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    Barebacking and risk/danger sex. Both straight and gay.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Mostly straight, prefer pussy and only date slutty women. But Will settle for an ass or mouthful of cum. Only safe sex I practice, is masturbation.
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    A unicorn of a woman. The sluttiest, skankiest, trashiest and dirtiest woman I can find to marry. Who would feed me jizz from her "cup" every day. Until then I would settle for getting an ass full of cum now and then. I Havnt had a load of jizz in my ass in over a decade. Maybe you can be my first. I have never taken a poz load. If you're lucky you can be the first. Especially lucky if you're unmedicated.

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  1. Considering that the whole reason why I play with men at all is so I can get bred and take loads, and be inseminated. As far as i am concerned there is no point to taking a cock in my ass unless it is going to be coating my insides with jizz. i only really care about getting easy and convenient loads. i wont go out of my way for a poz load, but i wont turn one down either if it was conveniently available. generally I am not likely even to ask about status, nor really care. As long as im getting my hole filled with cum, i don't care if those loads are neg, prep-laced, undetectably poz, poz-HV or full blown aids. As it is i plan to go to a bathhouse in the near future and hit the dark room or a sling and let whoever wants to empty their balls into my hole. if one of those happens to be toxic, then oh well. I also would not let a poz status on a profile determine if i meet them or not, if i meet them they would have a good chance at breeding me, if they have enough interest. Honestly i don't really even want to talk about status until after we are naked and i have a lubed, leaking, bare cock lodged deep inside me, So while i wont actively seek out toxic or resistant loads. I won't necessarily refuse them either, especially after the cock that will deliver it is already inside of me.
  2. Raw str8/bi bottom here in Eugene. Also travel to Portland about once a month, and moving to pdx in about a year. Aspiring cumslut looking take loads and get bred. quickie pump and dumps preferred. Status and viral level is irrelevant, only willingness to dump into a willing hole. Mainly just need to know a discrete place and time to meet you and take your load. Currently, nearly a cock-virgin only took 1 load, and only sucked 2-3 cocks between ages 18-now. most M4M experience is in group homes between ages 15-17.

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