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    Barebacking and risk/danger sex. Both straight and gay.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Mostly straight, prefer pussy and only date slutty women. But Will settle for an ass or mouthful of cum. Only safe sex I practice, is masturbation.
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    A unicorn of a woman. The sluttiest, skankiest, trashiest and dirtiest woman I can find to marry. Who would feed me jizz from her "cup" every day. Until then I would settle for getting an ass full of cum now and then. I Havnt had a load of jizz in my ass in over a decade. Maybe you can be my first. I have never taken a poz load. If you're lucky you can be the first. Especially lucky if you're unmedicated.

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  1. I prefer my top to let me know when he is cumming or just about to. that way I can focus on my ass more and try to savor the breeding, the experience of being inseminated. I make sure he knows he is encouraged to go deep and not pull out when he cums, even if i know he is poz and unmedicated. He would have already known i wanted him bare, as it would be a condition of him getting my ass. Once he is in, I dont want him to pull out until he has unloaded.
  2. The ending. When my inseminator has finally worked up his orgasm, just before, during and after he coats my insides with his jizz. The signals and knowledge he is finally at the plateau, the feeling of his release inside of me, the feeling of him leaking out after. Especially if there is another one ready to take his place and add another load of jizz.
  3. First time for me was when I was 14 years old. In pacific lodge boys home. late at nite in the showers, with a cute 16 year old blond boy named Chris Larkin. He got to fuck me for a good few times b4 I ran away from there. In fact him and another boy my age got to fuck me way before I ever got to touch some pussy. First time with a woman was when i was 17.
  4. first time raw was in a group home. no condoms were available. If anyone bought them on a store run, they would have been assumed to be gay and ridiculed, since it was a boys home. so first time was both planned and unplanned. One of the boys who fucked me, might have chosen to bag up, if rubbers were discretely available. The second time, and first time as an adult. It was basically planned. My top mentioned that rubbers were available and implied he would wear them if i wanted. I however mentioned that i don't use them so he didn't.
  5. I've been disabled for 20 years, on SSD. before that i worked a bunch of temp jobs and as a shipping clerk.
  6. the feeling of that cock as it thickens, pulses as it is shooting a load. Feeling the warmth of that load as it fills me. the feeling of it leaking out of me later. The knowledge that i have some man's dna inside of me to contribute to microchimerism.
  7. Cumslut, I'm not attracted to, nor can fall in love, or develop an attachment to men. The only thing i like about gay sex is the cum and getting bred. Because i'm not attracted to, or turned on by men in the first place. I have the luxury of letting any man who is interested, use my hole to empty his nuts. without having to be bothered by looks, morals, or status. It also means i want quantity over quality. Rather have 10 quick fucks each leaving a load, than a long fuck that only leaves 1 or 2. also would prefer a 3-pump chump, over a cocksman with stamina.
  8. I'm only in it for the cum. Also if i wanted to get fucked by a rubber dick, I would get a dildo. I don't want dick bad enough to put up with a wrapped one. So If the top wants to use a condom, he go go fuck someone else or jack off. It shouldn't be a prob with online hookups though. I make my profiles so they say, in one way or another, I don't want it safe, only raw. Also would mention it again during the chatting phase where we find out where we meet, so we not waste each other's time with a meet that isnt gonna go anywhere.
  9. I havent yet. But since the only thing I really care about is feeling that cock flooding me with cum and to have it leak out later. The least picky about the hole they use to unload in, the more likely they get to unload in mine. I have few to no standards who gets to seed my hole. Sooner or later some repugnant folks will get to seed me. Just have yet to run into any.
  10. Raw str8/bi bottom here in Eugene. Also travel to Portland about once a month, and moving to pdx in about a year. Aspiring cumslut looking take loads and get bred. quickie pump and dumps preferred. Status and viral level is irrelevant, only willingness to dump into a willing hole. Mainly just need to know a discrete place and time to meet you and take your load. Currently, nearly a cock-virgin only took 1 load, and only sucked 2-3 cocks between ages 18-now. most M4M experience is in group homes between ages 15-17.
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