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  1. how was it? did you go and get bred? how many tops use you?
  2. I'm visiting Wilton Manor/Ft Lauderdale in about a month, looking for a motel with parking outside the room's door to make pickups easy without going thru a hotel front desk. Ideally I could walk within a mile or two to bars, etc & have a convenient room to get fucked often (especially with uncut fleshy dicks). Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Driving late at night in a neighborhood in Philly houses all around, a cruisy spot but usually you'd meet and take it somewhere. I see a big black guy in his 30's ( I was about 20). He smiled and nodded his head, I rolled my window down half-way. He pulled out this massive dick and I started sucking. In a few minutes he blew a massive load mostly in my mouth but some on the window. Not a word said, I jerked off to that experience hundreds of times.
  4. damn, i need a top like that!
  5. Years ago I was texting someone on a pickup site and he wanted to fuck me, walk into my place lights dim ass up like I was sleeping. He said he wasn't good-looking and his dick was strange (his words) long bent and thin. I gave him my address and he came by, I didn't see him till after he came and he really didn't want me to see him. He wasn't horrible but if he came up to me I wouldn't have been interested. His dick was kinda odd with a strange bend and about 10" long and thin. He worked it into me and it felt funny sliding around deep and hot uncomfortable at all. Came a lot. He came over a few early mornings I'd leave door open he'd fuck and preferred if we didn't talk he just used my hole and leave. I miss the crazy loads he left deep inside now.
  6. this is in Detroit? I'm visiting soon and have to check this out and take some!
  7. Years ago I had a bf that was a silent fucker, I was never sure if he was pissed or what. After a little foreplay He'd put me on my stomach, spit on my hole, and slide inside with his 8" long thin curved dick. It was uncomfortable because he'd be hitting me where I never felt dick before and he just layed on top fucking at a steady rhythm. If I asked him to move a little or change positions he ignored and kept this steady fuck--like a robot, like he's detached from the fuck. After about 15 minutes he'd breathe heavy shake and cum, slowing his pace, then start again never taking his dick out. He'd never tell me how many times he'd cum but I tried counting and remember like 5-7 loads. A little cum ran down his shaft and wet my ass lips but he was cumming past my 2nd ring. Sometimes he'd slow down and wasn't sure if he was cumming or just slowing down. This went on for about 6 months and realize some of my "likes" in bed are from this guys behavior and attitude. I was young and didn't really appreciate how hot this was.
  8. There are moments I feel I'm insatiable, and when younger it was a lot more often. I wrote sometime ago about a former bf who could go a few rounds and he was a hot fuck. One night I felt a headache coming on and he gave me Bufferin PM or something like that which I never took before. In about 15 minutes I said I better get upstairs otherwise I might not make it to bed. He helped me and he'd keep asking "Are you really drowsy, lightheaded? Feeling better now? I didn't get a chance to fuck you yet, could I try while you're still with it?" Sorta caring and then again kinda feeling the waters to see what he could get away with. Well I clearly was fucked a lot that night because I was sorer and full of cum a lot when I woke up a little drowsy. He said a few times but I never felt like that before. Then he brought it up occasionally and said how hot it was using me and hearing me moan a little as he fucked me. It was neat being an "item" for him to use and when he repeated it a few times I'd remember little bits like a dream or if I was drunk and not having full memory. After a few rounds of this occasional Bufferin-business over about 6-8 months I realized his "straight" brother might visit when I was there. Then once when I woke up to his brother plowing me and bf holding me in place talking about bitching me to the bro I realized why I'd get flooded and sore on aspirin nights. His brother also had a really wide base on a fat dick and that explained my soreness. Confusing to process yet liking the flooded pussy and them both using me like a toy was indescribable. Sometimes I wish we were still doing this, but it could be tiring, so watch what you wish for!
  9. I hold and absorb as much as I can, try to get the top to breed deep so it'll stay longer. Love how my butt smells of used sex and cum all day
  10. Used to be in a relationship where he often fucked me every day, sometimes twice. Occasionally it just didn't happen due to work, family, whatever issue interfering. There was a time when I was really sick with the flu, bedridden felt like hell and the last thing on my mind was getting bred. He got under the covers lubed my hole slid in fucked like a sextoy. Outside of "how are you feeling" when he first approached me he just fucked no talking. Fell asleep and bred me again a few hours later. At first I was annoyed, then accepted it wasn't much different than when I'm healthy and he fucked me like his property.
  11. It is virtually impossible to get positive taking undetectable loads. I've been playing with a married guy for about 5 years, I was hesitant ever giving him any loads anywhere when I was positive. Doctor friends assured me it's fine, my doctor said the same, he is still negative after 5 years.
  12. A few years ago I bottomed for someone who wanted it anon, then wanted me to "meet him" in a straight bar after he left so he could see me sitting there holding his cum in my ass but I don't know which guy here could've bred me. Then a guy walked up started talking to me, not my type and not that interesting to look at, and said his buddy told him that I'm holding his cum up my ass and I take it from anyone--I didn't know what to say. He asked if he liked his friends dick breeding me, and said he could use a wet pussy to fuck after had a couple drinks, and basically told me to take him home and let him use my hole. My place was a couple blocks away, we went home and he pulled his dick out in my living room and said don't bother undressing he just wants to fuck me and go. Trousers dropped and a little spit his ugly-ass hairy dick starts fucking me --it was such a detached fuck it was like he was masturbating using my hole I'm just an object. Hardly said anything, about 15-20 minutes later he cums in me and says to leave my ass loaded his friend may want to cum in me again, wait and see if I get a text message. He leaves and I get text from anon fuck he needs to cum again, leave door unlocked stay in living room and he's gonna use my hole again. He did--I never felt so used or valueless--just a hole taking cum from anyone.
  13. I used to love sucking dick after dick or get fucked in alleys by strangers, usually no words spoken, just cum injected in me
  14. I love it deep so I can absorb as much as possible.

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