. HE HAS BEEN PRIMED ALREADY WITH A LOAD FROM ME. YOU CAN’T BE THE FIRST, BUT YOU CERTAINLY CAN BE THE NEXT.” I heard this announcement and waited with legs spread apart leaning slightly into the corner while my arms supported me away from the walls. I heard mumbling behind and to my sides as I sensed my Sir standing next to me. I would not look; I had no need to do so. I was here to provide him with satisfaction of knowing that he totally owned me for use and that what he said was law. All was right with the world. I heard my Sir respond to questions from other men. Yes, any man, any cum load. No, just shoot your load; it’s not a fucking contest. Yes, I would take any man and cum load because my Sir had said so. I would not refuse. No, I was not to be beaten; that was reserved for this Sir. No, not even torture my nipple. Yes, shoot your load in his ass. I thought that a game of twenty questions had begun. Then, I heard him say, “Go ahead. He needs it. He needs it now.” I felt a presence between my legs. “Bend over and give him a target, breeding pig.” I bent over resulting in my ass spreading open and exposing my ass hole. I felt a hand on my right hip as an object moved closer to my ass hole. I felt a pressure that mounted and as it did I began pushing outward. POP! The head of another cock slid inside me followed by a nice size cock that slowly sank into me fully. Both of my hips were now held as this new man fucked me hard. There was no foreplay. Within less than two minutes, I heard behind me a man’s voice rising up, “Fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Yeah. Oh, fucking yeah. DAMN!” and felt my ass being filled once more with a new load of cum. Seconds was all it took for this one to finish. He withdrew quickly. “No, he’s here for breeding. You’ll have no problem finding some other faggot to clean your dick off. Move. Let this next man in.” This is how it went one man after another. There were times when no one was ready to shoot their load. But, I was there ready anyway. One man after another though would stand behind me, shove his cock into my ass, pump his cock in and out a few times, and then I would receive another load of cum to my gratification and more importantly to my Sir’s satisfaction. This continued on until the lights flickered and closing was announced. I knew it had to be closing in on two in the morning. I had no clue how many cum loads I had taken. I knew it had to be a lot as by now they were definitely leaking out of my ass and running down my legs. I did not care. I gloried in it. I trembled with gratitude for this new Sir and his reading me so correctly. I waited to be told to dress but the direction never came. I stayed where I was and the sounds of the room lessened and lessened. However, there was somewhat of a rush at the last minute by some men to get behind me to shoot their loads of cum deep in me before departing. They, too, eventually faded away. “Don’t move, pig.” I stayed where I was and listened to the sounds from the outer bar and from the bar back who was moving through the now brightly lit room collecting items, cleaning, and straightening the room. I heard footsteps soon enough and from the sound several men were approaching. I heard this Sir say, “Thank you for allowing me to have some real fun tonight back here. This is a breeder pig I met. If you want to use him, he will suck your cock until you shoot a load, you can fuck a load in his ass, or you can use him as a urinal. He won’t object at all, will you, pig?” I shook my head no. “If you choose not to use him, I still thank you but offer him up if you wish.” With that, I heard a zipper and prepared myself. I felt my cheeks being pulled open and the head of a hardening cock pressing inward to find my hole. Located, there was more pressure and more hardening until at last the head slipped inside me. As more of this cock was pressed inside, the harder it became. Soon it was making small decided strokes until it had become rigid enough to make full fucking motions. It slid easily enough in and out because of all the cum lube. Nothing was said to me, and I of course said nothing. I was fucked many minutes until the tempo increased and increased and increased again. Another delivery in my ass of another load of cum from another unknown man. How many was this? I had no idea. He pulled out and was gone but replaced by another unknown man. They had all been unknown. This man did the same as all the others had: He fucked me likewise for several minutes increasing his speed until he, too, made his delivery in my ass. More unknown cum but knowing that I had been delivered up as a breeding pig I could only hope I had once more been bred for a purpose and intent. A third man made his delivery of cum before a fourth man turned me around and shoved me downward to the floor. I sank to my knees eyes cast downward on the floor. This man