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  1. Before covid I had boughten about 3 pairs over 2 years. I was getting them from a pig in the states. I wish I still had them but they were ruined :(. I amaged to get in touch with the guy and he still has a few left but can't ship cross country ATM. Would totally be interested if anyone in Canada wants to sell theirs. (I'm looking for white jock covered in dark cum stains and sweat 🤤). I know there's a few sites out there but never bought from them only talked to sellers.
  2. Look up kinkerpup on YouTube. If anyone sees this , this boy isn't ready yet to become a full cumdump. However I know in my blood what I'm ment to do and in a few years or so I'm free game. TLDR - Shy boy craves to be a full servent but it isn't time yet. Help this boy become who he's ment to be.
  3. Hey all you horny guys with loads to drop. Would like to find another way to get filled since the baths are closed still. 28, Avg, 5'9", 140 lbs, 7" cut. **If ur into kinks that's a +. Help a cum craving slut get what's cumming to him!
  4. I visit St Thomas sometimes, should see if I can swing into London one time... 😉
  5. Who else here loves dirty / musky jocks & undies. No scat just sweat, piss and cum stains.
  6. I love going into the bathroom at my work and smell the stale piss left there. Alot of the guys seem to splash alot so everytime I go in there I love sniffing the urinals and licking the piss off the floor and sides. Few days ago someone missed most of it so I got to do a few slurps and it jUst got me craving the taste and smell even more.
  7. Looking to buy rubbers or musky jocks. Also very interested in anon hookups. Turn me pig please, make me crave anon loads.
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