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  1. Thanks for following me. I visit Ohio a lot. Would be great to get bred by you.

    1. Ranger Rick

      Ranger Rick

      Yes, it would

  2. Thanks for following me. :P

  3. Been really interested in knowing you. You got my attention. 

    1. duptdcdick
    2. AZRawPig


      Let's get lost in our animal lust for a period of 🕙. The BEAST needs to be shared. 

  4. Thanks for the follow! xx:2thumbs::drool:xx

  5. Thanks for following.

    1. monkey2712


      No worries ;-)

  6. Thanks for following. Maybe we could meet up when I come to Berlin in a few weeks.

  7. I will be in Berlin for Folsom Europe this year. Perhaps we could have some fun together.

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