shoved his cock in my mouth and began fucking it. I kept my eyes averted. It was not my need to know or care. It was my loving duty to accept how each man wanted to deliver. I sucked this cock and worshipped it as he began face fucking me harder and harder until at last he shoved his cock to the back of my throat and began to unload his cum. I swallowed and gagged some but never released him. I tasted his sweet goo and savored it. This was my first cum taste all night long. As he finished, naturally his cock deflated and grew smaller. He did not pull his cock out of my mouth, so I began bathing it with my tongue. In the midst of this bathing, I felt the telltale warmth of water rushing into my mouth. Quickly I began swallowing as fast as I could to keep up with the now torrent that was flowing from the piss slit. Several seconds I was warmly bathed in this new liquid until the last drops were deposited. My stomach felt full and almost bloated. Now, he withdrew his cock. I lowered my head making sure that my eyes never ventured a look upwards. It would have been incorrect and disobedient to have done so. “You’ve been a good breeder pig tonight. Real good. You did me proud.” I heard from this Sir’s lips. This sent joy and elation rushing through my psyche. I had provided him with visual that he had enjoyed. “Put on your shirt, jeans, and vest but do not close your jeans.” I did as told. “Bend way over.” I did so. I felt a pressure at my hole and then a swift insertion of an object that ran into me full length. I felt an adjustment being made at my ass hole’s opening. This Sir was now satisfied and told me to stand up and finish dressing fully. I did so and stood up realizing that a dildo of some sort had been inserted. “After all that I have done for YOU, you had best not disappoint me by telling me you can’t finish the night. You are going home with me. Right?” I shook my head yes. This Sir stepped in close to me. Into my ear he quietly and deliberately as if making a report spoke saying, “You are carrying a total of 23 breeding loads of cum in your ass, one in your stomach, and a stomach full of breeder piss. You need to properly rest. Then, I'll breed you again only in my play room. If you continue to be a good breed pig, you'll get several more breeding loads from other breeder pigs. And, just as much fun, we'll see how much pain you can take.” He stepped backwards, put his hand beneath my chin raising it up so that I faced him. He looked piercingly into my eyes, nodded once with no smile, turned from me, and walked away. I followed behind him to wherever he was taking me to complete my service to him. My entire body was shaking in anticipation and excitement. This night was far from over, and I was going to pay dearly. I could barely contain myself as once more my cock rose in my jeans and my eyes shone brightly with servitude.
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    I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    CHAPTER 4 “What did you stop for? Keep going! Don’t stop now,” came the begging cries from Devon. “Please, don’t stop fucking me! Fuck me. Come on, man, FUCK ME!” Brad turned and winked at me. He resumed fucking Devon driving into him as a drive shaft on a train turning the wheels as fast as possible. Devon continued to moan louder. Then, Devon raised up on his hands giving a deep guttural growl and began back slamming onto Brad’s cock. It was amazing to watch the two of them in tandem. Each had a determination but for a different cause. “FUUUUUUUCCCCCK!” Brad bellowed as he unleashed his more potent poisonous swimmers into Devon’s ass. Brad drove his cock deep into Devon’s ass holding it there until there was nothing left. Devon sank down onto the bed as Brad slowly withdrew his bloody and slime-covered cock from Devon’s wrecked ass. Brad sank down to the floor to steady himself. Devon slowly got off the bed. He looked around. He got his clothes together and got dressed. He walked slowly to the bedroom door and stopped. He stood there conflicted and his face averted. Finally he quietly asked, “Would . . . would it be okay if I came back tomorrow night?” Brad said, “Sure.” Devon left. For almost five months, Devon came back to Brad’s apartment two to three times a week to get fucked by both of us and sometimes to fuck me. Brad and I filled him as much as we could with our poison juices. On one special occasion, we each fucked two loads of our poison in Devon. He was becoming a veritable cum whore. Devon showed up one night a couple of months later and said he wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t sure he should be there. Brad insisted that he stay and began undressing Devon who offered no protest. We both fucked our loads in his ass. After Brad was finished, he told Devon he wanted to finger him for old time’s sake and Devon consented. Brad used his nails on Devon who winced