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    Submissive bottom that performs best in D/s interactions where I get to play the obedient pup. He would ideally love and encourage me to be the giant slut puppy I am. I have few limits when I get into sub space, and always have the best time while there.
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    31yo, 6’2, 185, white, fit, blond, green, 7.6” UC, pup. I’m an open book and happy to answer anything. Single and polyamorous.
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    Dom top breeders, my Poz Daddy - I want to get knocked up and want to know the father. That doesn’t mean we have to stay in contact or anything after, but I want to be able to think back to how I got it while helping others along that path.

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  1. So, they don’t necessarily look for an actual HIV+ Diagnosis to disallow/terminate life insurance plans. It happens If you disclose your use of Truvada for PrEP as well. I speak from personal experience.
  2. I’m 100% bb and no prep at this point. Took me over a decade to reach the point where I could accept this is what I want. Now trying to make up for the lost time as a total safety Queen.
  3. Definite love my own scent, almost as much as someone else’s! Never wear deodorant, and love how the scent gets more prevalent throughout the day.
  4. Bet you’d look amazing with both piercings man! hope we find out what you decide. 😈 I can only speak to having my nipples pierced, and wish it had been better. First, it’s by far the worst I can recall, and I’ve broken bones, had major survived, etc. I’m glad I got them both done in the same session because I definitely would not have gone back for the second after the first. Definitely agree with other posts about how often they snag on things, and just how often that happens. What I haven’t seen mentioned, and forgive me if I missed it, is how they’re an instant target
  5. It seems I come across more and more profiles on this app specifically stating stuff like”no men,” “ no gays/homos/queers,” “only interested in women.” This feels very out of place to me. Grindr is marketed as for “Gay social networking and chat” but here are these guys specifically stating they’re uninterested in the primary aspect of the service. Straight guys, looking for women... like they can basically ANYWHERE else in the world. I pay for a subscription, so luckily I can block as many of these guys as i want, but don’t quite get why I should have to. The guys behind these profiles don’t
  6. San Diego has a bar called the Eagle that was the mains leather bar then another place called Pecs that was mostly a bear bar with Leather nights I think. There is a leather community there that really gets into kink and BDSM as well. I have some resources for those if interested. A small warning though - most members of those communities in San Diego are very anti-party. The kind of anti-party people that pretend they’re into it to get your location, then call the cops.
  7. Right now all the adult stores are open and fairly busy. The more popular venues are on Convoy or in Point Loma. If you want something outdoors Morely Field is a hot spot, and Blacks Beach is always busy in the summer. This past weekend at the later the beach was packed and the guys ready to breed. Hope this helps and have fun!
  8. I’ve yet to run into this with a guy saying he’s top only. It does sometimes happen with Vers/Tops, but usually only after we’ve played a few times. The worst offenders of this bait in switch that I’ve found are guys saying they’re 100% Vers and Vers/bttms.
  9. You’re loss then. The feeling of that piercing knocking around inside while someone fucks you is mind blowing.
  10. It’s so depressing to see bathhouses slowly disappear.
  11. you have a delicious bum.

    1. CABttm4Txc


      Well thanks is man! Always nice to receive a compliment like that. You give out some great advice and seem like an all around chill dude. 😁

  12. Thanks for the follow sexy

  13. Am uncut on this end, so may have some innate bias, but I prefer other uncut guys. The reason being, many cut guys don’t know how to play with uncut cock since it’s completely different from how they would play with their dick. Definitely had great fucks with both, love loads from both, enjoy sucking both, but if I’m wanting to get off without using my hand to do it, uncut makes that happen most often.
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