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Found 5 results

  1. 55 yr old cumdump

    Since 50 actively swallowing and being bread with my wife's blessings. What are the chances of getting the bug. I hate condoms and even when I have wanted it it was pushed in without Wife insists on seeing me do bb. And please explain trying intentionally to be poz
  2. White slut for Arabs

    Part 1 Hi, My name is Jessica, 23 years old, 5'5, 105 pounds. I have a slim frame but my ex-boyfriends say that I have a very nice set of breasts and full and firm ass 😝. i have blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyway I have just recently just finished my degree in international relations and decided to immediately take my master's degree. I really wanted to specialize in Middle Eastern politics so I searched for several universities in the Middle East that offered some sort of financial aid to international students. I ended up accepting an offer for a 2 year Masters degree in middle eastern politics in a university in Cairo. In order to give myself some time to adjust, I flew to Cairo two weeks before my term started. my parents had some reservations about sending me to Egypt, aside from the costs (I got a scholarship but you know, expenses would still add up eventually), they were also concerned about my safety, with all the security threats - terrorism and they've also heard that Arabs have a thing for white women like me so, there's that fear of me getting raped or harassed. I wasn't that concerned since I've always had a thing for Arabs anyway, it wouldn't be rape if it's consensual right? And also I've had my fair share of sexual experience with my previous boy friends (I had 3 in college, and 1 in HS all were safe of course). I thought that I might as well have some fun since I'm in a foreign country anyway hahaha. on my first day, I immediately felt that there were lots of eyes on me... was it because I wore things differently, I do tend to wear skimpy clothes or was it just because I'm white? Anyway I loved the attention that I was getting, guys were extra nice and smiled a lot. On my 2nd day, it was an afternoon and I was just hanging out in a local cafe, reading a book and suddenly a guy sat on the chair right in front of me, I was about to say that I preferred to be alone, but my oh my this guy was gorgeous, he was about 5'8, beautiful eyes, strong features and seemed to have a very toned built. He introduced himself and apparently he just finished his degree as well, he was 23 and was unemployed. His name was Hassan and we chatted for a bit talked about Cairo in General and the places I should go to before starting school... I couldn't really remember everything he was saying as I was just lost in his eyes and his beautiful face... until the conversation became a little bit personal. Hassan asked if I had a boy friend and I said no. He smiled and slightly laughed saying he couldn't believe it, he said that a beautiful girl like me should have a boy friend, then after a couple of minutes he became more forward and asked about sex, he asked if its true that American girls had sex all the time, and I said it depends but mostly just have sex every now and then but we're not like hypersexualized creatures or anything, he then asked about me, if I'd had sex and I said, a couple of times. He fell silent and I think he was shocked with how honest and open I was. After a few seconds he regained his composure and asked how I'd be having sex now that, I'm in Egypt and have no boy friend, to which I answered... "I don't need to have a boy friend to have sex" I also smiled a little showing that I liked him (gosh, I'm even more of a slut now than before, in America, I'd at least be drunk before I got to this stage of flirting) Hassan then asked me if I was okay with having sex with locals and I said "Hell, yeah!" He just laughed and I think that made him more aggressive, seeing that I was an easy catch, Hassan asked me to walk with him to his friend's place and I gladly did. It was just 4 or 5 blocks away and I ended entering this building, climbed several flights of stairs, and then we entered this room, it was actually a nice apartment, the inside was much better compared to how things looked from the outside, he said that a friend of his rents this place and we could hang out for a couple of minutes if like. I was like ... are you seriously asking me this now? Hahah and of course and I just replied with a simple yes, and cute smile. He got me some drinks and we watched some tv for a while, he sat beside me on the sofa and then he put his hands around my shoulders and then I felt he was already touching my boobs. He looked at me and then, I smiled and just went for it- I kissed him and he kissed back... gosh his such an amazing kisser... he then removed my shirt and he removed his, gosh he is even sexier than what I expected, chiseled chest with a little bit of hair and amazing abs... I licked his chest then his nipples and went back to kissing him. His hands were all over me and then he removed my bra and he went for my nipples, sucking them like a baby hahaha he loved it, he was fondling my other breast while he was sucking on the other one. He then removed his pants and underwear and there it was... one of the biggest dicks I've seen in my life... it was thick, cut and hairless. Probably 8 inches and almost as thick as a can of beer. I couldn't believe it but it hypnotized me... I found myself immediately playing with his cock head - licking it and sucking on it. As I sucked on him he kept moaning and grunting which made me even hotter for him... I then sucked his entire penis... and gosh was it really really big, I started to gag but it was also so amazing... a thick Arab cock in my mouth ... Yum. He was leaking pre cum and the salty taste made me want to suck him more. He put his hand on my head and started pushing it further into his cock until my nose reached his pubic hair... with that his cock was completely in my mouth and I started to lick his balls while my mouth was full... this made him go crazy and he became more aggressive. He removed my pants and my panty and we changed our positions... he dove right into my wet pussy... and started licking it. He then pushed a finger and another until 2 fingers were inside while his tongue was doing its magic... it was amazing... my ex boy friends weren't this aggressive and now I'm loving this... he then positioned his cock head on my pussy and started rubbing it into my pussy... the pleasure was amazing... such a big cock rubbing against my pussy's lips was so amazing... i couldn't help myself grabbed his head and I started kissing him, he was sweating and it was dripping on my face and my body, I usually preferred clean sex but this Arab god panting and sweating in front of me made me feel different... I licked his sweat and it made me even hornier. I asked if he had a condom and he said... no. Uhm what am I to do? I always played safe but this hot Arab specimen is right in front of me.., I thought maybe I could make an exception this time and told him to just shove his dick right in but to just not cum in me. And shoved he did... it was amazing. It made me jolt and the size made it a little bit painful but the way it stretched my vagina made me so full and it was like his penis was activating various nerve endings I never thought I had. He pounded me really hard... and then he'd go sensual... slowly pulling his cock half way out then slowly pushing it back in... again and again he did that then he'd go rough again. Until I heard him grunt and I realized he was cumming in me. I was in shock... this was the first time a guy ever came inside me but I also felt sexy... it was like sex was meant to be like this... raw and natural. I thought he was finished but after a few seconds he started to slowly pound me again... oh wow... this guys had stamina... he slowly pulled his penis out and pushed it back again slowly. He started kissing my neck and lips while caressing my breasts ... we were like that for maybe 15 minutes then I heard him grunt again and I knew he was cumming inside me for the 2nd time. My pussy was now very slick and it made me feel really hot. As he slowly pulled out his penis the thoughts and feelings involved with my first raw sex dawned on me and it pushed me over the edge... as he was slowly pulling out... I had one of my biggest orgasms in a long time. We then took a shower together while caressing each other in the shower and then got changed. We hung out for a few more minutes and then I decided that I had to get back to my dorm. He gave me his number and I gave him mine... we promised to stay in touch and as a left the room and walked through the narrow corridors of this old building. I noticed a handsome guy walking in my direction... this guy's maybe 5'9 a little bit more muscular than Hassan and gosh his eyes seemed to pierce through my soul... as I walked I noticed he was looking at me and was checking me out from head to toe. I felt embarrassed and I think I blushed a little... then after a few more steps our paths crossed and then later on I noticed he entered the room which I came from, he might be Hassan's friend... and I thought #1 That was close! And I couldn't help myself think what would have happened if he caught me and Hassan fucking on his couch. Haha
  3. Any advice?

