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  1. I was disappointed to find this out during my visit last weekend. Hopefully they relocate quickly
  2. True cumdumps accept that STDs just cum with the territory. My only concern is to keep taking more loads. The only thing I can do is get tested regularly.
  3. I get them pretty often. In March, I tested positive for gonorrhea. I felt the symptoms for about 2 weeks before getting tested and treated. In the meantime, I continued getting fucked and bred by strangers at the bookstore. I love being a receptacle for dirty infected loads. Makes me feel like the trash dump I was born to be.
  4. I'm enjoying your videos!


  5. I just got loaded a few minutes ago by a friend. He had a few minutes to spare before work. When he got here I was already bent over and plowing my hole with my dildo when he opened the door. He took over for about 10 minutes and then he slipped his dick inside. We fucked for about 20 minutes and then he dropped his load and ran off to work.
  6. For me, I genuinely enjoy the feeling of large dicks/toys stretching and pounding my hole. When a guy breeds my hole it's more about ownership of my own sexuality rather than submitting to someone else.
  7. I love JO Water-based lube. Keeps my hole sloppy and wet. A little bit goes a long way
  8. When guys fuck me, I insist that they cum inside of me. If not, then what's the point?
  9. Can I see your video of u taken loads man?

    1. blkjaxxx



  10. As soon as I got off work, I started looking for loads. I was lucky enough to find two guys on jack'd who wanted to share my hole. After taking turns on me for about an hour, they both filled me multiple loads. Afterwards, I was still hungry for more cum inside of me so I jumped on a4a and bbrt to look for my next session. Within a few minutes, one of my regulars spotted me online and came straight over to add his loads to my cummy concoction. His dick was covered white with the thick loads swimming inside of my cumdump. I'm back online now hoping to get even luckier tonight and ca
  11. blkjaxxx


    Last night I went a motel sex party and took over 10 loads from 6 guys. I was one of only two guys who were taking dick so we both got our holes pretty wrecked. I was even able to dump two of my own loads inside of the other cumdump. We started fucking around 9pm and I didn't get home until 5am this morning. As soon as I woke up, I was already craving more dick so I jumped on a4a and bbrt to start looking. Luckily, I had just received messages on BOTH sites! I invited 3 guys over to cum fill me up while my roommate was still asleep. They all arrived rather promptly and took turns loading me. W
  12. HOT pics of your puffy trashed hole leaking seed!  Where are you?  I wanna help add to your load count!!

  13. Like cumdumps, I'm not exactly sure. I started exclusively barebacking when I was around 17. I'm in my mid twenties now and I get fucked on average, 5 or 6 times a week. Even more when I go to sex parties. So based on that, I'd estimate I've had somewhere between 500-1000 loads in my lifetime.
  14. got loaded by 3 guys back to back this morning. The first guy was around 25 years old or maybe slightly older. He was tall and skinny. He busted two loads inside of me and then stayed to watch a friend come over and give me two more loads. First guy stuck around to give me his final load. They both left me full and still hungry for more dick. So I jumped on bbrt and came across a guy visiting town. He came over to give me my final load of the morning. Later, around 2 pm, I hopped back bbrt to see if I could collect more loads. Today was a lucky day because I was able to get 2 more guys t
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