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  1. Is this it? I noticed all the other links were broken... [think before following links] https://barebackbastards.com/28911/two-hunks-breed-a-lad-from-condom-to-bareback-stealth/
  2. I know exactly the video you're talking about, but I don't know where to find it online. I have it in my archives that I downloaded years ago, fucking hot vid.
  3. A whole back I saw an amateur video of a guy fucking a bottom with a condom, and he quickly takes it off and dives back in. The got he's fucking reaches back, feels it's bare and starts saying no! No! And other things in portuguese, which makes the top hold him down and cum, while the bottom continues saying no. Anyone know of other videos like this?
  4. New one of me getting fucked, planning to upload the other two files tonight: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Bare-Birthday-Fuck-1-3-28441711 "BARE BIRTHDAY FUCK 1/3 From a "gangbang" I had for my birthday back in March (I use the quotes because of the 38 confirmed, 3 showed up). This guy had an amazing cock and used my ass for a while. Despite the low turnout, this was definitely a fun night!"
  5. Hey guys, I know this isn't exactly bareback porn related, but it is a porn issue. Has anyone else been having issues with XTube recently? I've noticed every time I go to the site (use Chrome) that after the video starts playing, the entire site just stops working. Nothing is clickable anymore, but the video keeps playing. This happens every time. It's really putting a damper on my porn viewing!
  6. Hey guys! I'm going to be offering my ass out, no loads refused, at the Cheshire Motor Inn the evening of March 18 and the afternoon / evening of March 19 to celebrate my 35th birthday. Party adds are up on BBRT, and will be posting quick connects and Craigslist adds as well! ANY MAN with a hard cock who wants to breed me deep is welcome to come buy! Sign up on BBRT, message me, or wait for me to post the room number in the QC add. Will be alternating between blindfolded in my sling, ass up on the bed, or just waiting for your load. Looking forward to meeting some Breeding Zone guys and adding your DNA to mine! Will also be at Manifest 4 U on Thursday, March 17, and Saturday night, March 19. Probably at Tokyo Valentino or Southern Nights a good bit as well! Watch BBRT for QC adds saying where I am.
  7. He had me right up to the end. We are coming for you? What the hell.
  8. I never knew there was an actual video. All I knew about was the pictures from a few years ago (well before he started dating Tom Daley) and yeah, it was definitely bareback. Is there a new video? Because that would also mean Tom Daley cock. LOL
  9. Sorry for reviving this thread, but heading up there again. This time for my 35th birthday party! Probably going to stay at either the LaQuinta or Red Roof Inn. Question about the La Quinta? Do they lock the outside doors at night? Having to go downstairs to unlock the doors is a real pain when you're trying to do the ass up/door unlocked blindfolded anon thing. LOL Part of me wants to go back to the Cheshire Motor Inn and host a gang bang there, but no one will give me a straight answer about how it is nowdays.
  10. I love getting fucked hard. A good top who knows his cock and knows how to power fuck with the full length of his dick are the best thing I can find. Not all men are created equal though, in size or skill, so this question has so many answers for me, depending on the top. General rule of thumb is I'm thinking of the feeling of the raw cock in my ass, and working to make him feel good so he can give me his DNA deep where it belongs. If he's just bad at fucking, or there's something not in sync with us and I can't help guide him to fix it, I'm mostly just thinking how much I wish he'd breed me already so the next guy can have a turn and what I can do to make sure he doesn't hurt him or me. When it's good, however, that's when things can get interesting. When a top is good, when the pleasure is flowing from me to him and back, it becomes another thing entirely. My hole becomes my world, and I just let go and let the pleasure build like a wave. Sometime that wave crashes into an orgasm, shattering everything for a bit. If he's really good, even that can build. The best, though, is those rare ones that are so good, they make me completely forget that I am anything but that hole. I have no body, I have no self, I am only that pleasure. I don't even really know what's happening to me (seriously, every time it's happened when I came out of it, I couldn't remember I was getting fucked, where I was, or who i was with and yes, I was sober), just that I am one with something out of this world. I can count on one hand how many times that's happened, and I can only say that getting bred in that state, feeling his cum flow into you, is nothing short of a encounter with the essence of life (or death) itself. It's terrifying, and it's amazing. And most of all, it's addictive.
  11. Talk about first wold slut problems. Do I buy a neoprene gear outfit (Harness, Jock, wristband, armband, boots) or a Sling with a stand and carrying bag as my birthday present to myself this year?! They both cost the same!

    1. barehole4use


      Buy the sling & set up somewhere sleazy

  12. You know, this is something I actually find pretty hot. I don't top (don't get hard when with other people without a caverject or trimix), but if I did I would LOVE to fuck and breed an FTM. Actually, I'd love to see some good bareback breeding FTM porn. LOL
  13. Slammed is one of my favorite porn vids of all times. The final scenes with the gang bang are absolutely amazing. That's the kind of sex I absolutely love. FYI: TIM explicitly asks what drugs you do on their application. I answered honestly, and they still offered me an audition. Timing was bad, though, but the offer is still open for when I can make it to New York.
  14. Check out this guy on XTube. What I wouldn't give to be in his clutches. http://www.xtube.com/profile/YngMstrDetroit-6991086
  15. That's actually a vagina... It's from a british documentary about sex.
  16. My hole tends to gape best in the position in my pic. Shoulders on the bed/floor, ass as high in the air as i can put it.
  17. I'd be really uneasy with that regimine. I am sure the doctor knows best, but if it were me and I were in your position, I'd more than likely be taking it for a longer window.
  18. Agree wholeheartedly with Badubydo, go to a doctor. It could be nothing but better safe than sorry. If you don't have a doctor you can be completely honest with about your sexual activities, then find another one.
  19. I had a friend years ago who was very into body mods. He had already had both of his testicles removed, and was planning on going further (though with what, I can't say). Sadly we lost touch over the years, and I don't know what he's done since. He was very happy with the results. He said that he now had control over his sex drive, and enjoyed the changes in his body without the testosterone. I know he had no problems still getting erections when I knew him and still shot what seemed to be normal loads. He was an interesting guy. I admit, the idea of it intrigues me, but I wouldn't do it. Not without something major to replace it, like the infamous Mangina man. LOL
  20. The Fickstuten Market is markedly anti-bareback. They allow it, but it's not the standard. The US version, the Rough Stock Roundup, is by default bareback. Still would love to take part in one, though.
  21. Can't see them, here, but doesn't matter, my ass is yours if you ever come to GA, USA. LOL
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