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  1. I love it deep so I can absorb as much as possible.
  2. I have a few fuckbuddies, one I see pretty regularly, the others on occasion when they can get away from their BF or wife. In the beginning a couple asked if I cared about getting off, but the most regular of them don't even ask anymore. I am their cumhole and we're both really happy for that.
  3. I wish. Was in a relationship a number of years ago that my partner would fuck me almost daily, occasionally twice a day. There was a time I was really sick with the flu--fever, aches, no appetite, constant sleep. He gave me a few days "off" but then he'd cuddle up asking me if I felt better, then would lube me up and just fuck me which on one hand was hot being used like an object, but then I was really feeling like hell and the last thing I could think of was dick.
  4. Damn, where are they? I could use some more cumloads. I got propositioned by a tour guide I hired for an historic site in Italy. It started in conversation of sexual habits of ancient Romans, then he asked if I was offended by the conversation. I said no, that I'm gay and ok. He mentioned that being a passive sex partner was frowned by many Italians--I told him although masculine I am the catcher. Our walk through the woods made a deep detour into the brush, where he stopped and said he had to pee--of course I looked and complimented his dick. I sucked the first load then got fucked about 20 minutes later bare. But that was a first for me!
  5. Hotel changed their system and required a card. I had to meet 2 guys (1 downstairs, 1 outside) to bring them in. One guy wanted it anon, so when I explained the situation he had me meet him downstairs at the bar, not make eye contact with anyone but the bartender :) and describe what I'd wear, and he'd text me on my phone when he saw me. I'd leave after one beer, he'd follow me into elevator then into my room (don't lock door he'd see what room I entered) and he'd come in after about 10 min so I could strip and lay down ass up lubed. It seemed like aLOT of work but actually worked out! Don't know who he was but presume he was about 40-ish average build and fat 7". He kept underwear on but trousers and shoes off, fucked me on my bed. Spit on my hole slid in fucked about 15 minutes and came deep, no talking. Hot even if odd.
  6. Recently chatted with someone from A4A visiting my town, he wasn't my first "go to" kinda guy, But he seemed friendly and his uncut dick is a +++ in my book. Well he didn't quite match his pic, was a lot more feminine than I expect from a top, and his personality was better in typing online than speaking in person. Then he took out his dick and his uncut head was a lot more ripe than the "wet lubed head" he typed. But he just wanted to stick in my ass and since I could smell his head and not taste it I stripped and he slid in my lubed hole. As he got more excited his head swelled and felt awesome. He asked if I was ok and I said yea I enjoy feeling him fuck. He came and it was a big lead. I held him in, reached behind me to keep him there and milked his dick. He came three times total never leaving my ass, the room smelled of smegma, and after he was spent I kept his loads as long as I could hold them. I smelled of his dick for the rest of the next day, and reminded myself I like taking any load for a reason.
  7. I love foreskin, haven't found one too long and don't think I ever will. I love the feel in my mouth and sliding around my ass when getting fucked. By far, it is the hottest thing for me--size is nice, thickness can be fun, but foreskin is it.
  8. If you have a lot of foreskin and precum a lot I'll be sucking your dick head endlessly and drinking loads over and over.
  9. A few months ago responded to an a4a profile that said safe only. The aggressive top asked for a condon, I left one out, and after sucking him a bit he turned me around put condom on and began to fuck me on all fours, calling me a pig and slut to take any guys dick. He occasionally pulled out then back in but didn't notice his dick feeling different. Finally he's getting close to cumming and slamming into me when he throws condom right next to my face telling me he's gonna fill my guts. I was surprised but happy, he thought I was a little upset which made him more aggressive. He shoots a huge load, stays hard inside me, then starts to fuck and breed again. "You got anyone else coming over to fuck ya?" he said--no I don't. "Well you better leave that shit inside you so I can fuck you again in a couple hours. I'm having drinks with some guys and I'll need to blow another load and want your pussy wet". I didn't know if I wanted him returning--was he coming alone or with his friends? Does he get more aggressive drunk? I held his cum in me and kept thinking what do I want. About 2 1/2 hours later I get a text "U up? I need some pussy" I text back I'm up. "10 minutes leave door unlocked, U on all fours". I did, he arrived alone, I sucked his dirty pissy dick hard and without a word he fucked and bred me again, walked out. Wish he'd come back--so much for safe only.
  10. I've taken dick and cum from some people that have repulsed me or not who I would normally go after. A few months ago I met someone on A4A who was visiting nearby. I wasn't into his profile, or his photo. Then he opened his dick pic and it was the strangest dick I ever saw, fat, uncut with tight foreskin only part of his dickhead poked through the opening. He then sent a couple texts about how he wanted me to be his bitch for the night and keep taking his cumloads. I went right over to his hotel, and he was worse than his photo, and dick even more odd. He spit on my lubed hole and kept breeding rough and deep talking trash . His dick was widest at the base and he'd push my hole open as much as he could with his wedge-like dick. When he didn't fuck he was kinda pleasant but when his dick was plowing me he was rude and made sure I knew I was his bitch. Five loads about 9 or 10 hours later and I walked home sore and gaping. The next morning there's a text, "I need my bitch to fuck up some more". I went back for two more fucks and he clearly didn't clean his dick from our breeding the day before, I gagged as he made me get it wet and hard before plowing again. I couldn't believe I did it, and now I wish he'd visit again soon.
  11. When I'm with a top that can't get enough hole and wants to keep breeding, my solution is to let the top keep fucking and breed me until he's drained. I'll suck your dick clean between loads, then slide back in and breed again
  12. I'm visiting Rome, Naples, Bari in March. I'm a masculine discreet bottom, love servicing uncut. I'll be checking messages here.
  13. Had a regular FB that would message and stop by every few weeks. He'd walk in and drop trou--not remove them. I'd start sucking on him, he'd get hard fast. He'd pull from my mouth and motion for me to kneel or lean over the sofa and he'd fuck. I was basically used as a cumdump and he didn't want to jerk off. He'd moan a little, sometimes say how good it felt, would cum balls deep, then pull his pants up and walk out. At first it annoyed me, then I got into the idea of being his dump and found it hot. A couple times he asked if I was ok with it, I said yea, and that's just what he wanted. Wish he'd move back or I had a steady injector again!
  14. I'm a total bottom visiting NYC this weekend, Feb. 9-11. Will be staying in Midtown near Grand Central Station area. Uncut dicks a +++, love taking loads both ends. Staying at a hotel that doesn't need key access (well, it didn't a couple years ago so I'll find out soon!). Let me know if you need a hole to slide in.
  15. Let me know, both ends are always thirsty and rarely satiated!.

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