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  1. Rough mostly, bit of spit on his cock then into my tight arse...
  2. Yeah, I become quite vocal when being a cumdump. Moaning, groaning and plenty of "yes sir, fuck me hard" and "use my hole" seem to come out of my normally quiet mouth!
  3. Bench bring out my primal side a bit more - slings are a bit too gentle, love being pounded over a bench...
  4. Stayed in a hotel this weekend, not long checked in when I fired up Grindr on my phone. Guy comes up only 25 metres away - must be in the same hotel. He’s into leather (so am I) and he’s a dom top. Even better as I was definitely in a submissive mood! He asks for the room number, I get into my leather gear - leather shirt, leather jeans, boots and jacket. He knocks on my room and he comes in - similar gear, but also has a muir cap on as well. Hot as hell, in his 50s. He grabs me by the back of the head and pulls me in for a snog. After a few minutes of this I’m getting horny so he pops open my shirt and starts playing with my nipples. I’ve got really sensitive nipples and I keep moaning - “does that hurt boi, good!”. After a few minutes of that he undoes the poppers on his shirt and goes “play with my nipples boi”. I lick and play with them before he goes “suck my cock boi” and he pushes me by the shoulders onto my knees. He has a pair of sailor front leather jeans, with a flap that comes down. He unzips both sides and a thick cock comes out. He shoves it into my throat and I enthusiastically suck it deep. He’s clearly enjoying it as he puts his hands on the back of my throat and starts pushing it deeper into my throat - I can taste the precum. “Oh, you’re a good boi, aren’t you?”. He then says “I want to fuck that arse of yours, do you want fucked boi?”. I reply “yes sir”. He pulls down my leather jeans and pushes me down over the edge of the bed. He then lubes my arse - I have quite a tight arse but this guy knows what he’s doing, plenty of lube and a bit of work with his finger and he’s got me wanting his cock. I feel his cock pushing in, I breathe deeply in and he pushes it in further, before he moves gently in and out for a bit. Then he starts building pace, slowly at first and then I feel his thighs pushing more into me. He starts spanking my arse and legs hard as he does so. I start gasping and (a thing I don’t always do!) I start dirty talking - “yes sir, fuck this slut”, “fuck me hard sir, use my hole” and other things I can’t honestly remember. As I’m saying these things he’s responding by fucking me harder. I feel him pounding away, leather clad thighs slapping against my bare arse. I’m moaning loudly and after a few minutes I hear him going “I’m going to seed you boi” - I reply “yes sir, seed my hole sir” and shortly after I hear him groaning loudly and he thrusts his cock deep inside and I feel it pulsing. “Yes boi, take my seed, yes, yes”. He keeps his cock in for about a minute, then withdraws. He whispers in my ear “you’re my little bitch boi now, I’ll use you and your holes again. Give me your number.” I give him my phone number and he chuckles and leaves the room. I feel my hole and feel the cum dripping out. I then jerk off before having a shower. Completely unexpected that meet - usually Grindr is a lot of talking and no action, especially for fetish and BB - not this time!
  5. Fag, love to be made to submit and take his dick hard in my arse. The top can call me what he wants when he's doing it - I respond well to slut.
  6. For a very long time I've always been a top, into leather and rubber (hence the fetishgear nick on here). Last year that changed for me, so here's the story of how I "turned" into a bottom. This (like my other experience I wrote on here) happened on Hampstead Heath, in October 2016. I went to the Heath in my usual cruising gear - leather shirt, leather zip up jeans and boots. It was about midnight, a full moon was out so visibility was quite good for a change. I made my way to the fuck tree and a few guys were bent over with their trousers down their legs. Only one was being fucked, and he was quite noisy, moaning as the top was fucking him. I could feel myself getting hard watching him being fucked. I decided to see what else was on offer. I walk further down, through a bit of a clearing. Stood at the side of the path I see a skinhead guy, in his 40s, slim but athletic build, in a rubber polo shirt, rubber jeans with a codpiece, tall boots (probably 30 holes). He looks really hot, just my type. I stop down the path a bit and look across at him. He walks up and we feel each other's cocks through our gear. He smiles and whispers "follow me" - I follow him into a deeper part of the woods. He stops, turns and snogs me. He's a really good kisser and I rapidly get hard. I feel his cock through the cod piece and he's getting hard too. After a few minutes of vigorous snogging, I feel him wrapping his leg around my leg and pulling me towards him. This puts me off balance and I fall to my knees. Nice move! He pulls off the codpiece rapidly, I hear the three snappers snap and I feel a cock being pushed into my mouth. I gag as it gets pushed in - it felt about 6 inches, uncut and thick. I pull my head back and he grabs the back of my head and pushes it back onto his cock. I gag again but he doesn't release his hands, forcing me to take his cock. After pumping my mouth a few times he releases his hands allowing me to gasp for air. He bends over and says "we're going to keep doing this until you do it without