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  1. To the guy who called the other day, I apologize, you caught me at a bad time. Please call back.

  2. I know this wasn't one of the choices, but..... I've enjoyed the times I've seen other guys have sex with my wife. Very, very hot.
  3. That is so fucking hot. A dream breeding! Congratulations!
  4. This is pretty much how the guys I prefer approach things. If they're going to take my ass, might as well do it as THEY please. THEIR pleasure, their anger, strength, force is all a big part of the allure for me. Use and abuse.
  5. Any San Francisco Bay Area cumpigs, poz daddies, taboo chasers, perved-to-the-max wanna chat or text or meet-up, My c3ll is 6.2.8-2.1.8.- I'm in the East Bay
  6. Thanks for touching base with me, always greaT to meet a fellow perv. six6six

  7. Exactly right. I suppressed my needs for years trying to fit into a mold that didn't contain all that I am. I'm a much better husband, etc., since I re-engaged this very important side of myself. I never judged her for her "dalliances", so - even though she doesn't know - why should she judge me for my tastes, tastes that she cannot possibly satisfy.
  8. I was 11, in a musty old rural motel in upstate NY with my uncle on a supposed camping trip.
  9. Maybe I haven't sucked enough cock to get bored. LOL> But since I'm drawn to dominant men with nasty intentions - and since I m married opportunities to get pulverized by a rock hard cock or 12 aren't that often, so it's always a thrill when a guy fores my head down onto his cock and puts me to work, especially if there's a crowd around.
  10. Married 18 years here. Kept a lid on the "real" me for most of it but that's changed in a big way.
  11. Hi all. East Bay of SF. Married, on dl, bottomslut with nastiest of fantasies. deadkimmer (at) mail (dot) co (dot) uk
  12. My "bachelor" uncle molested me as a kid. But I'm pretty sure I'm just how I am and would have been this way regardless. Still, he said he picked me cuz he "knew."
  13. Hi all. Great site. Glad , so glad, to find it and become a part of it. As for me? 44, white, 5'11, 175, lean but not cut. black hair brown eyes. Boring married white guy who's DL for charged-up power gifters who don't take no for an answer.
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