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    Like it rough, wet and raw - sweat, spit, pits, piss and cum
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    Insatiable pierced (0g PA) perverted pig with no hangups and few limits looking for like-minded partner(s) in crime. Always on the lookout for interesting new places to fuck and other fun pigs to play with. Total switch here, can be top/dom or bottom/sub depending on the situation and who’s got the rope and cuffs. Work my nips hard enough and I’ll follow you anywhere.
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    Amateur porn and slamvids
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    Nice guys with dirty minds and a sense of humor. Clothing optional; boots, leather, gear and a bad attitude are always welcome. Bring your own duct tape.

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  1. Your mind is  as honest about lust  as could  be and I just have to follow a man who thinks out loud and certainly says it for me 

  2. Spit and cum are my two favorite forms of lube when fucking a guy.
  3. Same here. Never wear deodorant anyway but now I don’t have to shower either If I don’t want to. Huffing my own pits and crotch smell keeps me permanently horny and more or less perpetually edged since they closed the office. I smell like a sexed-up homeless junkie, all testosterone and pheromones - such an aphrodisiac I wish I could bottle and sell it. Anyway it’s definitely a silver lining to working remote for the duration.
  4. DALE COCHINO uffffffffffff 🐷😈
  5. I like teeth nibbling my ‘skin and around where my PA goes through - if it’s done right my eyes roll back in my head and my whole body shivers. Work my nips while you’re doing it and I’ll shove my cock down your throat and cum so hard It’ll blow the back of your head off.
  6. Love to bury my face in a guy’s ripe sweaty cock, balls - and pits and hole - for hours and hours. The smell and taste are like nothing else in the work.
  7. Got my cock sucked at the JC Penney’s in the old Omni Mall in Miami - right out in the open. The hunky little sales papi in his suit got down in the middle of one of those circular racks full of clothes, fished my cock out of my swim trunks and sucked it until I blew my load down his throat, all while I was standing in the middle of the store pretending to be looking through the clothes on the rack. I wonder how many other guys got the same customer service treatment...
  8. Depends. If I’m just out to bust my load and GTFO that’s what I do. But If I’m into the bottom and have time to stick around I really enjoy eating my fresh load out of his just-fucked hole. And if I’m really into the bottom I’ll feed it back to him, which usually gets me turned on enough to fuck him again and leave another load.
  9. Pierced. Ready to be inked.
  10. Careful what you ask for 😈
  11. You filthy junkie whore. More please.
  12. 1. Get a glad bag 2. Dump the dildos in 3. Chuck it in the dumpster
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