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Found 7 results

  1. I’m looking for a friend I met about the year 2000. I was living in Oakland and would go trick out with this hot black guy in San Francisco. He worked for a pharmaceutical company, I think. I remember he lived a little south of the City in a townhouse/condo that overlooked the city. He was Black, good looking, good body, great top, nice dick, drove a motorcycle plus his regular car. He liked picking up Mexican trade because they let him fuck raw, no questions asked. I wasn’t into raw and told him I’d go raw if he promised to pay my medical for the rest of my life. He had strongly hinted that status was a concern. We vibed mentally but I wasn’t ready for a relationship. Best dates were seeing Requiem for a Dream (worst date movie), fucking on my stomach looking out the balcony to the city, and last date where I was blindfolded and tied up and he told me he entered me raw when I knew it was a toy. He’d be in his 50s, maybe even early 60s if he’s still alive. I met him probably through an aol account, his screen name was pretty straightforward like black4u or something like that. If any details sound familiar, would love to hear from him again, and definitely open to going raw. Clues, anybody?
  2. The quick version: Long term boyfriend is Poz undetectable, I was negative as of testing last fall, we've always played bare. Not a bug catcher, want to stay negative as long as I can, but also not willing to give up bare sex to keep it that way. Basically I accept the associated risks involved with our behavior. Recently his viral count came back as too high to be considered undetectable and it's really done a number on his libido and self esteem. He's missed his Meds frequently the past few months due to exhaustion and stress messing with his body chemistry. He's also weary of penetrating me now, which is very frustrating as I don't allow condoms. How can I get his groove back and show him his status is not something that I define him by, but not come across as a chaser either? (First real post too btw, love the forums here. Keep up the outstanding work gents!) (It's friday, have a big cock)
  3. I was an executive who looked and acted the part, so few if any, knew about my sexuality or that I got off on pozzing someone once in a while. I was in my thirties, clean cut, worked out three times a week at the gym, and had progressed up the corporate ladder from a cubicle to my own office. As I was a total top, and had never done drugs, neither my doctor nor I could readily figure out how I got the bug. Of course my doctor gave me the whole spiel about safe sex so I wouldn't poz anyone else, but I could tell he himself liked to poz guys one occasion, just for the added sexual thrill that enhanced how great his dick felt when he ejaculated into a neg hole and knocked it up with his toxic sperm. I found myself fantasizing about pozzing some of the assholes at the company, but knew there were few if any gay or bi bottoms, or, for that matter, any versatile guys who worked there who wanted to fuck around with me, let alone who wanted to be pozzed. My opportunity came a few months later via a smart-ass punk in the mail room. I first encountered him a couple of months after he had been hired. The punk was a snobby 21 year old who thought he was better than others and was rude to those he thought beneath him including the janitors, maintenance men and other, mostly blue collar workers. I took offence partly because Ron the janitor and Joe, the fat maintenance man, were my friends, not to mention they too were respectively bi and gay. They were about 50 years of age, and both were also poz. Ron had fucked Joe and pozzed him, but Joe was still fat and flabby. They were good pieces of ass and sucked great cock. We discussed the mail boy, and agreed he needed some punishment. He was nice enough to me so I decided I would seduce him and hopefully pump my seed into him on behalf of my buddies. I became friendly with the punk, whose name was Bobby. He initially said he was straight with a fiancée, but a friend of mine mentioned he had seen Bobby on more than one occasion at one or another gay bar, as well as having seen him at Pride Fest. Another acquaintance mentioned he had seen Bobby sucking off a good-sized black man (who looked like a pimp) in an alley. I use the information on Bobby, and finally he admitted to being bi-sexual. I then asked him if he liked older men and he replied "Someone your age is okay, but not ugly old geezers like Ron and Joe." I flattered him with bullshit and then asked him what sex he liked. He freely answered, saying he was versatile and liked to bottom for men larger than himself. I fit the bill, being a full six feet tall and about 200 to his 5' 10" and 170. My dick was just a bit longer than the average six-incher, but thickened just past the head so it felt like an eight or nine-incher in girth to most assholes I fucked. I persuaded him to suck me off during lunch which he did in a stall of an out of the way mens room. He was a surprisingly good cocksucker who readily swallowed my seed, which, of course, I hadn't told him was toxic. Still I knew there was little chance I would poz him if he was only giving me a blow job, but even so I let him suck my cock at least once or twice a week, just for the good feeling of establishing myself as the man and him as the punk. Oh, I guess I also enjoyed using his mouth as a convenient receptacle to get my rocks off in. After a few weeks I let it slip that I wouldn't mind fucking his ass, but I added "But only if you're neg." He replied "I guarded my ass well 'cause I don't want to be pozzed." "I always use rubbers when fucking a guy" I commented, but neglected to tell him I was poz, and he didn't ask me as to my status, so I assumed he took that my healthy clean-cut looks to mean I was neg. Anyhow, we made a date and a week later, after work, we met-up. I called a cab and took him to a cheap hourly motel where, once inside the room we hugged and kissed as