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  1. First time I got fucked I was 14. A guy found me walking home from football practice after dark. He had a gun but no lube. I never felt anything so painful or wonderful or more deadly. He left me bleeding and full of sperm. I had thought he was going to leave me dead. To this day, with a wife and four kids, this is still what I consider an erotic fuck.
  2. If anyone gets wind of a bb party, I would bring my married ass and welcome loads no questions asked. levonprine@yahoo.com
  3. I am a married bb bottom. Not on prep. I have taken countless undetectable loads but no known toxic ones. I ask but so far I am turned down once I say that I am married to a woman. I am sure I have received them but no fuck flu and I have been tested since my last in Dec 2019.
  4. Bottom Jim, could you please share information on DC based bb parties? I would like to participate.
  5. Bi harry, I would love to get connected with local bb parties. I live in Vienna. Please share your party details if you might. Thank you!!
  6. I share my wife's used panties with any tops who like the taste of cunt and ass. It helps them cum. I love that they are thinking about her when they cum. I invite guys to cum I the crotch of her clean panties. Many have taken me up. They go back in her clean panty drawer of course.
  7. I was raped at gunpoint when I was 14. I was walking home from football practice at night and took an unfortunate short cut behind an elementary school. I assumed that he was going to kill me and I was shocked when he allowed me to walk away with his teaming sperm inside me. Sat home for dinner across from my mother with cum leaking from my ass. I never told a soul until a therapist decades later. At age 36, married to a woman and with four young children, I began craving unprotected sex with gay men and I haven't stopped. I am now thankful to my rapist for creating me to crave raw sperm
  8. If a guy insists on using a condom, I complement him on his wisdom, and I politely decline to meet because sperm inside my body is the whole point (for me). The majority of the time, he chooses bareback after all. In earlier years, I would agree to the condom and back onto his cock before he put it on (or I pulled it off) but I am less bold these days.
  9. Does anyone need a visitor to replace the raw fucking they would have had at MAL? I am a masculine married (to a woman) man who is neg and not on prep. If your goal was to convert one person at MAL, perhaps I can help and give you a second conversion with an assist. levonprine@yahoo.com
  10. I live on Post Rd in Vienna VA. Neg raw bottom.
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