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    London UK
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    Cum, sex, pnp and a whole lot more.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    49yo guy in N London. Poz for about 17:years, diagnosed 15yrs

    Into the kinkier side of things, vanilla just doesn't do it for me anymore.

    Now a eunuch so don't fuck anymore, now a nullo so have nothing to fuck with.
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    Looking for vers/top poz guys for loading sessions.

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  1. None but I did get rough fucked by a trucker at a service station near where I lived in Scotland.
  2. They are very much real. I have had several in my play sessions, one of which left me writhing in a sling for nearly 45 mins as wave after wave of measure went through my body. I was left panting and moaning a lot. Everyone I thought it was going to stop and I could the Top would touch my body or push his cock into my hole and it would being it back up again. It was scary at first as it was my first ever one but now I know what are I can't wait for them to happen.
  3. Where to start, I pretty much like most things and even the ones I don't I am happy to try them again and again.
  4. Love to watch, even more so if bred by both of you whilst I was there.
  5. Love a cigar smoking top using me.
  6. I don't know if it will work but try using a VPN and change your area.
  7. Not met any porn stars but if any of them on here want to use me then I more than happy to let them.
  8. Have started gaining recently and love the fact I am putting on weight. Its all about you wanting to be happy and not the body fascists telling you how you should be.
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