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  1. feeling sleazy nasty as fuck

    Gonna slam and get wet while ill stroke 

    1. RawIsLaw85


      So fucking hot

  2. any one up for B n Breed session

    1. KumHole


      Always when and where

  3. Bareback sex and stds go hand In hand. It doesn't bother me and it's the most intense sex when knowingly hooking up with a guy who is fully slutty only encourages me more to want to have sex with them. Just embrace it n fuck like crazy Ive had them all. Never will stop me.
  4. I’m poz not on meds and the attraction to blasting with guys who are same really is the hottest fucking


  5. I’ve fully transformed into a poz faggot [banned word] meth junkie 

    left behind my old world embracing my toxic poz status. Love toxic recharging especially with stds.  
    Love infecting to

    1. bbpoznow


      have just the NEG HOLE for you to infect. when and were  do we meet 

  6. Hot as fuck. Let yourself go as you brothers are eagerly awaiting to seduce you and fast track your inner pig

    Stroke n cum heaps let loads into your hole as the temptation must not be denied 


  7. Fuck oath I am. Deliberately increased meth addiction. Hang around other slam junkies for that reason

    Feeing fully spun and getting twisted as fuck as much as I want



  8. If you feel evil pozzing up dudes then that makes two of us.  Convincing them im clean only makes fucking a neg cunt even more intense. 

    I fucken get off pozzing victims as you call them.  

    The more you do it the better you get at the whole picking up through to squiting in our dirty seed

    1. Ukpoz


      Hastings 07434617177 

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