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    Im a nasty POZZED up pig cum dump twink here looking to take as many loads from as many cocks as possible. I have virtually no standards at all and willingly accept loads from anyone. I dont care how old you are, how fat you are, how viral you are, how ugly you are. If you want to fuck me you can have me. I dont want your respect either. Men shouldnt respect trash like me after all and thats all I am - TRASH. Ive got one purpose and that is to be used and then thrown away. like the cheap piece of shit I am.

    Love being breeded by anon strangers; into bondage, leather, groups, anon, exhibitionism, face slapping, choking, spitting, glory holes, bathhouses, and being used like the worthless, pathetic, cum hungry slut I am.

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    Kyros Christian, the Candy Spookie (PZP, Helix Studios, BoyCrush, BareTwinks, College Dudes 24/7, Eurocreme, CitiBoyz, Straight Naked Thugs, JizzAddiction, ToeGasms, Boys-Pissing, etc)
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    If you want some pnp fun with me lets arrange a few days together and ill be your no limits slave from the minute I get there to the minute I leave. Youll have absolute control over me and everything I do, and you can slut my holes out when you arent using me too.

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] https://twitter.com/theCandySpookie

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  1. I play in my gear all the time!
  2. all the time. yoga will give you a lot of practice with flexibility 🙂
  3. Kyros Christian Self-Sucking & Swallowing His Toxic Cum [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/kyros-christian-self-sucking-amp-swallowing-his-toxic-cum-44377012 I love sucking my own cock and swallowing my jizz.
  4. I always wondered what people use for lube in prison. Do they just use spit or is lube somehow available?
  5. What a sexy slut!  I'm so into young n sleazy!!

    1. TwinkFoot


      You're fuckin' sexy, Daddy. I would absolutely love to serve You >:) Thinking about Your big dick breeding my ass has me so hard.

  6. Did it really? I used to stay there a lot in my late teens when id film porn in Vegas. I loved the Blue Moon.
  7. You should def stay at the Blue Moon gay resort. Its usually pretty popular and has a lot of sex rooms in there.
  8. Originally had my airbnb and plane ticket booked for May 2020 but when the pandemic hit and travel shut down I had to get refunds on both of them and have been planning to go this December. Ive been to Prague once but it was back in 2011 and I cant remember the two bathhouses I went to at that time. My question is directed to those of you familiar with Prague: what are you favorite bathhouses over there?
  9. I also think A4A is much superior to BBRT and definitely superior to Dudesnude. Cant recall the last time I got a hookup on dudesnude and BBRT just seems sort of dead, or full of talkers. I love FetLife but its definitely not of any use when trying to find a hookup. Grindr and Jackd remain the best option for hookups.
  10. IKR. It was great for everything. I could find clientele there as a rentboy, and I could find anonymous hookups. I think there was some kind of website that was similar to Craigslist's layout at that time but its been well over a decade now so I cant recall what it was or if its still around. As far as sniffies goes, I think a major problem is that its a less popular version of all GPS phone apps like Grindr, Jackd, and Scruff.
  11. The point is nobody is entitled to be responded to just because you think its rude for them to not respond to you. Implying that I am acting "above" or "superior" for giving my opinion on the OPs question is exactly what you're accusing me of doing for simply stating a fact which is ironic and sad. Quit taking it so damn personal and get over it already you crybaby.
  12. I miss the days of Craigslist because you're right, sniffies does suck.

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