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    Various. Just try me.
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    Young professional. Wanting to be more embracing of my love for bare sex.
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    Wickr: needfree

    Someone who will take control but doesn't mind that I'm an aggressive bottom. Someone who knows that moans of protest just means you should fuck harder.

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  1. The only time a top should want to see a bottom's cock is to make him feel superior. Hear me out here, there's this amazing German guy, who I'm yet to hookup with. But it's clear that he wants someone with a small cock, small body that he can dominant and show his alphaness to. It was the only reason I shared a pic of my sissy cock. Generally I despise being asked for a cock pic.
  2. Sounds super hot. In the Netherlands here, think your buddy would be interested?
  3. Yeah. I'm definitely all bottom but love rimming ass. Would love to rim a guy who has been freshly bred.
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