and jerked but by this time never made a sound of protest. Brad showed me his bloody fingers. I sucked them clean. We sent Devon packing and celebrated by Brad fucking my brains out twice. Brad was as eager to pump his poison into me in celebration as I was eager to get a fresh load of his poison nectar. Three days later Devon called and told us that there was no way he could make it. He was much too sick. He said he had the flu but couldn’t understand how that could be. Brad told Devon to call back in ten minutes. Devon agreed. I called my parents and told them to call my sister. I knew if my sister told them Devon was ill they would get her out of the house and take her to stay with them. That was what happened. When Devon called back, he told us he was alone and sick. His wife had gone to stay with her parents while he was ill. Brad told Devon to give his address and we would come over to help him. He hesitated but finally relented. Devon answered the door. He looked terrible. I didn’t care what the neighbours thought if they saw me entering in a black leather hood and Devon never mentioned it. Inside, we went to the master bedroom where Devon fell back into bed. Brad wasted no time and stripped as did I. We both stripped Devon and got him on the bed. He kept protesting but he never really tried to stop us. And, for the next three days Brad and I kept fucking and filling Devon with our poisonous loads. On the third day, Brad and I told Devon that he was getting better and that we were leaving. Devon was a bit disappointed. He walked us to the door opening it courteously. Brad said his good-bye and walked out. I turned to look directly at Devon and removed my hood. Devon’s eyes popped out as he took a couple of steps backwards and gasped. “For all the evil vicious things you have ever done to my sister, you have now been re-paid in kind. You need to go see your doctor and have an HIV test run because I’m pretty sure you are now HIV positive. Brad and I have seen to that. And, when you ask my sister for a divorce, she gets everything, and I mean everything. If she doesn’t, your HIV status will be all over this town,” I quietly said. I smiled, did a little bow, turned, and walked out the door never looking back. Months after my nephew was born Devon asked for the divorce. My sister got everything. I kept my mouth closed. And, Brad and I would run into Devon at our favourite adult book store from time to time. There were no hard feelings now . . . on my part. I enjoyed watching my former brother-in-law turn his ass around for any man to fuck. From an arrogant prick, I’ve watched him become a repository for cum and from what I’ve seen and heard especially HIV cum.
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    Park Cruise

    If you two are speaking about the "He" at the end of paragraph 7, there is a very simple explanation. MackyJay, you no doubt were putting in a laugh (He He) and decided only half a laugh was needed (He). Simple explanation.
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    I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    CHAPTER 3 Devon felt the deep hunger of needing sex and to shoot his cum load. His hormones were running rampant causing all kinds of wild ideas to flash through his mind. His brain then focused on how his ass felt when he was being rimmed and fingered. He could not get that idea out of his mind. He shuddered. “Well, no one is to know what happened. I mean no one. I’ll know who told if I ever hear anything about this, and I’ll deny it totally.” With those words, Brad was now ready to set in motion a new path for Devon. This would be the path that would be his undoing. This would be the path that would tear his world apart and shatter it into a trillion pieces. This would be the path where I got revenge for my sister’s ill treatment. I almost screamed with glee at what I knew was going to happen now. I owed Brad big time and would pay him whatever he wanted. Brad slowly rose up. “Okay. Let’s get you in a comfortable position. You kneel on the bed hanging your feet over the side. Bend forward all the way so that you lay on the bed. That’s it; tuck your hands under your face for comfort. Now, I’m going to put a lot of lube in your ass and around the outside so that it will be easier on you. It’s just lube. It makes things slide smoothly.” Brad told me to insert slowly my lubed fingers in Devon’s ass and open it a little. With some difficulty because of Devon’s tight ass, I did as instructed. Brad then began pouring lube inside Devon after which he had me to remove my fingers and used his own to spread the lube about. “Now, how does that feel? That’s even better isn’t it?” Brad asked. Devon moaned and agreed it felt even better than when he was being fingered earlier by Brad. Brad made sure to once again knock at Devon’s prostate. That elicited a couple of gasps each