    So, i'll introduce myself, im new here. Im a 19 year old living on the south coast of the UK. I currently identify as a gay man but recently have been very turned on by the idea of impregnating another mans wife or atleast cumming inside the wife. Im an experienced gay breeder even if i am young, all the sex i've had is BB and i have a personal no pulling out rule, if im inside, im cumming inside. As i said before, this raw animalistic side of me has recently turned to pussy, and i want to try it. I joined a swingers webside and have been offered to act as a natural sperm doner to a couple. My question is, should i do it? Has anyone here got any advice? Or maybe personal experience? Thanks for any replys, and Happy new year! And Happy Breeding!
  4. I love bb sex, I love the feeling of good sex and feeling like the top has just knocked me up. I'm a masculine guy, this feeling does make me feel a bit clucky. When I'm shared between my partner and another top, the feeling becomes more thrilling, not knowing who maybe the babies daddy. There has got to be other bottoms who feel this way, or tops who feel like they're impregnating their bottom fuck.
  5. I have a married fuck buddy who, before today, I've fucked three or four times. When we met about a month ago he told me that he wanted a fuck buddy and asked me I was neg and I assured him I was. He was a bit hesitant about the barebacking thing but I convinced him to try it and once he did it the first time with me he was hooked on it. Now he emails me at least once a week trying to get a piece of my cock inside of him. So today, my married man emailed me asking me if he can come over and get his ass pounded. I replied "FUCK YEAH" and told him to come on over. When he got to my place we started talking how his wife and he are trying to conceive a baby. How fucking hot is that! I was about to breed this sweet hot fucker's hole and send him home to his wife with his ass dripping with my cum. Then he is probably going to fuck her deep and seed her pussy with my cum still up his ass. I couldn't wait to start fucking him. We began making out, poppering-up and getting his hot hole nice and WET for my cock. For a married, bisexual guy, he sucks cock amazingly well, and the poppers turn him into a fucking slut! He begged for my dick - like a good little sub. All throughout our fuck session I kept imaging the look of his ass dripping with my cum even as he pounded load after load inside his moaning wife. Anyhow, I flipped him over on his back and lifted-up his legs and really start to pound away at his horny hole. He said to me "Kiss me, man" and that caught me by surprise. He usually isn't that big on kissing and I am usually the one to instigate it. Guess this fucker was so high on poppers and horny for my cock that he wanted my cock and my love all in the same fuck. I turned him over and start fucking in my favorite position, doggy style bitch! I'm pounding into his sweet wet hole, all nice and slicked up with gun oil and pre-cum, and he keeps on screaming, "FUCK ME harder dude... YEAH! Give it to me!" "Seriously? Fuck yeah I'll fuck you harder!" I started really laying into his sweet hole, pulverizing his tender fuckhole, making sure that this bitch is gonna be sore and dripping cum out his ass when he breeds his own wife. I told him to pass me the poppers and started really getting nice and high. Poppers for me always turn me on so much and makes me wanna cum, so I started pounding harder and harder and making my married bitch moan like a cat in heat. "You ready for my load bitch?" "FUCK YEAH" "You gonna seed your fucking wife with my cum in you bitch?" "YES! Give it to me man! SEED ME!" I pounded his fuck hole harder and harder 'til I felt my cock swell with a big fat load. I thrust deep into his hole and let my cum fill his sweet tight hole, making sure to get deep in there so he'd have it in there until later when he filled up his wife with his own cum. After we fucked, he got on top of my cock, rode my dick, and jerked his cock til he spewed his own cum all over my chest. He shot such a HUGE wad. I hope there is still a load or two left for his wife

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