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  1. Imma just leave this right here.¬† ūüėÄ

    2 weeks from tonight!  If you're in the area come out and say hi (I mean, you know, more than "say hi" but you get it...)


    1. PissPigBrooklyn


      I definitely plan on saying more than hi!

    2. MuscledHorse


      Congrats fellow porn pig!!! Hope you get used and bred  like the sexual animals guys like us are!!!!!

    3. breederjock


      Can I get a few poz loads too? Not on prep college boy :p

  2. I clicked on this topic just to make sure someone had said "Atlanta". LOL, it appears to have been covered.
  3. I've seen a video of Ace Era slamming himself. A guy who I played with one time who lives nearby where "Ace" lives had it on his phone. The guy I played with had played with Ace a few times and Ace had allowed him to take the video on the condition that he not post it anywhere. I'm not sure what the rules were around whether he was allowed to show it to anyone, but he showed it to me and it very clearly was actually Ace. Good for him for trying to get sober but I've always felt that's a journey you should take out of the public eye. Most people are going to relapse a few times before they end up sticking with sobriety, if they stick with it at all. This isn't necessarily a failure---its just part of your journey---but the public, particularly people who don't use or understand drugs, can judge you harshly about it. I don't have enough experience to say this is the norm---but the three porn shoots I've been on (for two different small companies) have had zero drugs visible on set, except Trimix if you want to count that. For one of them the email that went out to the models beforehand with instructions on where to be, what time, etc. had an explicit note that said "I do not accept models who are high on meth. If you are appear to be high you will be asked to leave." I've heard all the stories about some other studios but for my very limited experience at least, I haven't seen any of that. Of course I can't speak to what people may have done BEFORE they got to the set (but, again, no direct knowledge of that either).
  4. Taking loads today at my apartment in Buckhead (Atlanta).  Monday 4/8 2PM.  Anyone around?  Anonymous scene preferred.  Can be blindfolded.  Dirty cum also preferred.  Text 470-251-8720 if you are nearby and serious.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cardoc49


      hey Pozmusclehole - thanks for your very hot invitation , wish I were in Buckhead again - was there twice for medical convention:-) xx Carsten

    3. PozMuscleHole


      The most interesting thing to come from this was a guy on an airplane flying into Atlanta who saw this post and then started chatting with me on bbrt.  He was going to come over and I thought the whole thing would have made a cool story but then after his plane landed, I never heard from him. (In Atlanta, the airport is sort of a long-ish way from town.  It can be a little cumbersome for people who are just passing through or who only have one night and are staying out by the airport.  One of you has to drive 12-14 miles to get to the other one.)

    4. cardoc49


      so sorry to hear this - and yes airport is huge and enormous immigration-lines...

      the conference was downtown

  5. Hey guys....that's me! Looking forward to seeing everybody at Ball Busters and taking a lot of dirty seed.
  6. This just popped up in my feed and I have no idea if I already answered it, but my record is 34 when I won the Gang Bang Lottery at Pig Week 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale.
  7. Into much of the same discussed here. Pervslammer on wickr and telegram
  8. I have an ex that moved down there and I've been down a couple of times to visit him plus I had been there a few times on my own throughout the years. The thing I find odd about Orlando is how spread out it is. You have to get on a toll road and go 5 miles before you get to anything. My ex said he just had to get used to the fact that the nearest guys on Grindr were always like 7 miles away. There might be a "gay ghetto" section of Orlando where it is better but most of the times Ive been there everything seemed way spread out.
  9. Hey guys, its still a ways off but just wanted to let you know that I will be co-hosting Tim Tyler's Ball Buster party in NYC on April 28th. You can find more info at TimTylerXXX.com. "Co-host" in this case means "be the gangbang bottom" and, although this part is left a little unspoken on other websites, I'll be craving every STD you can possibly give me. See you guys in about 8 weeks!
  10. Holy shit, I think he looks amazing. He's always been a little too boyish and wholesome looking for me plus...condoms. He looks just a little bit older in this scene (no shade...he IS older, like we all are) and he's just slightly rougher around the edges but in a way that is SUPER hot. If I could have taken the boyish Topher that everyone knows and made some subtle changes to make him hotter, I would have designed him exactly like this. He's never been that much on my radar--because of the boyishness---but wow, he definitely is now. Topher, you have a new fan.
  11. I'm very much leaning towards going this year. I've been to Pig Week in Fort Lauderdale twice and I'm assuming it will be similar to that with (obviously) more emphasis on piss play. One of my fav things to do at Pig Week was sit out on the back deck of the main event space and just let guys come over and piss on me, so I imagine I would really enjoy Wet N Hot.
  12. It would be an honor to smoke with you sir 

  13. In Chattanooga 2/1 and 2/2 and Nashville 2/2 through 2/5. Any pigs with major STDs hit me up. Here on PozMuscleHole on bbrt and NKP
  14. In Chattanooga for the night if there happen to be any guys nearby with a bunch of STDs to share

    1. alwaysready


      if you are a vers , and can make it to Memphis sometime, we could exchange strains.

  15. You're getting better and better every time I see you in action.  Keep up the journey and become on of the BEST PIG'S around.

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