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    Rough daddies with big juicy cocks. Spit roasted, Piss drenching, Anal Fingering, Face slapping, Butt slapping/spanking, Played with hole, Feet fetish, Nipple torture, Wax, Cum slut, Gaping hole by fucking.
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    Athletic Nasty Bottom slut who want to be abused by Rough Daddies.
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    Tops, Daddies. Hangout with them, slapped by them, spit roasted by them, piss drenched by them, loaded by them in cunt and lips, Cunt opened by them.

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  1. jockwhore

    whats your fetish?

    I like to try many fetishes but i am mostly aroused by Spit and slap. on receiving end.
  2. I'm a bottom and I absolutely love rimming a top and eating his asshole out. If it makes him feel horny and he wants me to do, I love to do that for him. I love it especially when the top forces his dirty sweaty butthole on my mouth without asking for my interest.
  3. jockwhore

    Pig Breeding With Ugly/unattractive Men

    Hot guys are attractive but at first sight only. Once you are with ugly people you dont know the difference. And also they seems very open and real in their expectation unlike hot people, most of them look fake to me and are timewasters playing hard to get by. So enjoy with those real instead of being afraid what others will say.
  4. jockwhore

    When the bottom cums first

    Thats why i never touch my cock when someone is fucking me in the ass. i enjoy on what top is doing and the pounding my hole receives. So my cock i always hard during the fuck with leaking precum. But sometimes i cum without touching my cock whether it may be due to top's pounding or i am more horny.
  5. jockwhore

    A Bottoms Fascination With Ass

    I am a bottom but i like asses. i love to grab it, slap it and rim it and play with it. i am especially addicted to big butt with little sporadic hair.
  6. 1) I like to be bred by many juicy tops such that my ass squirts out cum like a piss without able to hold that much cum. 2) I want my hole to take two cocks at a time each must be atleast 8 inch. 3) I want to be fucked by a homeless beggar who is having a very big cock. 4) I want to be mistaken as a whore and to be used by the top like a cheap whore i am and he have to shove the money onto my mouth and kick me in the ass to get out of his house. 5) My top's wife have to see us while he was barebacking me and she has to curse me and slap like i was a whore for seducing his husband. 6) It is not about barebacking - but i want my hole to be very right like a virgin hole even after many punch fisting sessions.
  7. jockwhore

    Latino In Panties

    I am not a fan of crossdressing. But some of my tops want me to wear g-strings or thongs and its make them more horny and make me more slutty. They move the lace a aside and use my hole which makes me feel like a whore.
  8. It is raw for me first time. It happened when i was 17 and my college football team's vice captain fucked me who was 3 years older than me. It was very hot and that time only i came to know i was a Gay. i really enjoyed it.
  9. jockwhore

    What Do Your Tops Say That Turns You On?

    Once had a teasing top who made me beg for his cock for several minutes but it is very hot. he teased me by slapping my ass and rubbed my hole with his erect cock and the conversation was like below He : Do you want it boy? Me : Yeah, give it to me He : say like you really want it Me : yes, i really want it. Please fuck my ass. He : Tell me you want it all the way in Me : Please fuck me all the way in. fuck me balls deep. fuck me please. He : Can you take me baby? Your hole seems to be tight. Me : I can take it all the way in. fuck me please. fuck me now. He : oh. oh. wait you stupid slut. once i fuck your hole wont be the same again. are you really sure you want it ? Me : Yes, please fuck me. i want it now. He : Only pussies or cunt can take my big cock. Me : yeah. that is my cunt. fuck it please. He : good pussy boy. i love mancunts especially on young sluts like you. I am going to rip a your cunt such that you can get satisfaction only by fisting after this time you dumb whorey slut. Me : wreck my hole please. come on please fuck me. He : Here it is... take it bitch... That was heaven :-). No one made me feel like a cock slut more than him.
  10. jockwhore

    Rafael Alencar

    I'm surprised to know that he prefers to be bottom. He totally destroyed every bottom's hole when he fucks with his huge dick. All tight holes yawn after taking his cock. I watched almost all his videos. He bottomed for some videos and he has a hot bubble ass too.
  11. jockwhore

    im 20 sucked 2 40yo cocks this weekend :)

