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  1. I personally don't enjoy fiction or fantasy on this site because reality is hotter and often crazier than fantasy. I had a boyfriend who would tell me stories during sex that were fantasies of his as if they were true in order to get off. Besides the fiction sections of this site, how much of the "true" stories and posts do you think are just fantasy written to get people off?
  2. I just got out of a relatively short but intense relationship with someone 15 years older than me who was on a med vacation. I was drunk at a pride event this past summer and he sort of just coaxed me back to his place (its not difficult to do). I only fuck raw and am 99% bottom. I had coincidentally tested neg at a booth earlier that day. We parTied and soon my legs were up and ass was presented for him to fuck. Normally I'm shy about sharing my taboo fetishes with new fucks but I guess he must have talked dirty enough for me to tell him that I was "sorta into poz guys cuz they're more uninhibited". Which is my gentle way of saying I love dirty, raw, pig sex and love nothing more than to take any and all cum in my ass. I'm a chaser who gets off on the mystery and lack of caring about anybody's HIV status. Anyway, as he was fucking me, he told me that he had been poz for a decade and he was taking time off from his HIV med regimen. He basically told me that he was going to fuck me raw and shoot his unmedicated viral cum in me, and that he did this often. Turns out he has a reputation as one of the sluttier fags in Reno. Needless to say I was in love by then. We got into a serious relationship immediately that was probably one of the funnest, wildest, and somewhat self-destructive few months of my life. He introduced me to a lot of the sleazy gay world that I never knew I was missing until then. Cruising park, bathhouse, bareback house parties, the works... He got off on the knowledge that there were hundreds of dollars worth of unused, crumbling, expired HIV medications littering the entire bottom junk drawer of his night stand. I admittedly couldn't help but get hard thinking of his hedonistic outlook on life. I also loved him as a partner and lover, and still do. Unfortunately our reckless lifestyle and my immaturity in relationships took a huge toll on us. Its hard to treat the person you love like meat who's only purpose is to please - then talk about dinner plans after you've both cum (at least for me, but this world is still new to me). Also my cum pig tendaeies made it difficult to resist temptation and not seek out cum any way possible. We broke up last month and I'm still not over it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Oddly I was shocked to have tested negative two weeks ago, meaning his charged cum and all the other anon or known poz loads I took didn't take....At least not yet. I guess I just have more time to take raw dick in my ass with the thrill of wondering if it will be THE ONE. Most unorthodox relationship ever in my life, but one thing I'll say is, I've never been bored with a poz man.
  3. Bb parTy bottom

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