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  1. This past Wednesday was supposedly the final Cumunion at Manifest. Cumunion is rumored to keep going (I haven't heard where....my guess would be the Den, where else would it be?) but it had its curtain call this week in its current format at Manifest (and unfortunately I couldn't make it!). I've lived here for over 20 years and I was even very closely involved with a sex club back in the early 2000s that had some good parties, but I will say....maybe second only to the OLD Fort Troff parties back in the day, the Atlanta Cumunion party had grown into one of the best, CONSISTENTLY good sex parties this city has seen in the last 2 decades. It blew the roof off of Manifest month after month after month. I hope they are able to capture that lighting in a bottle again when and if they start up elsewhere. Hats off to Manifest and Cumunion for a top notch party series that people will continue to talk about for years.
  2. So Ive had syph 5 or 6 times. The last time I tried to avoid getting treated and my doctor's office would not leave me alone about it. They kept calling and calling and calling until finally I just had to go in. I'm always asymptomatic so for me it is fun to leave that one untreated as long as possible. I'm coming up on 19 years poz in less than a month. To my knowledge I have only had gono once and it was fairly recent (last 6 months). I tried to live with it but that shit was annoying as FUCK and I had to go get it treated. I had chlamydia once as a teenager. There ya go....there's my list.
  3. Does anyone know how to get in touch with BBBoyfromTN?  His profile is gone.  PM me if so...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Read1


      BBBoyfromTN had great posts. I do miss him as well. I hope he is well!

    3. breederjock


      @PozMuscleHole you ever travel? Id love you and @BBBoufromTN to pass that dna to my neg hole

    4. yngguy712


      he disappeared from all sites.  bbrt, a4a, xtube, twitter.  I assume someone work related found him and yeah.

  4. neg here and looking to get pozzed. take loads in my mouth and in my ass

  5. Will be in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow (Friday, 5/24/19) through Tuesday.  Looking for nasty bugged up cumloads.  Staying at Inn Leather.  HMU if you're in the area.  Here or same screenname (PozMuscleHole) on bbrt and Nasty Kink Pigs.


  6. If there's a new group going, add me. PozMusclePerv
  7. There is one guy who walks around at every Atlanta Cumunion party I've ever been to who will only fuck with a condom. It kind of irritates me...not that I begrudge anyone who wants/needs to use condoms elsewhere (although it ain't happening with me) but, dude, this is the ONE night when I don't have to worry about telling a guy not to use a condom. I think he probably goes because right now Cumunion is the hottest sex party going in Atlanta and he must just want in on the action. He's an older daddy type---I'll call him cute-ISH maybe but not super hot--and he has a huge dick so I think enough guys give him some action for that reason that he keeps coming back. I won't play with him on principle because ITS A FUCKING BAREBACK PARTY. That said, it is exceedingly rare for anyone to want to use a condom although I did have it happen (someone asking, not me accepting, lol) TWICE in one night once which put me in a bad mood. But in general, you won't have to worry about any condoms there.
  8. I can't find a DarkTwisted1 or any of the other names you said in this thread.
  9. I just had to delete my old account because of problems with the app. Now I am PozMusclePerv.
  10. Fuck you are HOT! If you ever cum to Indy and need/want a cumdump bottom to use, fuck & POZ breed...I would be honored to serve you!! 🍆🐷🤯☁️

    1. PozMuscleHole


      I went to college in Indiana (not IU--another school in Indiana) so Indianapolis was kind of the first major city where I "learned" how to be gay.  My very first bathhouse ever was The Works in Indianapolis when I was 19.  I moved away many many years ago but some of my earliest gay memories (sex and otherwise) are from Indy.  😎

    2. LoadsNeeded


      Cool! You really should cum back and visit! I'll be your cumdump while you're here. We could even visit The Works again for old times sake! 😉

  11. A few people have asked me how the Ball Buster party went in NYC last weekend.  I was mostly keeping people updated through my Twitter page.  The party was great and Tim had the most people he'd ever had at a Ball Buster party so I'm proud to have been part of that.  That said, the party is still trying to get off the ground in a very competitive market but it is definitely starting to build into something.  My guess is that it will really turn the corner and explode once the Pride version of the party happens in June.  He landed none other than Dolf Deitrich as the main co-host with Sean Storm appearing later in the night and an up-and-comer by the name of Matthew Taylor also appearing (I laughed with Tim about how there are not very many parties in the universe where Sean Storm gets SECOND billing.  THAT is going to be a crazy party.)  At my party, I ended up topping most of the night because everyone kind of wanted to get fucked by the "special guest" (lol, its still so weird for me to say things like that--I am just a regular dude!).  That was a little unexpected but I don't have very many nights where I run around topping everybody, so it was a cool kind of fun precisely because I don't do it a lot.  Plus, two nights earlier, on my first night in NYC, I ended up in this situation where I was getting fucked on this table like thing at the Cumunion party and ended up, literally, with a line of guys waiting to fuck me.  I ended up taking 15 loads!  That whole scene is easily going into my "top 5 hottest experiences of all time" list (although not at number 1---nothing will ever beat the Pig Week Gang Bang Lottery thing).  The point here is it was a great, balanced, trip because I had an awesome night bottoming and an awesome night topping and just overall had a fun time.

    1. BlindRawFucker1


      Sounds fun.  It would be interesting to attend a BallBuster party.


      Being not too experienced and blind, I'd love to just roam around and be able to touch and listen to other guys fucking.

  12. So I know a 24 year old bugchaser who's coming into Atlanta the weekend of May 11th.  He's still neg but he desperately wants to be poz.  Trust me, he's hot....and your dick will get instantly rock hard when he begs for your toxic load.  I'd like to throw him a little gifting party on Saturday, May 11.  He's a huge bugchaser but not exactly a "take all loads" cumdump (yet, anyway :) ) so I'm looking for hot, fit POZ guys 18-45 or so (if you're smoking hot I dont think he would turn down a little older even--he's into daddies).  Private message me if you fit what I'm looking for and I'll see what kind of party we can put together to load his (very sweet) ass.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hintyt


      Fuck yes!  Wish I could be there too!

    3. boybottom4use


      very hot! you doing this at a hotel or sex club?

  13. Im in NYC this weekend. Pervslammer on wickr and telegram
  14. Fucking HOT pics mate! 

  15. Imma just leave this right here.  ?

    2 weeks from tonight!  If you're in the area come out and say hi (I mean, you know, more than "say hi" but you get it...)


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MuscledHorse


      Congrats fellow porn pig!!! Hope you get used and bred  like the sexual animals guys like us are!!!!!

    3. breederjock


      Can I get a few poz loads too? Not on prep college boy :p

    4. MuscleAss


      How did it go?

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