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  1. He can call it an ass, hole, pussy, cunt, whatever he likes. Love to hear a top being vocal while he's ploughing me
  2. Down on my knees, my mouth is his to use. Take it as far down my throat as he wants to go
  3. Was with a top last month who was very well endowed. As I lay on my back with my legs up ready to be fucked I asked him to go slow and be gentle to start with. He looked me in the eye with disdain and said, I know what I'm fucking doing. He pushed his big cock straight in, I gasped as he entered me fully, balls deep, he then proceeded to give me a very hard fucking. Lesson learned was however big his cock, just shut up, take it and enjoy being fucked
  4. Being a cum receptacle for a group of men, such as in the GGG movies, is a perfect scenario. In reality, it proves hard to arrange. Have taken facials at sauna glory holes and at porn cinemas. It is a great feeling, having been watched by a crowd while sucking different cocks and taking their loads and then when its all over walking away covered in spunk and everyone looking at you and that feeling of being a total cum slut, willing to suck any cock and take its cum.
  5. No real thought about me getting off or cumming. Having a cock in my ass is satisfaction enough. My priority is the top enjoying my ass and him shooting his load
  6. When I was younger, used to use Vaseline when I first started fucking my arse with objects. The smell was a turn on although I thought my parents would pick up on the smell and know what I'd been up to. Was hooking up with a poz guy and he said he wanted raw sex. I was neg and a little worried but was horny as hell. When we got down to it, he reached for a jar of Vaseline and started lubing me up. Feeling and smelling the Vaseline that was lubing my ass kind of made me relax and accept I was about to take a poz tops raw load and I was able to enjoy it. Was a really hot fuck and his cock felt so good with the vaseline
  7. My regular Daddy had invited me over to his flat for a Saturday afternoon fucking. I made my way to his flat and he greeted me at his front door wearing leather chaps, boots and a jock which was bulging with his large, uncut cock inside. He kissed me, tweaked my nipples through my T-shirt and said he had a surprise for me. I was excited, he slapped my arse and ushered me through to his kitchen. Once there he blindfolded me and then proceeded to strip me completely naked. He then lead me forth, it felt exhilarating not knowing what was in store. My body was tingling in anticipation, the rest of my senses were heightened by my loss of sight. I could hear porn, the unmistakable sound of men fucking coming from the TV. Daddy stopped me and pushed me down to my knees on the floor. Daddy said 'are you ready for your surprise' to which I replied 'yes Daddy'. With this I could hear some movement of bodies and feet. I felt Daddy close behind me, his large cock in his jock brushing against me as I was down on my knees. His hands touched the sides of my head as he was preparing to remove the blindfold and show me what the surprise was. He undid the blindfold and the sight of three, large, well built men stood in front of me. They were naked and wanking their cocks, which all looked hard and impressive. I glanced and smiled at Daddy, we had spoken before about our fantasies and he knew that I wanted to be used by a group and he had now made it happen and my fantasy was about to become a reality thanks to him. Daddy introduced me as his boy and offered me to his three guests, telling them to enjoy their selves. The first guy stepped forward, he was middle eastern looking, he was bald headed, had a solid, thick, muscular body and a very large, thick, cut cock which he pushed straight into my mouth. I swallowed if eagerly, taking it fully into my mouth. He was forceful with his movements, pushing his cock deep into my mouth, fucking my throat. While he was balls deep in my mouth, my focus on his cock, one of the other guys had moved behind me and had pulled my ass cheeks apart and had two fingers lodged deep in my hole. This is exactly what I had hoped for in my fantasy and was lucky that Daddy had made it happen. The guy behind me moved me into all fours, he was quite rough and forceful. Once on all fours I felt his cock slapping on my arse, and his cock head probing at my hole. The guy in front of me was holding my head and fucking my mouth and then I felt a cock fully enter my arsehole. It felt so good, two masculine studs driving their cocks into me, one in my tight asshole and one in my mouth. This is what I'd dreamed of. The guys were fucking me hard and fast and it didn't take long before the guy in front of me pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huge load of cum all over my face. His grunts and groans were such a turn on, he had shot so much cum over me, all the while the man behind was fucking my ass so hard and deep. The middle eastern guy who'd given me a facial moved aside and the third guy, a man in his fifties, tall and broad, stood in front of me. He used his fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth and I willingly swallowed it. It was thick and salty, it was what I craved and it tasted so good. He then pushed his own hard cock into my mouth. He wasn't as hung as the last guy, but was still well endowed. He was more vocal, calling me a cumslut, a greedy boy who needed feeding. He asked me if I liked the cock in my ass, I couldn't reply as his cock had me gagged. My words were not needed. Daddy was watching, taking poppers on the sofa and wanking his cock while the two guys fucked me at both ends. I was glad I was making him happy. Daddy said it was such a hot scene, watching me being used. The guy fucking my arse had been pounding me hard, the sight of me sucking two cocks and taking a facial was about to be too much for him as he reached the moment of ejaculation. He pumped me hard as he shot cum into my arse. He was grabbing my hips and slapping my arse as he filled me with cum. Fuck it felt good, his cock resting balls deep in me with his cum plugged inside. He withdrew his cock and exited the room. Daddy moved from the sofa and inspected my cum loaded arse. The cum beginning to seep out. He fingered me and was taking the cum on his finger and feeding it to me as I sucked the cock of the third guy. The third guy was had now moved from having in front of me and was now entering my ass. The porn on the TV was still playing but we'd lost interest, our own hot scene was real and we were totally in the moment. It didn't take long for the third guy to deliver a second load of cum deep into my asshole. He fucked me until he shot what felt like a gallon of cum inside me. After he'd unloaded and emptied his balls, he too withdrew and left me feeling used, but still horny and wanting more cum. With all three of the guests done and having shot their loads, they had all dressed and gone. Daddy and I left alone to talk about how amazing it was for me to be fucked and him to watch his boy taking the cum of three horny men. Daddy took me into the bedroom where he had his way with my mouth and ass. His cock, harder than ever, fucked me and filled me with another hot load. It had been an afternoon to remember and one I hoped we could recreate again.
