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    ☣ Music Festivals, Raving, Traveling.

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    There is in one of my favorite films, Gone with the Wind, a scene at the Old Wilkes Plantation that opens with a closeup of a sun dial in the garden. On it is inscribed a passage by Benjamin Franklin that reads, "Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of". I live my life by that philosophy, and having spent much of my formative adult years working in the gay adult entertainment industry, I was conditioned early to indulge in a life of promiscuity, debauchery, and libertinage. Perpetual objectification primed me into the obedient masochist that I am today, and I will close by summing myself up best for you as a dissolute, satanic atheist, a libertine, and extraordinarily masochistic, submissive, and promiscuous to the point of fanaticism. My interests are plentiful, including latex, leather, watersports, bondage, degradation, exhibitionism, feet, face slapping, breath control, sensory deprivation, blindfolds, large group play, and bathhouses.
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    Boys-Pissing, Toegasms, Helix Studios, BoyCrush, Eurocreme, JizzAddiction, Boys-Smoking, CollegeDudes247, HomoEmo, Hyde Park Productions, PZP Productions, Afton Nills, 1R Media, Candy Spookie Studios
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    Group play, one-on-one, bathhouse fun, anonymous.

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  1. Is anybody receiving this and was formerly on Biktarvy? I just returned from Prague and when I met with my specialist for routine blood work and full panel exam, I talked with him about this new medication I had heard about from my friend that was just approved for use in January 2021. It is called Cabenuva and it is a monthly injection in your bum. My doctor told me that I was the right candidate for it (a patient that has been undetectable for years and hasnt had any side effects from their current medication and adheres to their medication regime). I would be the fourth patient at the health system to begin receiving it. Theyre going to start me on the medication in the next couple of weeks in pill form to ensure I dont have any allergic reaction to it and that I can tolerate it well, and then the month after that if all goes well, theyll begin giving me the injections. Its a different class of drug than Biktarvy, which is what I currently take, and is about twice as much as the cost of Biktarvy. Just wanted to share this info with you guys because it seems pretty revolutionary to receive an injection once a month rather than having to take a pill once a day. He also said that the pharmaceutical company that developed it is researching whether or not the injection can be administered once every two months as opposed to once a month, but its still early days.
  2. I'm of the opinion and always have been that nobody has the right to dictate to you what you do with your body. You only have a short time here to enjoy life so indulge in all of the pleasures you can before you check out. That said, if you want meaningful companionship, honest communication is key. I totally understand the thrill of cheating. Im guilty of it myself, but I have also always tried to be honest with my partners. Was only ever in two real long-term relationships. The first lasted for 9 years and we were open throughout it the entire time and we had a very wholesome companionship. The second lasted for 6 1/2 years and was disastrous, mainly because he was exceedingly immature and he could not be open and honest with me and always tried to make me feel guilty about wanting to open our relationship up, and guess why I ended it? He cheated on me. After all of the years I offered an open relationship and even when wanting to break up with him over that, he convinced me to go to couples counseling, and I did, only to confess that I was guilty of cheating but because I felt suffocated as he wouldnt accept a break up, nor would he accept an open relationship. Im promiscuous and a sex addict. It is my nature. I tried to alwasy give him the same opportunity to indulge in his pleasures as I wanted to indulge in mine. Then when came time for him to confess to the counselor and I what I already knew in my heart, he said he had only ever talked dirty. Well, I gave him the benefit of the doubt... Fortunately for me, a guy he cheated on me with told me about a month later, and when I finally confronted him, I ended it for good. Not because of the infidelity which I could care less about, but because he was just a liar and with all of the chances I gave him to open up, he instead chose to have his cake and eat it too. Thats the bottom line here: if you love your partner, be honest with them. There are some really great resources available that you can utilize to initiate a dialogue about opening up. One of them is called "The Jealousy Workbook", and it is filled with a lot of fun activities you both can do together and separately to gauge your comfort levels. Of all the men ive known in my life, the relationships that were open to some degree seemed to me to be the most genuine.
  3. Sometimes I enjoy seeing the guy, other times I enjoy being blindfolded and not knowing at all who it is thats fucking me. Just depends on my mood for the day.
  4. When I was with my first partner that I was together with for 9 years, not only did we both work in porn (Kyros Christian & Dillon Samuels), but I was also an escort. We were open, we had great communication, and we understood each other completely. Actually, it was the most meaningful and wholesome relationship I ever had. Sex for pleasure I think vanishes for most couples because obviously we become bored with repetition and doing the same thing over and over again. That isnt to say you wont find pleasure in fucking each other years later, but there are other more beautiful things to look forward to with your companion in the years that pass than sex with them. Companionship is hard to find. Sex is easy to find.
  5. Condoms feel uncomfortable, and I enjoy knowing that ive just collected DNA from yet another guy in my bum. Thats what does it for me.
  6. Sometimes it can be asymptomatic. Ive had it a couple times. Most of the time it becomes painful to get fucked. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most severe pain that its about a 3. I have a high tolerance to pain though, but id say it is just some discomfort when getting fucked. Thats how ive typically found out ive had it. Gono in the bum feels rather similar too.
  7. NGU - the prestage of Chlamydia. Got it when I was 18 after doing some porn down in Ft Lauderdale.
  8. Assuming theyre not lying to you about being undetectable and they dont miss their doses, you arent getting HIV from somebody thats undetectable. You COULD have a plane crash on your house while youre sleeping and kill you, but is it going to happen? I wouldnt bet money on it. HIV is mainly spread in this country by people that dont know they have it, or dont care about infecting others. And there is also this thing called PrEP.
  9. I host in Richmond if anyone wants to load me up.
  10. I am pretty sure all men cheat.
  11. I go to Crew Club in DC pretty frequently. Its just reopened not too long ago too. Id love a huge BZ gangbang.
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