time. “Now, you’ve seen the cock on James (Brad had to name me something.). It’s small enough for you to take easily. I’ll monitor everything so that you can feel how super it feels. James’ cock is a mere 7 inches so he won’t go anywhere near as deep as your cock does,” Brad announced. “Besides, all we’re doing is letting you feel how a cock in an ass feels. Nothing more.” Devon shook his head in assent. I was heady with glee as I stepped up behind Devon. Brad guided my cut 6 ½ inches to Devon’s wrinkled and tightly closed virgin opening. Brad gave me the signal to go very slow which I did. There was a tremendous resistance and Devon began growling in pain. Just as I was sure this was not going to work, the head of my cock popped through Devon’s sphincter with a loud POP. Devon jerked his head upright and yelped. Brad hurried to Devon’s side consoling him and telling him it would be okay. Brad kept his arm around Devon to prevent him from actually pulling off my cock. It was also a subliminal signal to Devon that Brad was his friend and there to help him. The pain was just an initial shock and would pass. By the time Brad finished talking to Devon, the pain had begun to fade. Brad motioned for me to begin sliding inside Devon. Brad had me to slide slowly inside for a few seconds, stop, slide backwards, stop, then, repeat the process until at last I was fully inserted inside Devon. My balls were both rolling around with excitement. I was very close to cumming. Brad orchestrated the entire process until soon enough I was fucking Devon, and he was not protesting. My mind raged at the thought of when my balls would empty their contaminated content into this bastard’s ass. I knew what I wanted to do but held myself back to make sure that Devon did not panic. As I continued to fuck Devon, Brad now began to touch Devon with caresses. Brad’s hands were all over Devon: his ears, his cheeks, his back, his sides. I saw the touches that Brad did to Devon. They were such gentle caresses that he made which no doubt soothed Devon’s nerves. Brad moved closer to Devon and began talking to him telling him how great he was doing. He asked him how he was feeling and was there any pain now. He asked if a cock in his ass felt better than fingers and a tongue. Devon moaned his feeling of contentment. He agreed that, yes, a cock felt a lot better in his ass. Devon’s voice held a tremor in it as he spoke. Brad indicated for me to up my fucking. Devon moaned long and loud as I increased my tempo. Several minutes passed as I fucked Devon. I was now really about to shoot my cum load. Brad then asked Devon if he wanted to feel what it felt like when Devon had fucked me. “You do want to know what James feels don’t you? You are curious about that now that you know what it feels like having a cock in your ass. You know you want to feel James cumming in your ass don’t you? Don’t you, Devon? You want James to pump his cum load deep in your ass. Say it, Devon. Say it!” “Yes, I want to feel James pumping his cum load deep in my ass. Please, please, please, James pump your cum load in my ass!” Devon half shouted as he shook his head. I shoved my cock as far inside Devon as I could and blasted out everything that I had in me. I filled Devon with millions and millions of my poisonous wriggling half-babies. I yelled. Devon yelled and began to gasp for air as his head swung up off the bed once more as the last of my sperm drained into Devon’s ass. I was thinking of how this bastard had so mistreated my sister. I so wanted to poz him. Brad waited until I began slowly pulling out and began again on Devon. “You liked that didn’t you? In fact, you liked that a whole lot more than my tongue and fingers, didn’t you? You liked James fucking you and fucking you until he shot his cum inside you deep. You liked that a lot, didn’t you? You want MORE cum in your ass, don’t you? You want a LOT more cum in your ass. You want my cum in there, too, don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you?” Over and over and over Brad went after Devon until at last Devon screamed, “YES. I WANT TO BE FUCKED BY YOU AND FILLED WITH YOUR CUM, TOO!” Brad wasted no time. He jumped up from the bed pushing me out of the way. He lined up his uncut 9 ½ inches at Devon’s hole, grabbed Devon’s hips, winked at me, and plunged full length into Devon’s ass. There was such a blood curdling howl that came from Devon. He tried to pull away but Brad knew what to do and kept his cock in Devon and Devon on the bed in front of Brad. Brad began fucking Devon immediately and soon the pain ebbed to nothing. Devon once more began rolling his head and moaning his contented feeling. Brad pounded Devon’s ass viciously. I do not recall ever seeing Brad this over the top. And, then, Brad stopped. He just stopped. He said nothing. He did nothing. Minutes passed. I had no clue what he was waiting for. And, then, Devon spoke up.