gagging" in a rough Southern accent. His cock is thrust back into my throat and he starts to slowly pump away, each stroke hitting the back of my throat. To start with I keep gagging, but after a few goes I'm able to take it without gagging as much. I can taste his precum, smell his rubber jeans and I feel drool dripping down the front of my leather shirt. After a while he says "get to your feet". I do so and he starts to snog me and pops open a few snappers on my leather shirt, playing with my nipples. He whispers in my ear "I want to fuck that arse of yours". I reply "I'm usually a top". He chuckles and goes "you're no fucking top you fucking cocksucker, I'm going to fill your arse with my cum until it's dripping out, how does that sound slut?". He pulls down the zip covering my arse on my leather jeans. I reply "I'm not sure". He chuckles again "you're wearing that and you're not sure, you know you want it and I know I want my cock in there". He gets on his knees and I feel a tongue in my arse, god that feels so good. I start moaning with pleasure. I'm really turned on by this point and I with a quiver in my voice I reply "I want you to fuck me". He continues rimming my arse before I feel a few fingers being pushed in, opening me up. I moan again with pleasure. "Sniff this", he says, passing me some poppers. I inhale deeply and feel a head rush and I know I want him in me. As I'm doing that I feel a cool liquid being poured and pushed into my arse. He moves me to a tall tree stump and bends me over. "Keep sniffing those poppers slut, I'm not going to stop until you're full of cum. Got that?". I reply "yes". I feel the head of his penis being pushed it and him holding it near the spinchter. I'm tight, I take another sniff of the poppers and feel myself relaxing. He pushes past the spinchter and I moan in pain. He then gently pushes in and out a few times, first of all inside me, then going in and out against my spinchter, which is now relaxing a lot. He then pumps slowly for a bit, before he starts speeding up. I feel each stroke and groan. As he speeds up I can feel his crotch slapping against my arse. He's getting more turned on as he starts dirty talk as he's pumping me. "You're liking this slut aren't you?", "Fucking leather top with my cock inside you, dirty slut". He keeps pumping away, and starts pounding with more force. It's starting to hurt a bit and I moan. He keeps pounding faster and faster before I hear him almost roaring "yeeeessssss, fuck yes, take my seed slut". I feel his cock twitching in my arse and he pushes his cock deep inside, with his full body weight on me. He then stays still for a bit, I still feel his twitching cock. After a few minutes he pulls his cock out, takes my hand and pushes it against my arse and says "feel that slut". I feel cum running out of my arse and down my legs. "Fucking slut, you're no leather top, you're my fucking sub bitch slut". I reply "yes sir, I am". He smiles, does up his codpiece and walks away. I get up, and do up my leather shirt and zip up my jeans, warm cum still dripping down my arse. And that was my initiation into the wonderful world of being a sub bottom slut.
  7. Thought I’d put up some of my bareback experiences over the years. I used to be a leather top, but I never was particularly dominant, and realised I loved being bred about a year ago, but that’s another story for another time... A couple of years back I visited London and I’ve visited Hampstead Heath a few times. Feeling horny, I got into my leather gear (leather jeans, leather shirt, boots) and headed up in my car. I parked up and walked down the dirt road, past the pond and towards the area I know that there’s often action - the infamous fuck tree. This is a tree which has grown at a convenient height and angle for guys to bend over. As I arrive, there’s a few bottoms bent over the tree, waiting for tops to fuck them. The bottoms vary - there’s a guy in tracksuit bottoms, couple in jeans and one in leather chaps. Interesting, might pop back later on. I continue having a wander. As I walk down a path I see a twink-ish looking lad - white shirt, matt effect PVC jeans and shoes. I look at him and hold his gaze for a bit and walk past him on the path and stop a bit up. He looks back towards me and walks up. I instantly get hard as he’s quite cute and he’s wearing at least some fetish gear! I get the impression that he’s not been cruising a lot and is just getting into fetish. Fine by me! We move away from the path and I initiate a snog, which he returns with gusto. I start running my hands up and down his body, he’s quite fit, slim but with a bubble butt and a good sized cock. He appears a bit nervous, but that’s even more of a turn on. He gets down on his knees and unbuttons my leather jeans. I’m not wearing any underwear so my precum soaked penis falls out and he starts enthusiastically sucking my cock. God this lad is good! He can’t take it very deep, but he’s got good technique. I decide that I want to fuck that bubble butt. I whisper to him “I want to fuck your arse”. He stands up and I start snogging him, running my hands down his arse crack and running a finger into his hole. God it feels tight! He’s quivering at this point but I turn him around and push my cock up and down his arse crack. I have a small pack of lube so I lube up my cock and his arse and gently try to push my cock in. It won’t go in he’s so tight. At this point he gets cold feet and moves away. So I’m standing on Hampstead Heath, rock hard cock sticking out