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    Still neg despite trying. Even thinking about being gifted makes me pre-cum. Fulfilled my needs by barebacking since the late 1990's. Always enjoy taking a load or more. Something clicks in my head when I know I can get a guy to blow his load deep in me.
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    Take toxic loads and finally accepting the gift. It's been a long time but not giving up

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  1. You're spot on about that sixth sense feeling. Yet if you hadn't made the effort you'd have probably been verbally abused for not turning up. I think a bit of a no win situation but that's in the past so hopefully onwards and upwards!
  2. It's good to see you're keeping your humour even though it must be very frustrating
  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you soon find what you seek. As you know there's lots of fantastics and liars on various websites but don't give up
  4. I've been twice in the cab of a truck but as UK truck cabs are small it was a problem both times. I ended up taking them home and sessions there. Later I took them back to their trucks and I expect they slept well. I know I did holding on to the loads!
  5. Damn good hot story. Hope there's more. Being in that situation is a turn on and I'd certainly make the same choice as Jason
  6. It's almost an unbelievable true story. Certainly getting that high is amazing and being whored out something to only dream about. I for one welcome the follow-on.
  7. Never give up on your chase!☣️

    1. PozchasingUK


      Thanks. I'm not but it's really difficult to find a willing guy even though I'm ok to travel.

  8. Wow this looks like it's going to be really enjoyable
  9. I have an occasional FB and I love it every time he loads me. He's nice and thick and I can feel his cock end swell when he gives me a load. I feel him pulsating him inside my guts. Last meet he came four times as we'd not met for a while which was magnificent. I kept most and so enjoyed leaving him knowing he'd loaded me so much. He's neg so my chasing continues.
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