  20. a6uldeve84u

    I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    CHAPTER 2 Once he had gone, Brad told me that almost the entire time that Devon was fucking me he had gotten two of his fingers in Devon’s ass and had finger fucked him. He grinned evilly and told me that just at the right time his fingernails had been used on Devon. No doubt he liked the feeling Brad said. We looked at each other and knew we were on our way. Just as he had said, Devon showed up on Wednesday and on Friday nights. He fucked me like a madman as Brad tore up Devon’s ass with his fingernails. It was so delightful knowing that soon he was going to get his comeuppance. I was so looking forward to that. It would be a tricky thing though. Then, on Tuesday night, Devon showed up as agreed to but things had to be postponed. Brad explained that at the last minute I couldn’t make it. Brad explained he was apartment sitting for me as I had to go out of town. Brad was so sincere sounding as he told Devon that it was such a shame and that he could understand at being frustrated. Devon tried to get Brad to bottom for him but Brad explained that he didn’t get fucked; he just liked to eat ass and fuck ass also. Devon left very frustrated sounding. For the next two weeks, Brad kept Devon at bay. He was so sympathetic to Devon and his plight. Each time that Devon arrived, he left with a bit more angst, edginess, and frustration. Brad cooed his sympathy to Devon. Brad was as good as any funeral director. He commiserated with Devon about my lack of commitment to taking care of Devon. I heard it all from Brad’s closet as the two berated my lack of seriousness. Devon left again no doubt with the bluest of balls. Brad and I rejoiced at how things were going. Devon’s nerves were on total edge. He would be back next Friday ready to explode. Brad was going to make sure that Devon was fully packed with TNT because he was going to get a big bang on Friday. Friday at nine sharp, Devon knocked on the front door. Brad let him in and excitedly told Devon that I was back in town and ready in the bedroom. Devon I heard rushing down the hallway. He stopped in the doorway looking crazed. He did something then that he had never done before: He stripped totally tossing his clothes in all directions. His cock was hard and dripping I could see. He strode over to me on the bed and yanked my legs upward putting them on his shoulders. Devon took his hands and pulled my cheeks open lining his piss slit up to my hole. He released his hands as he leaned over me grabbing my shoulders. I looked at his face which had a crazed look on it. Truly, Devon was in need of sexual release. I had but a split moment to consider if I was going to be able to deal with his heightened sexual arousal. I was determined to give it my best. I felt a searing pain as Devon’s dripping cut 9 inches of monster manhood crammed itself inside my body. I screamed at the sharpness. Devon gave no hint that he had heard me but drove his baby maker stick deep inside me and began to fuck me wildly. Brad stepped up to Devon’s side as usual and began a narrative of encouragements about how good it was to get back in my ass, how hot it was, hadn’t Devon missed fucking, feel how my sphincter was tight around his cock begging Devon to fuck harder and deeper. Devon I could tell was ramping up his game from Brad’s encouraging words. Then, Brad grabbed Devon by both shoulders and twisted his body around hard so that Devon’s cock pulled out of my ass in mid stroke. Devon was beside himself. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR?” he screamed as his body shook. “I thought you’d want me to eat your ass and maybe finger your hole as I usually do,” Brad said innocently. “ARE YOU CRAZY? ARE YOU NUTS?” Devon screamed as his shaking continued. “You always seemed to enjoy me doing that to you. I just thought that might be something you’d enjoy tonight as well. I really wanted to make up to you in my own small way for him being gone,” Brad said dejectedly. “I really only wanted to help you out being you’re so tense and backed up.” Brad poured it on thick, and Devon bought it. “Yeah. Yeah. I did enjoy you eating my ass. That turned me on and so did your fingering me. Man, I’ve thought about that a lot. I didn’t like it at first but you somehow knew what to do and made it feel good,” Devon said having calmed down a bit but still highly strung from