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  1. Xtube and Xhamster are my favorite sites for amateur porn. Maybe there's a Reddit group that specializes in gay GH. You could use something like Windows Movie Maker to edit the video and blur your face.
  2. Good question. I've wondered if everyone is on apps that I don't use. Haha! God knows Doublelist hasn't taken up the slack from Craigslist. BBRT has always been dead in my area. Physical cruising spots are abandoned.
  3. I have two thoughts on this: some guys are just quiet, probably stemming from so much secret jacking (trying not to get caught), or it's that a lot of them really have concentrate to squirt while getting a BJ. Some guys have never cum from getting sucked.
  4. Believe it or not, Amazon sells this stuff. I was looking at some panties with "Anal Slut" printed on them.
  5. 2nd hole? https://breeding.zone/topic/47655-2nd-hole/
  6. What's going on with DL anyway? You can't use bad words? WTF?! Somebody posted that dick pics are not allowed anymore, either. I checked around and couldn't find any, so maybe it's true. How the hell do you run a hookup site with PG standards? Totally lame.
  7. I stretch my ass with huge dildos, and that's why mine is a slit. I really want one of those gaping round holes, though! When try to gape it open the slit just gets wider...heh.
  8. It's actually a bend called the sigmoid colon. It turns to your left at a sharp angle, so if you're not used to it getting straightened out, it will hurt. I recommend playing with one of those long, thin, flexible double dildos to prepare for deep penetration. Go slow, use plenty of lube, relax, breathe deep, and as was said above, push out to open up more.
  9. Yeeeaah... From what I'm reading, the House voted for this bill 388-25 and the Senate 97-2. Plenty of Dems fucked it up for us too. But the Congress doesn't even read bills, much less consider unintended consequences. They probably just heard "stop sex traffickers" and made a knee-jerk decision.
  10. There are bottoms out there who don't want vers guys. They advertise for "straight" guys (that always makes me chuckle) or total tops. There are also plenty who only want 8" or bigger, or only 18-29 y.o., or some specific race. So, taking (giving) one for the team isn't always an option.
  11. I used an e-check with 4solvents because I always had good dealings with them. Didn't have a problem with the transaction and intend to order again with this method.
  12. It's good size, but they should be saying "oh yeah", not "OW!" Just push their face in the pillow and yell "shut up and take that cock, bitch!"
  13. While I agree with your post, I'll play devil's advocate here and say by jacking you don't have to: sort through BS online, deal with flakes, worry about weirdos coming to your house, worry about STDs, or suffer bitchy bottoms demanding you fuck them for a long time and make them cum.
  14. This thread is worthless without pics! LOL! I'd go with "large". Between porn, size queens, and guys lying about how big they are, I think we're all a little confused.
  15. The question you should be asking is: "why is this guy my husband?"
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