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  1. It was good but not the best. Only got 5 loads
  2. Headed to Folsom Gulch today around lunch time. Come and breed me.
  3. Folsom Gulch is fun. Good place to collect loads.
  4. I’m going to Folsom Gulch. Will be there awhile. I’m trying to break my record and get 20+ loads. So stop by and give me a present. No loads refused :))) will be in the blue papi jockstrap
  5. Looking to get into some twisted Pervy fun on New Year’s Eve and day. I have very little limits so just message me and let’s set something up. I’m in the city but can’t host... really want to get piggy
  6. I’ve only been once and it’s usually not hard to get in so that must be a Folsom thing. I went on a blackout night too
  7. Is this group established? I’ve been living in SF for 2 years and would love to join

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