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  1. Quantity or Quality?

    I agree with you 100%! I get all my pleasure from the short it usually takes a top to complete their orgasm. Of course I love all fo the fucking process, but my sub/bttm mentality has gotten to the point where I don’t feel I’ve done well unless the top has cum in me. I’m actually happiest if a top can come quickley and leave or go again. The faster I get the tops off and out the more orgasms I get to experience. And the whole fucking experience feels better and better the more lubed my boy hole gets with cum. That being said, I’m there’s for them. I’m eager to allow them as much or little time as they need.
  2. Neither, ever. Gold star all the way. ⭐️
  3. Hi Pup ... thanks for the follow. Would be great to have you try to shock me sometime!

    1. Fistulike666


      That kind of flattery will  get you  just about anywhere with me just so long as it's sleazy, full-on and chem-fuelled

    2. PupShock


      I’m sure that would be a great time stud! I think there’s lots of activities we could get a jolt Kyle two from 😉😈

    3. PupShock


      You know how to subjugate a boy pup Sir! I’m all for that kk d if use!

  4. poz bb apocalypse

    😍😈yes please! I live a little south of Lid Angeles, CA
  5. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Anyone I may fool around with knows It’s not happening with the rubber. So mostly a need to know basis.
  6. poz bb apocalypse

    Just picked this up. Can’t wait to dive in.
  7. Fuckin' Oink~! Chasers like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too.  I gotta get to SoCal!

  8. So fucking sexy!!!

  9. Such a hot sexy slut - damn I wish I was local!!

    1. PupShock


      Thanks stud, feeling is definitely reciprocal. I need to get to Atlanta. 😈

  10. we should meet up at midtowne one day !

    1. PupShock


      I've yet to hit that one, but definitely game! when you in town next?

    2. Chargedup


      weekends are best ! 

    3. PupShock


      I'm on vacation two weeks as of the 12th 😈

  11. Favorite BB Porn Studio

    Dark Alley or TIM
  12. my poz cock

    Great album man!

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