lack of sexual release. He was still highly aroused I could tell also from the pre-cum dripping out of his turgid cock. “Well, then, why don’t you stand there by the bed, but lean over it. You can put your hands flat or do elbows or whatever is comfortable for you. I’ll eat your ass and finger you some since you enjoy that, too,” Brad suggested offhandedly. “When you have had enough, you can go back to fucking him.” Brad pointed to me with the last statement. “You should be plenty aroused by then I’m betting.” “Yeah. Okay,” Devon said as he repositioned himself. He tried first doing flat handed on the bed but wasn’t comfortable with that. He then put himself on elbows and waited. Brad knelt behind Devon spreading his cheeks and began feasting. Brad was, no, is a consummate ass eater. I know from experience how well he eats an ass. It was not long before Devon was twisting his head about and moaning. Brad worked all over Devon’s ass with his tongue as well as doing small nips with his teeth. The first time that Brad nipped Devon there was a startled “Oh” but he returned to moaning and never made another protest. Brad drove his tongue deeply into Devon’s hole. Brad’s tongue can be a very rigid tool. I knew what Brad was doing and began biding my time before the big bang would occur. After 20 minutes or so, Brad pulled his mouth off Devon’s hole and slowly inserted two wet fingers. Devon hissed an intake of air but said nothing. Brad massaged deeper and deeper and began twisting and turning his fingers. Periodically, Brad would massage Devon’s prostate just to keep him reminded of what he was to feel later. I watched intently as Brad continued to work over Devon’s hole. I noticed that Devon was relaxed and fully enjoying the sensational ass work that Brad was doing. And, then, it happened. “Man, that feels so good. Your eating my ass was phenomenal and what you’re doing now is even better,” Devon said somewhat dreamily. “Keep it up. Man, that is so good.” Brad looked up at me and grinned as his eyes sparkled. He had Devon now on the hook. He had to make that jerk to be sure he was fully caught and then reel him in. Brad began alternating between rimming Devon and chewing on his cheeks and fingering him. He picked up a little speed with every intent of driving Devon crazy and wanting more. In a few minutes, Devon asked, “Is this what it feels like to be fucked? Man, this is really feeling good to me.” Brad slowed his fingering and said, “No, this isn’t really what it feels like to be fucked but it is very similar. The difference is that a cock is bigger and goes deeper. The euphoria that you feel is the same though only much, much more. It is an unbelievable wonderful feeling having a cock in your ass. You get such an intimate feeling with your body. It’s as if you learn who you really are.” Brad went back to eating Devon’s ass and fingering him. He picked up his speed and gave Devon his best ever work. Devon now was almost in a constant moan as he pushed backwards onto Brad’s tongue or fingers. Brad continued until Devon was almost demanding in his backward thrusts. Brad stopped and said, “I don’t want be rude and don’t mean to insult you. Would you want to know what it feels like to have a cock in your ass? I mean, you are really getting into my rimming you and fingering your ass. You really are enjoying it. I’m not talking about fucking you. I’m just talking about . . . a . . . cock . . . gently . . . easing into your ass very slowly and letting you feel in reality what it’s like.” Brad said nothing more and waited for his measured offer. Devon stayed bent over pondering the offer. He relished the sensation that he was feeling from being rimmed and fingered all so well. His intense sexual urges now were raging in him. His libido drove his decision. “I . . . I . . . I’ve not done anything queer like that,” Devon said loudly to protest such a possibility. Devon’s verbal protest was noted by Brad, but Devon’s body position also was noted. “Oh, no, I never meant to imply that you had done such. It was only that you seemed to enjoy my rimming and fingering you. And, you did ask how it felt to be fucked. No, I just meant that for the purpose of feeling the difference between my tongue and fingers and a cock a comparison could be made. No, I would never suggest that you would engage in things queers do,” Brad said and almost burst out laughing at the absurdity.