    I'm 23. I sucked 45 year old daddy's cock. And I love to be with daddies who are twice my age but don't know the reason, just love to be. Those who have age preference like below 40 are surely missing great sex in their lives.
  12. jockwhore

    Dumb Muscle Jock Gangbang

    Seems very hot. I'll check those stories. Any recommendations for dumb jocks videos ?
  13. becoming more sluttier every year :-)

  14. jockwhore

    Best Position To Get Gaping Hole

    Wooo... That was one hell of a fuck... super top he is... he made a wide gaping hole of that boy... lucky swine.... He can make the hole gaping at any position it seems...
  15. jockwhore

    Next Door Bubble Butt Jock For Daddy

    Part 3 : Hole wrecker After another dull day in office i returned to my apartment. When i was opening my room's door i heard loud noise from the opposite door where the new jock boy was staying. I knocked his door. He opened the door and screamed at me "Yeah! I completed my last mission in the gta". I slapped him very hardly in his face and shouted "Dont act like this you dumb moron. Many elderly people are staying in this apartment. It's time to punish your ass". I opened my zip in trousers and took my cock out. The bitch immediately dropped his shorts and was naked and was on all the fours like a dog, starring at my cock. I exclaimed "You are a naught slutty whore waiting to be punished!!!". "Now in your mouth. Open real wide and take it in. You’re going to have to get it nice and wet or else its going to tear you up when I shove it in you. You don’t want that, do you?" I said. He nodded yes and began swallowing my cock. He was choking and gagging as he tried to take my cock down his throat. His lips hurt as they were stretched beyond limits but he continued on with lubricating my cock. He was huffing and puffing, unable to fill his lungs with the air through his nose, but he kept sucking my cock. Then i pulled my cock out, my cock is fully erect now glistening with spit. "You almost made me cum. But i am saving myself for your asshole.", "Turn around,let me see that lovely ass." I said. I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes on his ass. I enjoy boys with tight asshole. I love their gasps of surprise when their tight hole was penetrated by a huge cock like mine, the painful groans as their hole was stretched beyond limits, the realization that the only way they would survive was to accommodate it. And nothing more enjoyable than to feel the guts of a boy cushioning my thick cock in a pillow of clenching muscles. And the final humiliation, filling his bowels with a sperm enema, abundant cum filling his belly. "Bend over and grab your ankles. Keep your legs spread. Show me everything!" I ordered. He gripped his ankles, gazing through his legs to glimpse me looking at him, upside down, my eyes staring intently at his ass, my hand stroking my cock faster and faster. "Back up Jock boy. Such a great ass. Keep your legs spread like that for me. I want to see the pink insides of your hole." His thighs were parting until his legs were spread wide apart, feeling the cool evening air blowing on the insides of his ass lips. "Pull your lips farther apart with your fingers and spread your legs real wide. I want to be able to see inside you. Spread those big meaty cheeks harder." I ordered. His hands reached down, surprised to find how wet his lips were, pinching tighter as he began to pull his lips apart to his master's request. He spread his legs wider, the pose was now so perverse. "Bend over real deep, legs spread wide bitch. And peel back your cheeks with your hands. I want to see the insides of you. Spread more." I finally saw the tiny pink hole that would have to stretch to monstrous proportions to take my cock. It would never shrink back in size. It would forever be ruined by my horse hung cock. His legs spread, his back bent over deeply, he reached back, finding his cheeks, pulling them back until he could feel his tiny backside opening. He couldn’t stop his muscles from clenching uncontrollably, sure that it was giving me an obscene show. "Very lovely Jock boy. Such a delicate hole. Now over here" wagging my cock at him as he turned around. Though he already sucked my cock he gasped when he saw my cock now, may be due to the thought of taking this fucking huge 10" long and cola can thick cock in his ass this time. To say that my cock was huge was an understatement of disturbing proportions. "Assume the position, bitch boy" I ordered. He crawled to the edge of the bed and spread his legs really wide to expose his asshole. Face down with his head over the edge of the bed and legs spread so wide. "Hey bitch boy, this cock is fucking huge. There is no way that you can take this monster up your tight ass. Are you sure ?" I asked. "I know its big, but I want to try. Please fuck me in the ass." he replied. "Okay, but