we had a couple of times before when he sucked me off. We stripped and hugged and kissed some more. I then had him suck my dick to full hardness, leaving it wet with his spit. I produced a condom, opened it and began to put it on while he climbed onto the bed, laying on his stomach. While he was making himself comfortable I slipped off the condom, added a little lube to his spit on my hard dick and mounted him, telling him "I'm going to enter you now. Relax your ass and kind of push out like you're about to take a shit and it'll go in easier with less pain." "Okay," he replied. I lined-up my dick to his hole, adjusted my position and pushed the head in. Of course he flinched a little. I then shoved it in another inch or two so the thicker part of my shaft entered and stretched his anal ring. He flinched and yelped and I held my position while he got used to it. I wanted to have both pleasure for my penis and put pain to the punk, but I didn't want him to scream bloody murder so the whole neighborhood could hear. After a minute, (which seemed much longer), I drove it home right up his ass. He yelped and whined from the pain of my swift penetration. I lay on his back to keep him pinned down, as well as to get him used to my cock, even though I generally prefer to start right in pounding the assholes to rip 'em up inside, but with tighter holes I didn't need to work hard to tear them up, and honestly I was enjoying the sensation of his snug ass wrapped around my weapon. I flexed my dick in him a few times, enjoying his reaction, especially how my dick stretched his already stretched-out hole. I thought about a black friend's nine or ten-inch cock, and found myself initially moving slightly in and out, but gradually lengthening my stroke and speed. I varied my approach, but avoided working myself up to orgasm because I wanted to split his rectal tissues as much as possible, certainly until I figured enough blood was flowing to ensure easy passage of my virus into his bloodstream. I had fucked a neg size queen who hadn't been fucked in a couple of weeks. The queen's hole had been as loose as a woman's vagina, was a lousy fuck and failed to sero-convert. Three months later the queen still tested neg, but I was determined to convert Bobby, who was definitely in pain. After all, he had mentioned he got fucked maybe once a month or less, usually by men with small to average dicks. I pulled almost all of my dick out of Bobby to check it, and in the process saw just a trace of pink so I rammed a series of hip-snaps in order to rip his rectum some more and checked my dick again. It was covered with a better layer of pink so I began piston-thrusting in him, grinning to myself as I pounded away. I felt good. My dick felt good, almost like a piston in a cylinder, as I took pleasure in fucking Bobby. Knowing how he would suffer added to my thrill. Knowing that many younger guys weren't as diligent about taking their meds as we older men are, and thinking of how he'd decline in health and suffer in years to come, mostly from the result of my mighty meat pumping my life-changing virus-filled cum into him. I fucked him faster, taking full strokes, my pelvis sometimes slapping his ass. I was closing in for the kill, getting ready to fill him with my HIV. The thought excited me more as I fucked him. I got close and then slowed my pace a bit. I had discovered that slowing as I reached orgasm enabled me to shoot more cum for a few more seconds which also felt great not to mention how even better my dick felt ejaculating. I adjusted my pace, got closer and felt my nuts draw up and my cum begin its journey from them through my dick, into his ass and into his bloodstream. My penis erupted in pure pleasure, shooting spurt after spurt into him. I held it still a moment as half a dozen spurts filled him and then resumed thrusting in a series of hip-snapping thrusts to pump the rest of my load up his ass and mash my virus-carrying sperms through the fissures in his anal walls created by my early-on thrusts and into his bloodstream. My dick felt absolutely fantastic flooding him with my potentially deadly disease. I rested on his back, my thick dick still buried balls-deep in his sore ass. I felt good and could feel the naive punk massaging my dick with his ass muscles milking my cum out of my dick into him. I thrust a few times more to further force my virus-laden sperms and semen into his rectal walls and bloodstream. The afterfuck was nice especially because I was doing my best to infect him. I took a nap on his back with the intention of reloading and adding a second load of virus to further make sure I infected him. Over half an hour passed and my dick was till nominally hard so I began with short strokes while thinking of him years later suffering in some hospice or in an alley looking like discarded trash. Soon my dick was rock hard again, but this time I didn't need to work his rectum; I had only to fuck him and enjoy getting my second load of HIV off in his ass. I fucked him for about ten minutes and had a great feeling second orgasm in his wrecked rectum, my penis pulsing with pleasure with each spurt of infected cum I shot off in him. I thrust slowly while shooting and then rammed a series of hip-snaps to finish the job. Again I rested and felt a warm feeling of having enjoyed using him for my pleasure while fucking-up his future which furthered my pleasure. About twenty-five minutes later I pulled my softening dick out. It was coated with a nice pink mixture of cum and blood. Grinning, I told him to get up and suck it clean. He was a bit shocked at seeing my dick but I asked him what the dick of the man who broke his ass cherry looked like. He said it looked similar and finally got on his knees and sucked my dick clean. After he finished sucking my dick clean I told him to kiss it and my balls. He respectfully did. I flirted with the idea of ordering him to swallow my load of piss, but decided I'd cross that bridge in an underground sex club later on. The most important part of the day was that