  8. Was 21, had been using a gay phone chat line looking for sex but no intention of bareback. Exchanged a few messages and after a brief chat with a top guy, arranged to meet at his. Jumped on a bus for a short ride to his place and when I rang on his doorbell he invited me in and led me straight to his bedroom. He was older, about mid thirties. He was a few inches taller, very skinny with dark shoulder length hair and a few tattoos. He took the lead, could probably sense my nerves. First he had me sit on his face and suck his cock. He was rimming and fingering my ass. It felt good and I was enjoying sucking his shaved, long but quite thin cock. After a while he told me to lay on the bed on my front, he stuffed a pillow under my waist which raised my ass. He went over to a set of drawers and took something from on top. I then felt him lubing my ass and his fingers starting to work inside me. He then stopped and again went to the drawers besides his bed. Was unsure what he was doing so tried to look around, something didn't feel right and I was a little uneasy. He told me to rest my head on the bed and stay face down with my arms outstretched and stay like it, authority in his voice. I did as he instructed and felt his weight moving on top of me. Then felt his cock slide straight into my ass. He then lay on top of me and slowly started to move his cock in and out. I moved my hand towards my ass to feel his cock and see of there was a condom. All I could feel was skin. I felt a little panicked as I wasn't ready bareback. I asked if he was wearing a condom and he said no, not for me to worry, he was negative and to enjoy his cock. He fucked me and sped up with his thrusts. I felt him push down on my back and could tell he was getting close and then he came in my ass. He moaned and slowed down as I felt his cock pulsing inside me. Afterwards there was a little bit of tension and we didn't speak except me asking to use the bathroom where I cleaned myself up. Went back to his bedroom to dress and he was smoking and said if I wanted to see him again give him a call. Once dressed I said goodbye and left. The bus journey home I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened and was really worried that I'd just caught HIV or Aids. It was a weird feeling, horny but also some fear.
  9. Its the physical thing of skin on skin and also that his cum will be leaving his body and filling mine. Mentally, it is me giving myself to him for use. My ass is his to take with no barrier in between. A mans cock and cum are very special and I feel honored that he wants to give it to me. There's no way he should cover it and break that bond and primal moment.
  10. Having an uncut cock with a large amount of retractable foreskin, love to go a day or two with out a shower. If I've been frequently urinating there is a lovely yellowy building up and funky smell. Like running my finger across my helmet and getting a good amount of smegma and eating it. Had a meet with a guy a few summers back, turned up at his place around midday and he was just in shorts and could tell he hadn't showered. When I removed his shorts and pulled back his foreskin it wasn't clean. For a second I froze but then just sucked it and then made it my mission to entirely clean his cock with my tongue
  11. Feel hornier when I don't cum so try to hold off for three days to a week before I do shoot. Gives a bigger load to swallow as well. Love everything about cum, the look, feel, smell, taste and texture in the mouth. Generally cum straight into my hand and swallow although I've also shot onto food like pieces and chocolate, biscuits and fruit before eating.
  12. Was never what you'd say molested as a child but had a lot of exposure to adults cocks. Family members, fiends and their fathers. Once, with my school we visited the baths for swimming. The changing room was open, no cubicles and had a shower area. Our teacher was, looking back, an odd guy and demonstrated how would should dry ourselves with a towel effectively. This was to a class of 8 year olds and he demonstrated fully naked. He was reasonably fit and had a large cut cock which I remember being very drawn to. He also took three of us into the shower one day and instructed us how to wash, he even gave us a hand and lathered our bodies with soap paying extra attention to our cocks, balls and arses.
  13. Generally have a type. Older, stocky, big guys with average to large cocks. That said, every so often I go into total slut mode and will take any cock in my mouth and arse.
  14. Love black cocks. First experience was at a porn cinema years ago. Was sat down and the only black guy in there that day moved seats and sat next to me. Felt my heart racing as he started to undo his trousers and took out his cock. All eyes where in me, could see guys wanking and watching what was about to happen. He was mid forties and about 6'4" tall and about eighteen stone. I was probably the youngest guy in there and he started to wank his semi hard cock and told me to suck it. I did as I was told and lowered my head down onto his black cock. It was big, super thick and could feel it stiffening as I moved my mouth up and down on it. Once fully erect he was about ten and a half inches by six thick. He pushed down hard on the back of my head, forcing me deep until I gagged. Sucked him for a good five minutes before he'd had enough and move to the other room. He never came in my mouth but that moment of being selected and made to suck a black mans cock in front of an audience turned me on so much.
  15. Prefer uncut. Sucked three cocks at the weekend, all uncut. Something about rolling back the foreskin to revel the swollen head is so horny. Also, after they cum and the foreskin starts to cover the head, pulling the foreskin back and sucking their extra sensitive head drives them crazy

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