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  1. I bet a lot of guys that were on Prep jumped off during the pandemic. Especially hospitality workers who lost their health insurance. I also find here in DC, a lot of guys say they are on Prep so they don’t get shunned but are actually not on any meds.
  2. Hey guys. Planning a trip to Orlando for either May or June. Trying to figure out which hotel to stay at. Any suggestions for a good cumdump scene? Looking for easy parking, no key required for the elevators and not a complete flea motel either. I’m also thinking about booking an AirBnB. Any suggestions on a neighborhood to stay in that’s good for collecting loads?
  3. According to their website, GHC passed their inspections and are now closed solely due to the Mayor’s COVID-19 restrictions.
  4. I tried to meet a cumdump at the Pod a week or so ago and couldn’t get up to the room without a key.
  5. Hey guys. I’ll be in Phoenix next weekend. I have Sunday to myself and am looking for suggestions on places to have fun. I’ve been in the mood to bottom and get loaded up. Flex? Chute? Any good gloryholes? It’s been years since I’ve visited Modern World.
  6. It did the last time I stayed there which was about 6 months ago.
  7. The Washington Plaza is widely accepted as the best hotel for cumdumps. The Washington Hilton is second for me. I’ve also had luck at the Embassy Suites Georgetown. The layout of the room makes it easy to setup a gloryhole.
  8. I will probably be at Crew Club Saturday night. Feel free to message me.
  9. Heading to Burlington this week for work. Vers guy here. Looking to give and take loads at my hotel. Might be up for a bathhouse or adult theater anyone has any suggestions.
  10. Washington Plaza is the go to. It’s easy for guys to get upstairs, close to the metro and it’s also in the heart of the gayborhood. I’ve met up with cumdumps at the Pod hotel and at the Washington Hilton as well.
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