its going to pack you full and you will be walking funny for a while. is it fine?" I asked. "I don't care. I love being ass fucked. I want to take this huge horse cock up my ass please." he replied. "Okay bitch boy, I'll fuck your ass, but don't blame me if it hurts." I said. "I want to take it in my ass. I want to feel that huge cock in my ass. Please fuck me without mercy." He begged. "Ha Ha, I am going to split you into two. Take this big booty bitch" I exclaimed. Then i pressed head of my cock hardly against his asshole. I increased pressure but forceful jabbing thrusts were required until finally his tight asshole yielded to the massive cock head. The cock head looked really big in his hole but not to those basket ball size melons. "Oh fuck it's fucking huge," he whimpered. "I told you it was too big and that it would hurt." I replied. "It doesn't hurt, but I've never had such a big cock in my ass. I feel like I'm being fucked by a horse." "Your asshole is stretched so tightly around this huge cock shaft. If I fuck you in the ass, you'll have trouble walking." "I love being ass fucked. Your cock is fucking huge, but it feels good. Push it in deep. Fuck my ass." "Okay, just remember you asked for it." Slowly the shaft sank deeper and deeper into wet juicy slippery ass, between his tight round basketball size ass cheeks. "Oh fuck. That's a fucking huge cock. I feel filled right up, stretched wide open and fully packed," he gasped. "I feel like I'm being fucked by a horse. I can't believe that I'm taking the whole thing." "What do you mean the whole thing? Its only half way in. Is it too much for you, dumb whore?" "It's so deep and it feels so fucking big. Take it out and lube me up some more so I can try to take more. If this is how it feels with your cock half way in I want to know what it feels like with all of it in me. You're so fucking huge that I don't know if I can take it, but I want to." "Stop blabbering bitch ! I already warned you. There is no turning back now. Take this spit as lube" I slowly withdraw from my cock until only the head remained. The head was so big that it was difficult to remove the head without some force. It finally popped out. Then i spat a large amount of saliva in his hole. I again pressed my cock head against his asshole; it was so tight that a considerable amount of pressure was applied before my huge cock was permitted to enter it. "Godamn that's fucking huge," he gasped when the cock head finally penetrated him. His asshole was so slippery that the cock encountered minimal resistance and before I knew it the cock head was charting a course for virgin territory. "That's half way mark. Do you want some more bitch boy?" "Yeah ! Give it all to me. Ream my ass and Fill me up." he begged. Slowly the cock penetrated, sinking deeper into him. At long last, the cock was fully seated in his ass. "You look really good bent over and taking it in the ass. You have such a tight round ass and your hairless asshole looks delicious. I am going to fuck you hard, you will scream. You'll scream in pain and my cock will rip you open." "Please, just fuck me. I'll tell you if I can't take anymore." "No turning back now bitch. Keep shut." I began to take short strokes with the huge cock buried to the hilt. Slowly the strokes became longer and longer until I was getting full strokes : slow, long and deep. It felt so good to fuck this tighty hole in a big melony ass. He was soon writhing and whimpering. He was at the mercy of my huge cock. As I got closer and closer to cum, I stoked my cock faster and faster in his ass. The bitch lost control and began to scream and writhe. "OH FUCK! I'M GONNA COME. SPANK MY ASS AND FUCK ME HARD. MAKE ME COME," he screamed. The massive horse cock kept drilling into his tight ass and i began to spank his ass. The cock would pull back until only the giant head remained inside him; then i would spank him really hard in those melony ass. He was holding his ass cheeks wide open, and he was grunting and squealing uncontrollably. The anal assault and ass beating continued. He was taking it really hard up the ass. To me, it's a real turn on to destroy those bubble asses with tight hole. "I'M SO FUCKING HORNY. i am going to come. Please allow me to stroke my cock" he screamed. "Are you in pain. Does my cock hurt you? Am I spanking you too hard?" "It doesn't hurt. I'm so horny. Ass fucking turns me on so much." "How about I keep fucking and spanking your ass to see if you get so horny that you come without having to touch your cock." He was being sodomized and spanked for an eternity. The huge cock kept drilling deep into his ass and his ass cheeks were on fire from the merciless spanking emitting heat radiations. His ass was fucked harder and harder until the huge cock was being slammed into his ass with so much force that he had to let go of his ass cheeks and had to