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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    A successful bug chaser that knew that getting pozzed was never gonna be enough for me.
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    AIDS strains with med resistance to ALL MEDS from every single toxic fukker out there. I need to become a proud AIDS pig that loves having 100% med resistance like the best pigs do. Want blood slams from every single toxic pig that will give me one. All STDs welcome too. No limits pig here.

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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to swap Cumholez too. Please let me if there are Hot parties in DFW. Thanks for following me. XOX

  2. My favorite use for condoms is blowing them up in place of balloons
  3. 404969 2583  Lets be ALL about AIDS

  4. will be in dallas /arlington/ addison late may

    3 chances to get my load !

    hit me up 


  5. Fuck man, I would LOVE to play with you & get my cock & tongue up your AIDS filled fuck hole!

  6. I plan on shaving my head bald and all the body hair I am covered with. The skinheads that I chat with want me hairless like they all are. I started growing body hair in the 4th grade and am honestly looking forward to not having any hair in awkward places. I might just have it all lasered off for good if I like the feeling of being hairless.
  7. If you've got med resistant AIDS that I can get from you I want to hear from you. My cell is 4698663249 and I will chat with any toxic AIDS pigs that message me. Willing to travel anywhere for your AIDS death strains. I look forward to hearing from you hot toxic fuckers soon

    1. toad2


      want to share your bugs




  8. I am usually wearing boxer briefs of some sort... My favorite pair is my Psycho Bunny boxer briefs that I got from Neiman Marcus
  9. I am 29 right now and have been chasing AIDS since I was 24... I really wish that I had been successful at getting AIDS years ago when I first began chasing AIDS. I'd probably look like a AIDS pig should after nearly 5 years with the med resistant strains doing their work on my body. I know that I would have gotten the diagnosis and proof I got the full med resistance that my AIDS pig had to share. Just thinking about it makes my current attempts to get infected with AIDS all the more important to succeed and get AIDS now. I think I am better prepared for the lifestyle change that is comi
  10. I have wanted nothing else except for full blown AIDS for at least the last 5 years. Everything else has been secondary to my desire to get AIDS. Promotion at work, new car, new apartment... None of it meant anything to me at all. AIDS is even more important to me than my friends and my family. They don't understand why I want this and they never will either. I know that after I succeed at getting AIDS nothing will ever be more important than it is until the day I die. The only thing that even comes close to being as important as AIDS is slamming meth. I don't just want AIDS when I'm high thou
  11. I wish my was like that
  12. My family was fairly normal in the long run... I didn't have to deal with sexual abuse or incestual relations. In a way I feel like I missed out on such a fun fucked up life. That's part of the reason why I am going to Poz my dad, brother and nephew very soon and think nothing of it.
  13. thx for chasing.  we need hundreds more guys like you to get pozzed every month.  let's start a new epidemic

  14. Looking for a pig with full blown AIDS to infect me...

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