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  1. Had a very hot time with @chargedindc and his Sir. Thanks to @chargedindc for marking this pig. 😈😈



  2. As deep as possible. Unless the load is being felched out or played with in another way, I want to have that load buried deep in my guts so I can carry it for as long as possible.
  3. For a large part of my 20 years of barebacking, my preference has been to keep it in. I've always really been grateful to the top for breeding me especially since he could have bred any number of holes and tried to keep it in as long as possible. And, I think tops really appreciate a bottom who wants to incubate their babies as long as possible. In the last couple of years felching and cumplay seem to have become more popular so there have been times I've pushed the load out to feed a cum hungry fag. Or even to snowball. Often that involves the breeding top or he's watching someone el
  4. I would echo much of what @subBottomKink and @find91 have already mentioned. I've been fisting for roughly 10 years as both a bottom and a top. As a top, I've played with quite a number of newbies, and also guys who have tried taking a fist from others, but have not been able to do so. I find that I like being able to pop their cherry and often can. I have a medium sized hand that collapses well, and I incorporate into topping a fisting bottom a lot of what I have learned as a fisting bottom myself. The focus of your post was on your sensations. Be sure to consider the top you're pla
  5. Anyone know of a gay friendly salon for waxing in DC / NoVA? Thinking of getting balls, taint, pubes, hole waxed. Also, any feedback about the experience, pros/cons that you've noted? Thanks!
  6. Decided to try out a new look


  7. Started getting ffisted in 2009, and it quickly became one of my favorite activities. Started out as a bottom, but changed to vers after realizing that you have to give a hand to get a hand. Since then I've noticed, especially in the last couple of years, a strong increase in the number of guys who are into ffisting. Definitely, use asspig.com as mentioned earlier to connect with playmates in your area. I find the certification feature there to be very helpful in identifying suitable playmates. I'm finding a lot of guys who are inexperienced but don't realize they are inexperienced becaus
  8. Just love reading this gradual progression from novice to ffisting pig. WOOF!
  9. I may get hard during foreplay, especially if kissing is involved. That gets me totally hard. Other than though, I'm always soft during a fuck. In fact, I really hate it when a top fucking me tries to play with my dick. I've always gotten my pleasure from my hole, so during a fuck all my focus is on my hole and his cock. The more he uses me, and the less he pays attention to my junk, the better a fuck it is for me. I don't need to cum. I get all my pleasure from getting bred by my top.
  10. Good luck with your journey locking up. There are a few good web sites that you can turn to for information, education, and resources. One was listed earlier. There's also lockedmen.net. I recommend reading this. There is a very useful section on this website called "suppliers" which lists the different manufacturers and online suppliers. Going through this section gives you an idea of the various types of materials and styles used to make cages. Many of the manufacturers describe how to measure yourself for their equipment. The two measures that matter most are the circumference of the
  11. Open wide and let him use you. Breathe through your nose and enjoy having your throat used like a fleshjack. Being able to handle a hard throat fucking that produces gobs of spit is what makes you a good fag. Had this happen to me this past Friday when I hooked up with a new dude with a rock solid 7". One of those dicks that isn't your biggest ever, but is not flexible in any way so it's like a sword. Plus he had a dom attitude, so the combination of his attitude and dick meant that I was going to be getting my throat widened whether I liked it or not. Took it as a challenge to make
  12. Yea, having the bottom constantly ask that would be annoying and could cause a delay which is the opposite of what the bottom is wanting.
  13. Got loaded by 2 different tops this weekend and both took a long time to cum. Finding that I don't like it when guys take a long time to cum. I don't necessarily want a quickie, but I also don't want to get fucked for an hour to get loaded. How do others feel about or deal with this?
  14. Huge, huge fan of nasty verbal talk...broad range of interests...HMU to connect!
  15. This topic has always been of interest to me, in part for the sexual connection and interaction, but equally because I think it's a missed opportunity to establish healthy bonds between males, reduce the occurrence of toxic masculinity, but more so learning how to create a healthy bond between men, one that's nurturing, emotionally healthy, and sexually active and fulfilling. Feelings of shame or hiding one's body, as if we don't all know what each of us already has, feels like the basis of a lot of ill. As a child growing up in Cyprus, it was very common for family and friends to gather in t
  16. You've gotten a lot of good advice from others responding to this great thread, but to add: Hopefully you're seeing from the variety of suggestions that there is no one proven method that works for everyone. We're all different, so while one can ask for what works for others, you have to try out some of that advice to see what works best for you. Whether it's bulb vs nozzle (nozzle here), supplements, etc. Understand when you need a deep cleaning vs shallow (rectal) cleaning and douche accordingly. Deep cleaning (past the sigmoid) might be best for ffisting play or longer sessi
  17. It's not unusual to crave that sequence at all. This being more about your desire to get your top hard by sucking on him so that he can fuck you a second and possibly even a third time, if you're lucky. I think of ass to mouth as a required part of all my sessions. Even if you're not trying to get your top hard to fuck you again, it's important to clean him off after he's fucked you like the good cum hungry fag bottom you are. You get those last drops of precious cum this way too. I've gotten several tops hard while giving them ATM even if they didn't think they had it in them to fuck aga
  18. A lot of good things have already been said, but one thing I've learned when confronting and trying to deal with fantasies is that the grass is always greener on the other side until you get to the other side when you start noticing all the things that are wrong with it and you start rethinking the side you were on or start looking for the next side to jump to. Time and again, this has proven to be true. Most of us have been really great sluts without the need to quit work full time.
  19. Have no idea who that top is but damn hot vid...would love to see more of him...perfect example of how to use and abuse a hungry slut bottom
  20. Really happy that you've found a place where you feel comfortable, fit in, and can participate. Getting to that point, finding a place where you can be yourself, and get some sense of affirmation is priceless. Cheers to you and @rawTOP. Plus you've mentioned one of my personal favorites -- Drew Sebastian. Woof!
  21. I'm with @Justaholeff and @DarkroomTaker, very mindful of COVID.....what I bring on myself is one thing; what I bring onto others is a different ballgame altogether. Not risking it. I'll be a whore and slut again when all is over.
  22. Totally with @Brianbttm on this one...best loads from which all you've seen is a cock pic...total opens you up to being a cum dump that takes all loads
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