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  1. 1252+ loads now. This time last year I reached over 2200 already! Can’t wait for my next 2 weeks off in summer I’ll be dedicating my entire vacation to taking as many loads as I can.
  2. I would love to swallow loads straight outta your sexy hole!
  3. Actually I’m sure it’s even more but counting gets hard sometimes!
  4. I love getting beaten and slapped during sex. It’s such a turn on when a guy uses me. Also love it when he spits on me and treats me like the cumdump slut I am.
  5. I wish you lived close I would have let you whore me out anytime! I love it so much!
  6. 15 minutes from where I live in Amsterdam there’s this refugee centre with a small park behind it. Monday I decided to go there and see if there were some refugee guys hanging. I saw one guy smoking and I decided to say hi and we started talking a little, I could barely understand him though. A few minutes later I told him I would suck his dick if he wanted me to, something he did understand I saw he was hesitated so I walked to a more private space and sat down on my knees. He came up to me and I unzipped his pants. His dick was thick and hairy. I started deep throating him right away. I could tell he was looking around him to make sure no one would walk in, but at the same time I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started throatfucking me hard and rough. He kept moaning louder and louder getting ready to cum but then I stopped, turned over and put down my pants. I was wearing a pink jockstrap and bend over to show him my my smooth pink hole. No hesitation this time, he sat down on his knees and started fucking my ass. I already had taken 2 loads earlier that day from a regular so my hole was nice and loose. He started fucking me super hard and rough right away. I tried not to moan as loud as I usually do. I think in less than a minute he shot his load in me. He pulled out and I told him “Thank you.” he laughed and said he had to go back inside. I gave him my number and tried telling him that if he wanted to unload or use a slut all he had to do was hit me up and I’d be on my way. Not sure if he understood me though, lol. But we’ll see! I walked in the park for another 20 minutes trying to get more cock but it didn’t happen, there was only one other guy texting on his phone. I’m definitely going back there more often to see if there’s more guys willing to use and breed me though. I think welcoming these real men here with an open mouth and hole is the least thing I could do! Will definitely keep you guys posted on hopefully more adventures to come there.
  7. I have 3 weeks off the next couple of weeks so I'll be dedicating my time off to taking dick and loads. This time last year I already took over 1000 loads. This year I've taken around 530 so far. (Might be a little more, it gets hard to count sometimes) My goal is to get as close as possible to 5,000 loads for 2019, last year I had around 4700 and I'm really hoping to set a new record this year. I'll keep you guys posted
  8. I was raped last year and LOVED it. I posted the story on the forum.
  9. Me too! I want a policeman to rape me!

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