I had a most enjoyable time infecting him by fucking him and getting my virus-laden rocks off in his ass, just to fuck him up. Things went on normally at work although we did notice how he walked due to the pain my thick dick and my good hard thrusts had put to his ass. "Looks like some man had a good time." someone said as a queue of us left the mail room after work a couple of days later. I had to keep from grinning and swelling with manly pride and then had to go to the men's room to relieve my hard on, that began bulging my pants. I would have liked to wait for Bobby to get off so I could at least use his mouth but he was too busy and there were no other bottoms to take care of my needs. I was about to go into a stall and whack off into the john when Ron came in to clean the restroom. Hearing him push his cart through the door I looked over the stall door to make sure it was him and came out showing my hard dick. "Hi Jerry. You do it?" he asked. "Sure did. Did you seen him in the mail room?" "Yeah. He looked like he took a bus up there," Jerry chuckled. We hugged and kissed and then he asked me to slide my meat in his ass. We went into the large handicapped stall where he sucked on my dick. We dropped our pants and he bent-over while I greased up my loggerhead, and positioned myself at his ass. Ron was in good shape, although on the skinny side, but he was always skinny unlike Joe who weighed almost a hundred lbs. more than did Ron. I entered Ron, hilted myself in him and fucked him. He was a good fuck and I relished the opportunity to fuck him, as I knew Ron saw himself as a lowly peon, who was fortunate to be fucked by a high-status. I fucked him for about ten minutes and then blew a good load up his ass. It occurred to me the orgasm was especially good, given that I blew my load into an ass that was the same HIV status as my dick. I fucked him until I stopped cumming, pulled out and let him suck my dick clean. Unlike most assholes he willingly drank my piss before sucking off of my dick, leaving it clean and dry. Then Ron kissed my cock and my balls, we pulled up our pants, hugged but didn't kiss, but thanked each other. Then I left, my needs for the afternoon satiated. Almost a month later Bobby called in sick saying he had a bad flu and that he felt like he'd been beat-up in an alley. Upon hearing about him my dick hardened in my pants. Fortunately I was in my office at the time seated at my desk, so no one could tell I had an erection. During break time I found Joe who was happy to suck me off. He always gave me good head and I enjoyed an excellent orgasm in his mouth thinking of how Bobby was feeling worse than shit. As had Ron, after he swallowed my load, Joe respectfully drank my piss, and kissed my cock and balls before I pulled my pants back up. Bobby returned to work a month later but only because they hadn't yet hired a replacement. He looked beat and when we were alone, he said that he likely had HIV, but that he would wait three months before he was tested. I felt he was fit enough to resume sucking me off a few weeks later and persuaded him to get on his knees and get his lips wrapped around my dick and get busy sucking me off. He worked there a couple more years, was on meds and apparently never realized I had pozzed him. As I predicted to myself, over the next two decades Bobby was a bit careless about his meds and his health deteriorated so he ended up on welfare in a group home. I, on the other hand, had stuck with my regimen, and had taken care of myself, so I was in good health. Over the years I had several promotions and then retired on a nice pension with benefits. I had pozzed a few more neg guys. Each occasion gave my penis perfect pleasure with each spurt of my poz jizz in the guy's negative hole. Some were bug-chasers, some didn't care, and some I stealthed. If I may say so, even at fifty I looked great so the guys were clueless as to my status and many bug-chasers thought I was neg. Ron and Joe were as diligent as I was but Joe did lose some of his weight so he was about 200 when I last fucked him. I was also able to line-up a few bug-chasers for them to knock-up. Watching those two hard working men enjoy the pleasure of fucking and knocking-up young neg and some old neg holes was a turn on. We also joined a team of fellow poz tops to gangbang bug-chasers a few times.
  4. What is your current HIV Status?
  5. Just as the topic states. I put "don't know" in there, and would suggest that guys who haven't been tested in over a year answer "don't know" even if their last test was neg. You could also answer "don't know" for example if you feel like there is a strong chance you were recently infected, but haven't been tested yet. The other answers are self explanatory, but feel free to elaborate in a post if you want.
  6. Just as the topic states, we all know that PrEP significantly reduces the risk of contracting HIV, but I am wondering who "sorts" a bit, and who doesn't. For myself I ask most of the time, and am fine with "neg" and "undetectable" but I have had some instances recently where I haven't asked at all. There is also a guy who is poz, pretty healthy, but not on meds, who wants to fuck me, and I have to admit I am ambivalent about it.
  7. I'm a huge bareback fan but because of a lot of reasons, the cost of medications I hear about definitely being one of them, I'm doing my best to remain negative. I use condoms on most encounters and have only a couple of guys I bareback with. I met another guy online a few months ago and after chatting awhile he seemed honest and open, so we barebacked, and it was hot. He's a great top and filled me up with a nice load. I'd like to add a few more barebacking tops to my FB list. I know any barebacking puts me at some risk, but am I really minimizing the risk by asking the right questions? I know all it would take would be one top that lied about his status to change mine. How many, if any tops have lied about their status before fucking a guy bare?

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