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    Im a nasty POZZED up pig cum dump twink here looking to take as many loads from as many cocks as possible. I have virtually no standards at all and willingly accept loads from anyone. I dont care how old you are, how fat you are, how viral you are, how ugly you are. If you want to fuck me you can have me. I dont want your respect either. Men shouldnt respect trash like me after all and thats all I am - TRASH. Ive got one purpose and that is to be used and then thrown away. like the cheap piece of shit I am.

    Love being breeded by anon strangers; into bondage, leather, groups, anon, exhibitionism, face slapping, choking, spitting, glory holes, bathhouses, and being used like the worthless, pathetic, cum hungry slut I am.

    Im Into:
    • Bareback
    • Piss
    • POZ
    • Bondage
    • Leather
    • Gangbangs/Parties/Group
    • Fisting
    • Bathhouses
    • Gloryholes
    • Spit
    • Face Slapping
    • Choking
    • Verbal Degradation
    • etc, etc, etc
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    Kyros Christian (PZP, Helix Studios, BoyCrush, BareTwinks, College Dudes 24/7, Eurocreme, CitiBoyz, Straight Naked Thugs, JizzAddiction, ToeGasms, Boys-Pissing, etc)
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    If you want some pnp fun with me lets arrange a few days together and ill be your no limits slave from the minute I get there to the minute I leave. Youll have absolute control over me and everything I do, and you can slut my holes out when you arent using me too.

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] https://twitter.com/theCandySpookie

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    1. evilalex
    2. ncbareback


      I remember the scene with the blue socks- that I always called "the scene with the blue socks" LOL

      I'm glad to see you've turned into a sluty little whore, just my "type." I finally made it into the 1 million club (VL) so any time you want some super-tox cum, LMK!

  1. There hasnt been a single recession under a Democratic president.
  2. My take on incest is that I frankly don't care so long as they're not inbreeding. It doesnt affect anybody and if the act be between two consenting parties nobody really has the right to dictate what is and is not right or wrong.
  3. It should be assumed if youre barebacking and unprotected, youre exposing yourself to STDs/STIs. I have come across a person on Grindr before that said, "Negative", as his status. When he asked me to hook up I told him I was poz undetectable and asked him if he was okay with that. He replied that he was also poz undetectable. Thats when I asked him why if hes poz undetectable does it say hes negative in his profile? This sort of attitude is a complete turn off to me. I cant stand liars. You really can't trust anyone.
  4. Yeah, I dont know why it was shut down? I seem to recall it was either because of that craigslist killer or because people used it for escorting?
  5. I keep the loadz in my ass for as long as possible. Usually dont voluntarily eject it til the next day.
  6. I didnt backtrack on anything... grindr is for hooking up and people in closed relationships dont go on grindr except to entertain the idea of having sex with other people... Im just going to let you have the last word though because at this point this conversation bores me and you are the only gay guy ive ever met that thinks grindr is for "talking". But also just to help you out: there are messaging apps like [deleted] or kik that can conceal your phone number - again, apps which are designed for something specific.
  7. Its really not though. Its arrogant to assume people on grindr should conform to your standards of what is and is not appropriate behavior on grindr when its normal people get unsolicited dick pics. There is also an option on the profile which says, "Accepts NSFW pics", that is not very hard to click.
  8. You can use the app to "talk" if you like, im not saying you cant. You can do anything you like. I think youre looking in the wrong place for a "meaningful" conversation if thats what youre using it for and would better find what youre seeking say somewhere like a bar or on gay.com, but dont make enormous leaps like to compare flashing in public to unsolicited dick pics on grindr. Thats just crazy.
  9. And im not trying to be a dick to you, im just pointing out that its really, really farfetched to say that sending unsolicited nudes on grindr is the same as whipping your cock out and waving it around like a helicopter at a bar. It would be inappropriate to just send unsolicited pics on something like facebook, a social network that is actually designed for g-rated interactions, but not inappropriate to assume that if you download grindr, an x-rated gay app that the first thing you see when you open up is andrew christian ads of guys wearing jockstraps, that you arent going to get unsolicited
  10. People in closed relationships arent on hookup apps unless theyre not really closed or one or both of them is cheating on the other. There might be some exceptions but that would be a rarity. "Keeping up with friends" can be easily accomplished through a text message or drinks at the bar, not on grindr lol. You are really reaching.
  11. Youre curious as to why I dont mind that the first thing a random profile on Grindr messages me is a picture of his dick...? really?
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