of my leathers, horny and frustrated and needing to blow a load! I coax my cock back into my leathers. I decide to walk back towards the fuck tree. As I approach I see a muscular top in a rubber surf suit and waders pounding away at the bottom in leather chaps I saw earlier over the fuck tree. This rubber top is fit as fuck and has drawn a bit of a crowd of guys, wanking their cocks. There’s noises of slapping and groaning as he’s really giving the bottom a good working over. There’s a loud groan as the top dumps his load in the bottom’s arse. The top then walks away, as do a lot of the crowd. After that pounding I was expecting the leather chap wearing bottom to wander off as well. He just stays bent over the fuck tree. Horny as all hell now, I know I need to dump my load and I think that by now that bottom will have a well lubed arse with that top’s cum, plus he's in leather which is a major turn on for me. I extract my cock from my leathers and approach the bottom. I run my hand up and down his body - he’s an older guy, probably late 40s, toned, wearing a leather biker jacket and chaps. I tap my cock up and down his arse crack, he moves his legs aside a bit and I push my cock into his arse. Unlike my first attempt, this time it goes in really easy and I feel the warm cum from the top on my cock. Fuck this is hot. I start to slowly pound away and a small number of guys gather. I feel a hand playing with my nipples and a hand cupping my arse. I start speeding up, feeling the top’s cum lubing my cock with each stroke. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long and after a few minutes I pushed in deep and let out a loud groan, feeling my cum pulse deep into the bottom’s hole. I then pull out with a massive grin on my face. I look down and whilst it was dark I can see some of the cum dripping out of the bottom’s arse, and wet cum all over the crotch of my leathers. And with that I walked back to the car, spent but happy. One of my best nights ever on the Heath.
  8. Nice and horny man

  9. Leather and rubber are major turn ons for me. I think it's the smell and sound of each, plus the fact that I associate them with sleazy horny sex. They also look horny as fuck with piss and cum dripping off! Also got major fetishes for watersports (warm piss running off a horny body is horny, pissfucking, even hornier!), nipple play (I'm normally a top, but a guy who tweaks my nipples in the right way can turn me into a slutty bottom), verbal (love giving abuse), spanking (such a horny sound when you're slapping a bottom's arse).
  10. Been following the forum for a while, thought I'd make my first post all about my first bareback experience. I was in London and had a few drinks with my mates, and ended-up stumbling back to my hotel room at about 2:00 AM, having had quite a few. I felt as horny as hell, so I got into the leather jeans I had packed and fired up Grindr on my phone. While I was looking around and a couple who were staying in a nearby hotel messaged me: Couple: "Hi there, like your profile, are you into bb?" Me: "Not tried it before, but open to it" Couple: "Love your profile, we're a couple, one top, one bottom, both into leather" Me: "Cool, want to meet?" They then sent me the details. By how it was about 3:00 AM. I wandered the ten minute walk to their hotel, all the while nervous and yet turned on. When I arrived at the hotel, I texted them whilst standing outside. One of the two guys came out of the hotel, smiled and said "Follow me." He was mid-30s, slim, shaved head with nice eyes and a wicked smile. Dressed in full leathers, I entered the hotel, passed through the lobby, walking past, but not looking at the reception clerks. I can only imagine what they were thinking! When I arrived at their room, I met the other half of the couple. He was also in his mid-30s, was somewhat more muscular of build, had short dark hair and was wearing a leather vest and a jock. The guy who had met me on the street then stepped into the bathroom, stripped, and came out in a pair of backless leather shorts. It was quite clear then who was the bottom and who was the top! The bottom guy started snogging me, and I snogged him back. Whilst I was doing this the top guy slid his finger down my leather jeans and started fingering my arse whilst tweaking my nipples - this really turned me on. The bottom then bent over on the bed, inviting me to fuck his arse. I undid the buttons on my leathers, my dick standing hard. (I remember being quite impressed that I was fully erect, given the amount I had to drink!) I fingered his arse, which was pre-lubed, and then slid my cock into his arse. It felt tight enough, but not too tight! As I was doing this, the top guy fingered my arse a bit more and I could feel his cock brushing against my arse cheeks. I then started pumping away at the bottom. Some porn was on the laptop nearby. The bottom pushed in and I pushed into him, and I kept pumping away for about seven or eight minutes. After that I couldn't stop myself anymore and growled "I'm going to cum, I'm going to.... ahhhhh" and I felt my cock twitch as it dumped my cum into the bottom's arse. After a few minutes I pulled out my cock. My cum was dripping off it, running down the bottom's shorts and a bit onto my leathers. With it getting late (as it was 4:00 AM-ish). I thanked them both and walked back to my hotel, a happy glow on my face. It was the first time I'd dumped a BB load, but it will not to be the last!

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