  21. a6uldeve84u

    New Owner

    Pardon me but I suppose my cynicism is showing through here, but I just do not believe the landlord. Warned poor him indeed. LOL
  22. a6uldeve84u

    Fuck Load Count Using Excel

    Okay, guys. Here is what I am offering. I have used an Excel spreadsheet for a number of years to track my loads taken throughout a year. I have recalibrated a copy to accommodate for 50 loads per month. Each month is automatically totaled so that you not only can watch your progress daily but for that month and the year. There is a separate sheet for each month and all of the monthly totals are then automatically tallied to a summary sheet for the year. The copy that I use is set up for 100 each month just to be sure. But after discussing the sheet with some buds of mine, we thought the average bottom would be good for 50. I can easily up the ante to my 100 count if you guys think that would be better. The entire process is based on entering a "1" if it fits the category or leaving the category blank if it doesn't. (Some of the categories are: cut/uncut; poz/neg/unknown; top/versatile/bottom; etc). So, for right now let me hear from the site to decide if 50 loads per month is sufficient or 100 loads. Once tallied, I'll have the spreadsheet available for anyone who wants a copy.
  23. a6uldeve84u


    Thank you for your interest. There are a few requirements none of which are restrictive to my offer but help me in organization. First, I am sharing these stories so that they can be completed and published on Breeding Zone web site. What you write, in what direction you take the story or how you finish the story is your sole prerogative. I relinquish all editing rights. I also relinquish all claims to the story and require that you never acknowledge that you got the basis from me. Second, to help me, you will need to send me an email with BREEDING ZONE STORY as the subject line. Include your screen name from Breeding Zone. I need this latter to rename the story with your screen name so that I do not send the story to someone else. SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE. I will send you a list of all the stories and you choose one. Third, as for the title, you may keep the same title or change it. However, if you change the title, please send me the name of the new title. That would be appreciated. Last, if you begin to finish a story or if you read what I have written and decide the tale is just not for you, let me know. I do not want to put you into a position of trying to write a tale in which you have no enthusiasm. Just send me an email and I will be willing to “accept back” the story sent to you and send you a different tale. In an effort to make the process a bit easier, at the end of this email I will list ALL the titles of stories which I have begun. Perhaps a story title might give a better incentive for selecting a tale. I do look forward to reading your completed work. You will have done me a great help, and that help is greatly appreciated. Bill
  24. a6uldeve84u


    With the approval of drscorpio, I am offering to any reader/writer some of my own stories which I have begun and developed but just can not get around to finishing them. Some are relatively newly begun while others have quite a bit of length to them already. In any event, authorship of these stories will pass to YOU as you will be publishing them under your screen name. I want no credit nor acknowledgement for them at all. My purpose in offering these stories is so that they can be published. I do not want to share these stories just for private reading. So, if you have an interest in a story that has begun and that you will finish and publish, send me a private message. I look forward to seeing your good work.
  25. a6uldeve84u


    With the approval of drscorpio, I am offering to any reader/writer some of my own stories which I have begun and developed but just can not get around to finishing them. Some are relatively newly begun while others have quite a bit of length to them already. In any event, authorship of these stories will pass to YOU as you will be publishing them under your screen name. I want no credit nor acknowledgement for them at all. My purpose in offering these stories is so that they can be published. I do not want to share these stories just for private reading. So, if you have an interest in a story that has begun and that you will finish and publish, send me a private message. I look forward to seeing your good work.

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