grab the edge of bed just to hang on. I continued to power ream his ass. Despite hanging on to the edge of the bed, he was being knocked forward until he was on the verge of falling off the bed. Finally, one particularly hard thrust knocked him off the bed. The cock pulled out leaving his asshole as a stretched round hole instead of the tiny star shaped opening that it once was. He was commanded to lie face up in the center of the bed. "Please fuck me. I'm so hot and horny. I need to cum. Please fuck me in the hole." he begged. Then i took my leather belt and began to beat his ass even harder with that not able to resist whipping that big round bubble butts like a pair of basket balls. He screamed as each stroke stung his ass. After a short while, i straddled him and began to fuck him like a mad man. Now the strokes varied in power, depth and speed. He was taking it slow and deep, fast and shallow and all combinations. The ass fucking went on and on and on. He pleaded and begged for mercy but he received only hard slap every time he begged. I was in the midst of stroking long, deep, fast and powerful strokes up his ass when suddenly, i felt a wet sensation in my cock, i immediately popped out the giant cock from his tight ass. He was writhing and screaming. His hole was spewing some liquid. I slapped his ass really hard. He kept writhing and the liquid was streaming from his hole, Then I shoved two fingers into his ass. He began to scream and his hole was spewing the liquid again. He collapsed. Then, in one swift move i penetrated his ass. Now the strokes were slow and deep. "Holy fuck that was amazing." He gasped. "What's the liquid leaking from your hole bitch ? Now your hole is more wet and my cock is sliding smoothly " I asked him. "I am not sure. I thought i was going to cum from my cock but it was coming out of my hole. I felt relieved of pressure in my cock now" He replied. "Damn !!! slutty whore ! Has it happened before" "No, this is the first time" "I hit your g-spot bitch. That liquid is jizz for you sluts like what is cum for us". Then i continued "Since you like being ass fucked so much, I figured that I would ass fuck you until you can't take any more. I'm going to ass fuck you until you walk funny. I'm going to ass fuck you until you beg me to stop and then I'm going to ass fuck you some more." "Please stop. I've had enough." On and on the ass fucking continued and all the while his bubble ass was being spanked until he couldn't take any more. He was exhausted from all the multiple orgasms from his ass. He just lay in a heap in the center of the bed taking it in his ass and whimpering. I kept fucking him and fucking him and shot a load very deep in his ass. It was a huge load, cum started to leak from his hole. I kept him in his position and began penetrating his asshole again. He was at my mercy now. He was soon writhing and screaming in ecstasy as I drove myself closer and closer to cum again. I was almost totally oblivious to him as he pleaded for me to stop. Instead of spanking him with my hand, I used my leather belt. Every so often I let fly with the strap whipping him right across his ass. I held him firmly with my "cock" buried in his ass to prevent him from escaping as he began to cry. I fucked his ass for hours. I fucked him until he asked me to stop, but I beat his ass and then fucked him harder. I kept fucking his ass until he was sobbing and pleading for mercy, begging me to stop. I finally penetrated his ass one last time and loaded very large amount of cum in his hole. His asshole was gigantic now, fucked raw and beaten red as a tomato, leaking a large amount of cum. He was walking funny as he walked to the bathroom. When he returned, I yanked him by his hair. "You ain’t finished yet bitch. Can’t leave my cock dirty." I thrusted my cock into the waiting hole, feeling his soft lips surrounding it. "Lick it clean !" I slapped his ass with the belt, the sharp snap sending his tongue to work, eagerly hoping to please me. He screamed in pain, as my hands were pulling his hair until it pulled out by the follicles, his eyes watering in pain. His lips pushed wide apart, the flesh slick with my cum and dirtied by his asshole. His tongue was racing up and down the thick cock that sat in his mouth, cleansing the dirtied flesh. He was doing such a good job that my cock began to harden instantly. "You sure know how to suck cock now bitch." I pulled my cock from his mouth, my shaft glistening from the saliva that bathed it clean. I proceeded to go for my room slowly. Then i heard a loud noise coming from the bottom floor, instantly i recognized it was the voice of a dirty local cop who caught me using drugs. I promised him that i would pay him 1500$ in a week so he would leave me but i hadn't given him the amount yet and it's almost ten days now.

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